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  1. thx so much just to be clear I am allowed to monetarise the aveyond 1,2 etc sorry to sound repetitive just need to be sure also is this the same for other titles on your games website by your developers as well all these games help a lot when growing up so I am glad I can do a playthrough/let's play
  2. Hi I sent a message but not sure if i did it right i did not sign in properly(in the middle of making an account) I want to do a let's play/playthrough of aveyond if that is ok been a long time fan for years bought  it off big fish I am a new YouTuber I am not monetarised yet  but if I do get monetarised in future will i be allowed to place ads on on the let's play videos to earn ad money just wanted to check ahead of time thx for reading :)

  3. Hi I am a new YouTuber and I want to know can I do a lets play of the aveyond series I did not know the policy you see just checking before hand I bought this on big fish a good few years back & still love it to this day looking too make a career on YouTube in time I am not moisturised yet but if in future i do get monetarised will I be allowed to monetarise with ads or not (sometimes YouTube puts on certain type of ads that the account holder(me) has no say. thank you for reading
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