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  1. Thank you @lovely-girl!! ☺️ @Luz_Melian I know, it has died down now and it's such a pity πŸ˜• but still, I'm happy to be here! And thank you for the recommendation, I'll check it out!! ^-^
  2. Thank you very much @Musical_Rainbowly!! ☺️ And @Danzy, I appreciate a lot the recommendations, I'll check them out asap, as I'm desperate for games like these and I'm replaying Aveyond: LoT right now for the 100th time πŸ˜…βœ¨
  3. Hello everyone! I'm Eleni, 21 years old, and I've been playing the Aveyond series since I was about 11. I never actually had an account here, because I was too scared, but it's finally time; I'd love to discuss Aveyond related things with other people, as it seems nobody else that I know actually has heard of these games and it makes me quite sad. I'd love any game recommendations in this category as well! Glad I'm finally part of this community!! ✨ P.S.: My favorite Aveyond game is Rhen's quest, it had the best storyline in my opinion and I loved the characters. My favourite character though, is Boyle, from Shadow of the Mist, because we share the love of gargoyles and I can relate to his personality a lot. πŸ¦‡
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