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  1. I know that Herokit support is dead, but in hope that the community step up, I'll post my issue here. The player disappears at runtime, it seems the animator is being destroyed somehow. Everything seems into place according to tutorials and the rest. At first the console was returning that the Animator was destroyed, and I even created an animator controller override according to what I found here on the Herokit foruns, but now It seems that the HeroObject is moving but the visual isn't following it... I recorded it to show. This is what the console returns (along with a bunch of font warning I'm not sure where it comes from): HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitSettings must be instantiated using the ScriptableObject.CreateInstance method instead of new HeroKitSettings. UnityEngine.ScriptableObject:.ctor() HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitSettings:.ctor() HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitCommonRuntime:GetHeroKitSettings() (at Assets/HeroKit/Hero Engine/Framework/4. Hero Common/Data/HeroKitCommonRuntime.cs:150) HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitCommonRuntime:initializeGame() (at Assets/HeroKit/Hero Engine/Framework/4. Hero Common/Data/HeroKitCommonRuntime.cs:61) HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitObject:Awake() (at Assets/HeroKit/Hero Engine/Framework/1. Hero Objects/Scene/HeroKitObject.cs:123) If someone could help, I appreciate! I have very low skills in coding, and I'm trying to make an adveture game (point-&-click-ish) with heavy RPG elements and controller movement (instead of mouse). HeroKit seems awesome for what I need (and it seem to work, mostly). A shame that isn't supported anymore, it's an amazing tool 😕
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