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  1. THE WORST MISTAKE EVER: Forgetting to save. Done that loads of times.
  2. I just completed the game 5 minutes ago I made Edward marry Lydia, and since Stella's "dead", then in Aveyond 3-3, will there be a new party member? It's hard to imagine playing the game without a healer in the party. Just wondering. I hope there will be a new party member in the next one. That would be great.
  3. Uh, really? I went there without Te'ijal and Galahad. Wasn't difficult, except against the pickaxe boss.
  4. Yeah, this gets more people to play without giving up playing so fast. I found the first Aveyond waaaayyy too easy, I beat Ahriman in my first attempt. Good thing difficulty levels were created for the future games.
  5. Hard!!! - Learn resource management - amount to save up etc. - Game length will be longer (you need to train and go to the inn more often) - Challenge is there And probably most of them who complained about AV3 being too short is because they used easy level! Although I found mine too short, I enjoyed it nonetheless.
  6. Finishing at level 40? Sound a little too simple in my opinion. It probably won't take long till my characters reach level 40. I would like to see a huge twist at the end of GoN, to start Chapter 3 then. But oh, well, I'll wait till December until I play it, Form 5 exams will kill me before that.
  7. More types of weapons, armor, all with advantages and disadvantages! Then there's more use of strategy. Also, For the Weapon and Shield menu, change them to left hand and right hand. This way, you can choose to either wield 2 weapons for a double-attack, or one weapon one shield for better defense. This can work for sword wielders etc, but not for a bow-man who needs two hands to use his bow. One more thing, have some special effects to the game e.g. Earthquakes, or multiple long explosions to make the game more cool.
  8. I finished the game in 11 hours. Still seemed short for me though. I hope the 2nd chapter will be much longer, my main characters are only at level 18. If it's similar, probably the game will end at around level 40 only. If that's the case, extra chapters will be good.
  9. You people are quick! I just finished returning the pick axe to the dwarf, and I'm already at the 5 hours 30 mins mark! Maybe because I take the time to train.
  10. Christmas in 30 days! It will be really warm in my place though...
  11. To me it's only great until I reach level 90. I still can't beat the Demon Keeper!
  12. Gah... Demon Keeper killed me about 40 times already. Despite looking at tips at the Everlong Forums, that help me to survive longer, but still unable to destroy it. It's really difficult...
  13. Well, just to tell you I had to wait 15 mins before the intro finished... i think you just have to wait.
  14. Somehow I'm just getting bored with the game, I'm at level 89 now at Nevus Aveum... really long place... but slowly playing now. Note: I never use Vixen. Is she THAT useful?
  15. Hmm... i'll delay it till later. Just before entering the Forgotten Continent. Anyway, do you know the level cap for Leviathan Caverns? It's not provided in the level guide in the Everlong Forums. I'm at levels 69-70 anyway.
  16. But it's like this... when I slowly attack and roughly calculate the damage inflicted on it, after hitting it about 70000+ hp, it will heal itself 70001 using "flare". And when I keep hitting it until it reaches the same amount, it heals itself again. That makes it so frustrating, as if he cannot be beaten.
  17. Hmm... Is there a level guide for fighting a monster for Vixen to summon it? As in the ones in the temples. I'm at the Temple of Typhoon, and I can't beat the monster there. It uses "Flare", which heals it for 70001 health. At what level which is recommended to beat it? My characters are at levels 65-66.
  18. Oops, I went way further searching at Argentum, Methus, Borealis and Singapore. Thanks!
  19. ok thanks. I realise that now. Now, currently i'm having Sammy alone in my party, and I can't find any of the survivors as said in the Primary Quest. I really have no clue where to find them. I've already gone to every town.
  20. But the same thing happened in Water Caverns, and i can't defeat the boss! I'm at level 21 anyway.
  21. Didn't like the way we get into battles. I've been walking pointlessly in Water Caverns and Golem's Pass for 20 minutes without any enemies appearing...
  22. Hmmm... it sounds pretty strange. Have you check your items and press enter when the climbing guide is highlighted? Did you accidentaly take the other award by one of the druids? (other than the climbing guide) That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there's someone who'll provide much more help.
  23. It's Easter already in Malaysia! Happy Easter, all
  24. Playing it now, pretty interesting. But check the Quest 3# After beating any guy, you'll get back out. Someone can be enrolled in the same fight again, but this time will end up in "jail" forever. EDIT And I can't complete the whole thing. I can't win at quest 5.
  25. mdbgtft

    Magic Debate

    I say magic doesn't exist due to my religious beliefs. What God created first are Angels. Millions of them. That was before the world was even made. And God creates miracles. Jesus showed them. For example, (from the bible) 1. The feeding of 5000 men with just a few loafs of bread and a few fish 2. Controlling of the storm 3. Raising a dead girl to life 4. Turning water into wine. These are some of the miracles, done by Jesus. These are not known as magic.
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