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  1. I Have had the pleasure of playing all the Aveyond Games I found the humor in this game to be the best yet though Aveyond 2 is my Favorite I Really enjoyed playing through it I really like how you went into so much detail on creating Ingrid And Boyle In particularly stood out as well written character's and a good foil. one question I did have is why i haven't run into ny of the other Nymphs in the Aveyond series besides the Nymph of Wickedness after Aveyond 2. This game overall animation Improved story well developed fun experience i would recommend to people who normally would not play rpgs. I have really enjoyed the Aveyond series so far. I hope many more great Aveyond Tittles come in the future. The Story (8/10) The Art ( 6/10) The Charactors ( 8/10) Special features ( like potion brewing ) (7/10) Humor (9.8/10) overall gaming experience (8.2/10) Aveyond Rankings all games my opinion 1st Aveyond 2 Eans Quest (9.6/10) 2nd Aveyond 3-4 Darkthrop Phrophecy (9/10) 3rd Aveyond 3-2 Gates of Night (8.5/10) 4th Aveyond 4 Shadows of the Mist (8.2/10) great game but graphics did not feal like an aveyond game. 5th aveyond 1 Rhens Quest (7.5/10) only because of a few bugs or would be (8.7/10) 6th The Lost Orb (7/10) because no healer. and i got stuck in the worm cave as a child for 4 hours. and only finished the game on the second playthrough. 7th The Lord Of Twilight (7/10) Interesting plot 8th Arimahns Prophecy (6/10) it was ok . One fianl things did all the Nymphs die from aveyond 2 because you never see them unless i'm just missing them by mistake.
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