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  1. I went to my Norton app, excluded the folder, then downloaded the files again and it worked. Thank you so much!
  2. I uninstalled and reinstalled Aveyond, but now the error message is replaced with a message saying that the item was moved. The contents of the Aveyond folder remain the same, though. By the looks of it, I have to find an item called Aveyond2.exe that does not appear in the Aveyond 2 folder. I'm guessing that the main issue is that I did not get the Aveyond2.exe item when I downloaded the game both times.
  3. It does give me the error message whenever i try to start up the game via double-clicking the icon on my desktop. The icon also doesn't look right, which i think might be related to the issue. If it helps, here's also the folder that accompanied the download. I really don't know much about technology, so don't know if it helps.
  4. I made the foolish mistake of not understanding the whole "Windows 98+" operating system listed on the side before I made my purchase. I am not sure how to start the game, since it states that it is not supported by laptop. How might someone who is not good with machines and technology to play this game when I run a Windows 10 HP Pavilion?
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