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  1. There are some websites about goody caves in A-4. In steamcommunity.com https://steamcommunity.com/app/433920/discussions/0/412446292776716911/ Breyer said this in response to someone asking how to tell where to look for a goody cave: "The mouse cursor doesn't change. They are all found in rock walls, etc and the end of the remark a reward for finishing a series of side quests that will mark the locations of the caves with a purple arrow above the entrances. There is another site that shows a screenshot of each location with those purple marks. It IS the same game, but isn't what i am playing. Please don't give out the exact locations of goodie caves. You may only give out hints as where the goodie caves are, or how to find the caves. ~Mopiece
  2. Yes, I had the red gel and gave it to the cute little fella who grew more....There wasn't a cage anywhere to put it in.
  3. I found my problem for the Demon Caves. Even after previous post I still couldn't find a way out into other sections. I HAD the key that unlocked the door, but it wouldn't work, but after multiple reboots, it DID work. NOW I can go forward, but...I am not getting the option to do the gel puzzle. Maybe that comes later. LOVE this series of games, even with screw-ups - game/computer/ME!
  4. I am SO stuck in Demon Plains. I can't even get TO the cave entrance mentioned in the question by Henna Dancer. I can go through the cave at the pink triangle, and come out of the cave at the pink flower but cannot GO anywhere else. Earlier I got the wyrd veggie but there are no stairs to the upper level. What the heck am I missing? I have roamed the game over and over, and studied the maps over and OVER and cannot get any further. Help greatly appreciated on this one. I played this when I bought the game but can't rem THIS prob! I usually mark my maps if there is a prob I found an answ. for. I rem before in the Demon Caves, being able to get bet. the pink teardrop and the big pink star, but have NO idea how I got THROUGH the pink starred cave... Thanks so much! --- Why is it that I can look for hours for an answer, then when I ask for help, I find one? I FORGOT to finish things in Sheian Lyr...smackin me head proper. I think now I won't need any help, I found that omeone mentioned finishing quests FIRST, as soon as I asked for help. :|
  5. I just played 3-3 and decided to do again to pick up side quests I missed. I am now in Peliad, ready to head to the sewer, and decided to stock up on food first...as soon as I came out of the items shop and began walking around, my health meter started running out until I died....IN Peliad. I rebooted but it didn't help, and not sure what to do now or what happened. I can't FIND the technical section..there is NO link! HONEST! P.S. How about a build C, with the option to find new character called Gameplayer who can strangle Lydia?
  6. Specifically, my Vista is Home Premium with SP2
  7. This time search took several minutes and still didn't find that folder. :| I am assuming, mopiece, that you also have Vista. Mine is the Home Edition.
  8. I copied and pasted what you said... I will type it in and see what happens. This time search took several minutes and still didn't find that folder. :| I am assuming, mopiece, that you also have Vista. Mine is the Home Edition. Specifically, my Vista is Home Premium with SP2 Merged posts. Please edit your posts instead of double posting. ~Mopiece Sorry, I missed your request previously. I just clicked 'reply to post'. :| I may forget again, just yell at me, I don't ask for help enough to remember and have never seen that mentioned. Thanks for the help, I will check where you said, can't see it from here in Edit. Using EDIT again, and checked it, and that doesn't show any of my responses to each of yours, will it show them in proper order for others who might have the same problem? No need to answer that one, more a thought that needing an answer GOT IT!!! the correct place to put in the search is "Start > Run, then type in %AppData%\Aveyond 3. Press enter and your savegame files should be shown. If not, make sure your folder options are set to show hidden files & folders." and there was my folder!!! I had even done a SEARCH of the data file name and that didn't find it either! Go figure. ANYWAY, thank you very much for all your help!
  9. I have set my computer to show hidden files from day one of owning and installing Windows, over 12 yrs ago...and I double checked.
  10. OK, just did that and it says 'no items match your search'. I can find the folder for the game in Program Files, but there is no folder that I can find that has the saved files in it. Thank you for your help
  11. Thanks, All. I had read all the posts available about wisps and nothing helped. BUT, the weird thing, I turned it off to sleep and the next time I turned it on and tried killing them, it worked very well. Sleep must have given me super human powers! Sorry I bothered you on this one. For me, it worked best to destroy the hive, then the wisps. I appreciate all the great help on this site. HAPPY 2011
  12. I am reformatting my hard drive on the desktop computer, so transferred my game to my laptop My problem is, I have this HORRIBLE Vista and cannot find the place to put my saved files. I did a search to find the ones created using the program in the laptop and when I was ready to transfer my saved files from the desktop computer, no amount of searching will find where to put them. Anyone have a clue? One positive, I did find out how to make Windows Explorer files look like XP's! the only OS worse than Vista is W7! I am playing this slowly to make it last a LONG time, and I hope there will be more Aveyond episodes!
  13. I read all the other posts and have tried everything, but nothing helps. I hit the hive and out pops a wisp. It takes two tries to kill it, and that causes me to have two wisps before one of them gets killed. Then another pops out and I still have two-by the time I can kill the next one I have another...it doesn't work to concentrate on the hive either...I lose more HP and MP than I use to kill. I use both storm and dark thingeys and they work for me like for some of you. Any tips? I have been at this all night, on a laptop that when I type, the cursor jumps up into a previous typed line and I can't fix that either. :| Thanks for ANY help! Merged topics ~ Untold Reveries
  14. This probably isn't the right place for it, but here it is anyway. The Aveyond games are some of the most fun, most detailed without being too 'finished', have the cutest characters running around, some of the best creators, and definitely some of the best people working to HELP after creation. I know I speak for many when I say that we really DO appreciate all your hard work at game creation, help afterward, and all the work inbetween. Thank you! And to members who help too, Thank YOU, also.
  15. I have talked to the Queen, she says the same thing over and over about not being able to get a decent pie...I have been to every previous place looking for any pie that I can 'take' her, there aren't any. I have looked in every items store, every 'house', every magic shop...etc. I even checked my items list and I don't have one hidden there either. I have been back and forth between Harakauna and Tyobi over and over, and to all the other cities previously visited, closed the game, reopened, visited the palace kitchen several times, nothing is working for me, nothing is triggering the next step. Obviously I have missed something that I can't think of. :\ I can't progress until I do this.... Well. Update! I went BACK to Harakauna just now and the ballot box appeared on the center table, I voted for best chef, and the winner is about to be revealed. I THINK this will be the answer I was looking for...it just took multiple times to get this part of the game to progress..I wondered why the chefs kept saying 'vote for me' and there was never any way TO vote... Maybe I played too long yesterday and the game got tired!! I hope I didn't just spill another spoiler. Back with another update, I got my pie!! Feel free to delete all of my posts here, or edit .. the main answer for me was persistance!
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