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  1. @Danin I feared the worst xD.

    @Scrivener of the Gods Thanks for letting me know about the topic! Also, I have a terrible habit of calling the Enchantresses fairies, since their guild is located in the fairy village. I have no problem waiting to the end-ish to join the later guilds aka Enchanters, Dragon Mages. I probably should have mentioned that in my original post though 😆 I'm already past Witchwood, so I will count your vote as Witches if you don't mind😎

  2. Not sure this is the right place to post this, if so please redirect me : )

    So, onto the post. Right. I've been doing some Playthroughs of Ahriman's Prophecy recently and thought it would be cool to let other people choose the guild I join. (Does that make sense?) I've played as all of them before, so I thought of putting a spin on my run this time.

    In case anyone needs a reminder the guilds are in no particular order:

    Witch, Priestess, Earth Mage, Dragon Mage and Fairy. And of course the no guild choice.

    I'll have a final count of votes after some time and then the thread will be closed.

    Thanks to all who vote : )

    Here are the votes:

    Witch --- 1

    Dragon Mage --- 1

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