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  1. Crystalsilverwood Oh thank you i didn´t notice ;-; now i feel dumb for not reading the very first thing i should have read before posting something. Oh well at least i will provide another download link for AP1 incase the old one stops working.
  2. I uploaded it on my Google Drive here you can download it https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OpWJh90opEtu1TgF_biDLtteDFdEO6LZ
  3. Hi there. I got to aveyond franchise through an old cd with older version of Ahriman's Prophecy ( i think ) I played it when i was younger… After few years i had a new computer and wanted to download Ahriman's Prophecy ( from official site ) so i downloaded it and it was a different version than the one i have on the old CD .. so do i posses some of the first versions of Ahriman's Prophecy ? I wasn´t able to find anything about this version. Would be great to get some information on this version and if anyone wants i can send you 21MB installer which you can use to download the older version. You can see it on the picture i included in this post. ( sorry about my bad english ).
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