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  1. ok i get the thing now i need to go to Aveyond
  2. He is Bad in the start but after he went nice
  3. Also I think that Boyle is a Hero ❤️
  4. Im been everywhere in the mist tho do i have to go to the village?
  5. How do i find the Mist's Brother? Sometimes im glitching idk why , Where i can go?
  6. Stumbled across this thread as well. I reallyyy reallyyy want to introduce this game to my younger brother (8yrs old) but I would love him to start in AV1 so that he could appreciate Teijal and Galahad more; as well as the Pendragon Family and the Arishta Isles. Steam is one of the few accessible and user friendly cloud-based gaming library available here in the Philippines and I really hope AV1 and AV2 will be available there Really proud of aveyond studios!!!
  7. I have played and finished every game in the aveyond series except for this one. So excited it's being revamped!! Also, @KTC what code language are you using?
  8. I could not marry Edward and Mel so I rechecked all the possible attraction points I should get and realized I forgot to get this love song from Sedona 🤦‍♀️ I reloaded to an earlier save (before final battle) and went back to sedona to give the lute. I was wondering how long do I have to wait in order for the beggar to be good at it? or do I have to do something to trigger it? Thanks in advance 😊
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