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  1. Funny that a text has been posted yesterday - Came here to say that, if you tried to play this game and had problems (for me it was rgss104e.dll could not be found), downloading the RTP of RPG Maker XP from here: https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/run-time-package solved the problem. Cheers, and best wishes with your project, Dan!
  2. Sorry for starting a new thread, but the web didn't allow me to reply to the other (last) thread, so.... Please please please re-upload the goodies
  3. Hi! Not really different, I've been playing both and they are quite the same game - Although I don't know if in the PC version this bug exists, but in the game I got, I can bypass the bridge after Thais without needing to go to the Collegium, so I can effectively get to the rest of the game without ever upgrading Talia and Devlin. Cheers! (Nearly 12 months after your post, lmao)
  4. Hi there! This looks very cool, awesome! Is this still being worked on? I tried to get the EXP bar goodie here, but to no avail 😢 I saw that KTC said "Edit: 2/7/2020: Fixed broken links" but as of 18/09/2021 they are broken again
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