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  1. Hey there, I've been trying to build a functional Character with the YouTube tutorial as help. I did everything from the video but when i try to start the play mode die mesh starts glitching, it looks like a rod grasshopper. Also i'm getting this error: HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitSettings must be instantiated using the ScriptableObject.CreateInstance method instead of new HeroKitSettings. UnityEngine.ScriptableObject:.ctor() HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitSettings:.ctor() HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitCommonRuntime:GetHeroKitSettings() (at Assets/HeroKit/Hero Engine/Framework/4. Hero Common/Data/HeroKitCommonRuntime.cs:150) HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitCommonRuntime:initializeGame() (at Assets/HeroKit/Hero Engine/Framework/4. Hero Common/Data/HeroKitCommonRuntime.cs:61) HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitObject:Awake() (at Assets/HeroKit/Hero Engine/Framework/1. Hero Objects/Scene/HeroKitObject.cs:123) i don't know what to do.
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