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  1. hikari_rekka

    Ahriman's Prophecy Enhanced Edition

    You're making a new version for AP? Well, I wish you luck then. Do you think that adding more character interaction is a good idea in the game..?
  2. Oh, sorry.. Didn't mean to get it wrong.. Should I edit the post?
  3. Um.. I don't exactly know why they don't show the weddings.. They might show it in the next game, or it just saves time. Who knows..
  4. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    It does say you need to propose to Mel before you go to Aveyond..
  5. @Traviana: Well, I'm not exactly sure if having kids is her priority. I think turning back into a vampire will be a priority for her and we won't exactly be seeing her in book 3. Sure, hearing some sort of message from her from afar, but not see her..
  6. Um, Manegirl, you do realize that vampires are dead and cannot produce semen because of that fact? So that makes it impossible for them to produce babies. And they can keep the population by biting more people. Also, they can live for hundreds of years.
  7. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    If you want the locations, go check the FAQ.
  8. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    No, you cannot go to a church and get Mel married. You have to get Mel's attraction points up to seven and buy Pemberly Keep. Then have Edward propose to Mel before you go back to Aveyond. (Though, you get something nice if you tell the king about the engagement)
  9. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    That, and you need to tell the king about the engagement. That's still important too.
  10. hikari_rekka

    Help please

    Get to game? Um.. Could you be more specific?
  11. hikari_rekka


    Though(Highlight for spoilers) she can be out of the party for a while at some point in the game.
  12. hikari_rekka

    tincture ?

    You cannot buy those at shops. You can only find them. Also, just go to the isles north of Tar Vendron. It should be there.
  13. hikari_rekka

    Ghed'ahre & Death Certificate

    Although, you won't be able to leave Ghed'ahre when Mel rejoins the party.
  14. hikari_rekka

    Seer's Cavern Giant

    You need to save Heracles at the Orc Kingdom before you can even fight the giant.
  15. hikari_rekka


    Post a topic in the finished homemade games board.
  16. hikari_rekka

    Whisper of a Rose

    You know.. Someone should edit the first post saying that the download link is down..
  17. hikari_rekka

    Whisper of a Rose

    Actually, I think the creator of the game is having the game beta tested and fixing any bugs there are because when he released it, there was a load of bugs in the game to the point that it was unplayable.
  18. hikari_rekka

    Hatchable Eggs

    In Gheledon, but you could try looking at the FAQ..
  19. hikari_rekka

    Aveyond 3 GoN

    Oh, I think you can buy them in Vennwood.
  20. hikari_rekka

    Beauty Contest

    Also, you need to have Edward propose to Mel before you go to the Oracle in Aveyond.
  21. @MC: That's the same that happens in my game, and I bought it from here. @Rugwithlegs: Just upload the screenshot onto an image site such as imageshack(I don't think an account's required) or photobucket(Account required).
  22. I just see them walking on water too...
  23. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    No one knows. Amanda hasn't really started the development for TLO yet. @Allet: Well, she didn't exactly say that Stella will be brought back from the dead.
  24. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    Actually, Amanda never said that Stella will be revived if you don't choose her ending(Even though she gets revived if you did). She only said that this isn't the last we'll see of her.
  25. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    The title is called "The Lost Orb" and the game might start differently depending on who Edward marries.