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  1. Soccer because it results in less complaining Boot slapping mara or song of madness
  2. After a lot of tries and help from someone, I managed a complete 0 deaths run of the game. You can find it here Note: I died at the vampires but as stated that was purely to see what the game would do should you lose to them somehow. Hence it did not count 😠
  3. I mead a thread in the Aveyond 1 forum (one of the lowest subforums here if you go to the main page) about that specifically. As for Ged'hare: equip cursed armor on her and let her take hits. It'll take a while, but she can drain each time and you win basically all fights in this game. Magic users are annoying.
  4. Simple as is. Thread for either asking about, helping with, asking help with, or showing off no death runs. My own progress currently: 9 failed runs (7 of them due to spiders.)
  5. Failed another run today sadly, well, 6 technically, those spiders at the start are hella annoying.
  6. Banned for using an orc as your profile picture.
  7. Aveyond 3-1's only issue (for me) is that once you go to Gedhare as Tejhal (names arent my strong suite, sorry) it gets insanely hard because the enemies can kill you. Now obviously, when I say no death run, I mean expert mode exclusively. A no death run on easy or normal is... well, read the name. That being said I'm trying Aveyond 1 NDR right now. Currently managed to make my way all the way to the north, about to head to Aveyond, so it's going decently. Usually NDR Aveyond 1 runs end as soon as you fight the spiders. :') Sadly failed in land's end.
  8. Uh, no, I don't have a link, no. I downloaded the .exe of build a onto an external hard drive years ago, as well as some other games (aveyond 2, 3-1, 3-2, the laxius games) to make sure I would be able to play them offline too.
  9. It's possible. The main way I have found so far is to go to Ravenwood before entering Shaenlir, get the armor there and proceed. Once you get to the wyverns it's luck, if they heal too much and you run out of mana it can be an infinite loop cause you dont deal much damage (1 to 3) Once you're done and head to thais, go to the shadow woods first and get the beast + grind out money Leave Shadow wood and go to thais, proceed with the main quest and head to the mountains, kill the spiders and head to the bog. Once in the bog it becomes a luck game. Kill the slime and pray for a slime drop, then avoid the rest of the enemies using your 1 beast repellent if need be. Once you get to witch woods, get gavin and teach him the thunderstorm spell you get for helping the girl with her mansion. That is the furthest I've gotten in a single no death run - in this one I died to the frogs' sleep spell which has ended multiple runs. Once you return with gavin, though, you can open the level up chests in the ravenwood forest, shadowood town, and the green weed plains for 3 free levels for 4 characters. My attempt can be found here, although it wasn't the best attempt I've had so far.
  10. Funny you'd ask. I've recently begun doing videos on youtube on Aveyond (aveyond 2, specifically) doing a no death challenge. I lost my specific run in 2 when you need to leave Thais. No matter what you do (Brightwood forest, the mountain system and the bog) the enemies deal insane amounts of damage. I've completed aveyond 3-1 without any deaths before, however.
  11. I own Aveyond both from Amaranth Games and from Arcade Town. Now I know that AT has build A. I also know there's a build B and C, the latter of which is the one I have from Amaranth. so far so good But now build B and C both have the new face sets? Right? And different quests at parts? Yes I still only have the old face sets. Pretty confused about this and appreciating all help
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