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  1. Hi - I think it's gradually settling down, but it cost me an extra virus programme, this one from AVG. Their scan showed a lot of hacker stuff and the Defender one is still showing 2 trojans. After AVG did their fix I was able to download my games again, all in the right versions. Also I was shown a diagram explaining something about DNS (?) fake websites, and saying this was a problem with my pc. So between the two hopefully it will settle. It's brilliant to have my games back, and I can't thank you enough for the help and advice you've given me. I love my Aveyond games and am so pleased they are still available. I'm going to copy the 'how to exclude' address you've given me, so thank you for that. Lynn.
  2. You won't believe this - I've now lost 3 more Aveyond games. All I'm seeing is blank envelopes instead of the icon that has a picture on. I've tried downloading Lord of Twilight again and it just will not work, same as Lost Orb. I'm gutted, just don't understand what's happening. I've taken out Kaspersky and have simply Defender, and it's still happening, still losing games, so I must be wrong that it was the virus package. I'm getting really lost here, can't work out why this is happening. I followed the instructions that come with the receipts, to take the game out then reload, but it doesnt help, I still have nothing there. Just don't know what to try next.
  3. OK I think I'm getting somewhere. Although the game loaded was labelled Build B, when I moved the people around the layout had changed and it looks like the Build B game that I've been trying to play has now converted to the newer version. It's carried on from where I left it with the Build B but with the newer layout. So I can now go back and do all the games in this series all over again knowing I should get the right one when I get to Lost Orb again. The trouble with the lockdown and also being listed as needing to be 'shielded' is that we can't go out. It's helping a lot to be able to play my old Aveyond games again. Here's hoping that it all works now. I believe that my security package (Kaspersky) could have caused this. I'll stick to Defender from now on. Thank you for putting up with my ranting. Things should be more normal here soon (UK) and I hope it will all settle down for all you too.
  4. I've completely removed my virus programme. What's happening now is that I download the Build C version that I bought yesterday but when I start it up it's the B version from Big Fish. This is looking hopeless.
  5. I have no idea what a DRM is and do not know how to whitelist anything. Also Microsoft is also sending warnings and names the trojan that it has found. So do I have to uninstall my security software? I've had a problem with the game for almost a year now - I tried re-purchasing it yesterday but it still will not work. I have an older version of the game on Big Fish and I have no warnings coming with that and there are no problems at all but I prefer the one I've been playing for a year or so which has now disappeared.
  6. Hi, can anyone help me please? I've tried to make contact via the sales page but don't think the message is going anywhere and I think I'm just choosing the wrong place for help. Lost Orb was wiped off my system after a security problem, I was told there was a trojan in the download. I've tried re-loading the game and I've also tried buying it again. But it just will not work. The 'data' part of the programme is empty and I suppose this is why the game can no longer play. I just need help to fix this. I had the latest build when it first came out, which I think was 'C'. It was an improvement on the previous one, which had us walking miles. I really miss this game and don't know what else I can do. Can anyone help please or point me in the right direction? Thank you.
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