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    Aveyond 3

    So I wonder how many years after AV2 this game takes place in... And what the evil plot's going to be...
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    Aveyond 3

    Ah, sorry. Got my facts wrong there. Still playing AV..
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    Aveyond 3

    Especially the fact that she(Highlight for spoilers) Stole his soul, then turned him into a vampire. Thus, he was forced to marry Te'ijal against his will, so Galahad must've been forced to come with her against his will.
  4. hikari_rekka

    Aveyond 3

    In what term of longer? To complete? Or to play? @Byran: Amanda said that it would have a dark theme with Te'ijal as one of the main characters. And knowing that, it's hard for Galahad to not come by..
  5. hikari_rekka

    Rye and Emma

    Yep, it'll be like this(Highlight text below to see): Villager: Rye, you've gotten married? That's great! You should settle down in Ryva to tend your children. Rye: Children? Emma: Never! Or at least something like that.
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    Rye and Emma

    Lol! I know what you mean. I got Rye and Emma married, and they just brushed it off. It's a pretty strange pairing if you know what I mean.
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    His Moment

    One of the mods(Or was it senior members) quoted Amanda's post from the crashed site and put it on Wiki. And good fanfic.
  8. hikari_rekka

    Ella's Ball gown

    Go to the grape orchard near Thais, there should be a manor with a seamstress in it. Talk to her, she'll make the gown for you. If that doesn't work, talk to Ella again just in case(And probably Candar's prince).
  9. hikari_rekka

    The Pendragon Family Tree

    I think it's Tenobor... But, you kind of forgot to add in there that Frederick le Mew had a brother.
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    The Truth Hurts(One Shot)

    I've always been wondering about what happened to Jack(The one from AP and AV2), and though I'm a fan of his, he won't get spared without an angst fic. Hope you enjoy~ And please note that this is my first one shot(Plus in angst). So, it might have a bit of humor, but not really the genre(It's just that Jack's this way.) This fic came out of my own idea. This takes place after the events of AV2 with a slight Ean x Iya. Forgive me if everyone's OOC The Aveyond series and their characters does not belong to me, but to Amanda who runs Amaranth Games. -- The Truth Hurts The young thief, Jack sighed out in the jail cell he was put in due to the fact he was convicted once again for theft. “Why am I even here?” The raven-haired boy asked himself, “I didn't even know that purse belonged to that woman..” The jail guard who near Jack's cell, knowing that was an obvious lie replied, “Witnesses clearly saw you steal that purse of gold, and it was as if you knew that it belonged to that young lady.” “Shut up, fool.” Jack told the guard with a glare. All of a sudden, something clicked in Jack's mind. You're a fool. How many years has he been saying those words again? Two hundred? Seven hundred? It didn't matter, he lost track of count to begin with, but it was pretty clear he's been saying it for a long time. After all, he's been living way past the time line he was supposed to be in to begin with. You can't deny it. The guard irritated at what Jack just called him yelled, “You're lucky that you didn't call the royal princes that!” “I have called those fighting-obsessed Pendragons fools before.” Jack replied without guilt, it's not like he cared who his superiors were to begin with, “They have been spoiled fools for generations.” You've been calling others that, so you can avoid being called one! Now, the guard was extremely furious, his face was red, and if this was a manga or anime, there would be anger marks and steam on him. So, he took out whip and lashed it out at Jack to punish him for his insolence, “This is what fools like you deserve, you brat!” That guard said, a little calmer now that he had taken out his anger at the “source” of the problem and went back to his post, deciding to ignore the thief. Being a fool is what made you alone! Jack stood still, his hand on his chest, the place where the guard whipped him. Still thinking of the word the guard had just said, “fool”. That was he had just said, the word he wanted to avoid, the word that was true. Ever since you were a child, you have been called a fool! That's where it took him back... Back to those times in the streets of Thais, hundreds of years ago.. Those times, he was alone. Sure, he had his old friend Vel those times, but now he doesn't, after all.. Vel is gone, she couldn't have lived long, she would've been an extremely old lady if she did. And he might've seen her at the land of the dead, but she might have looked like an extremely different person, someone he couldn't have recognized. Vel couldn't stay, fool! She never could... Now he was clutching his chest even tighter, feeling like to let tears stroll down his cheeks, gasping for breath as if he was suffocating. He couldn't though, after all, he couldn't admit it. He couldn't admit that he was wrong to call others a fool to begin with. He remembered that fateful day, the day that made him the way he was today. -- A six-year old raven-haired boy who was battered and injured was tossed out of his home by his mother with tears strolling down on his dirty face, “Mommy, why are you doing this?” The woman, who had long hair, which was raven-haired as well, and with sapphire eyes came out of the door with a dark grin on her face, “No parent needs a foolish child like you.” Now the child reached out his hand, gesturing it at her to stop, begging, “Please Mommy! Give me one more chance!” He tried to stand up on his sprained leg, but to no avail, “I promise I'll become a better child for you! Just give me one more chance, please...” The woman gave a disgusted look on her face and left him, going back inside her home, locking the door. Now the boy started to cry, hard. It hurt him so much, abandoned by his mother, whom he had trusted so much. Saying to himself in a sobbing voice, “Fool.. Fool.. I'm not a fool.. They're trying... To trick me, that's it...” He covered his face with his hands, “Everyone's a fool... I was never a fool...” -- Now, tears started streaming down his cheeks. He stood up, still clutching chest, sitting down in the back corner of the cell, just muttering to himself in a very quiet voice, “Mom.. Who's the real fool..?” You are the real fool, you always have! The guard noticed that Jack wasn't feeling okay, so he asked him, “Are you okay? If what I said, hurt you..” The guard grunted a little, since he was never used to saying this to convicts, “I'm sorry.” He's just pitying you! He isn't truly sorry, just out of pity! Jack said nothing. Sure, he wanted to say “It's okay” since it was the first time anyone has said that to him due to the fact he was a thief with a bad attitude, he just couldn't move anymore, and he couldn't say anything either. He just stayed in the position he was in, crying, keeping his head down, and clutching his chest. You should never have been born... “Never have been born...” He raised his head up, just to see Ean and Iya, the two elves that he had traveled with. Ean, that brown-haired boy spoke up, with a confused look on his face. After all, he's never seen the sharp-tongued thief this way, “Are you okay?” The thief grunted back, “I'm fine, you fool.” Standing up, letting go of his chest, he tried to give off a mischievous grin on his face to indicate that he was fine, though he was not. You were never fine to begin with, you foolish idiot! The guard spoke up with a sad look on his face, “He's actually been like this for a while today to be honest...” Iya looked at the guard then at Jack from the other side of the cell bars Jack was in with a worried look on her face, “Are you sure you're okay? You really aren't acting yourself...” Why trust them?! They were using you the whole time, despite the fact that you were the one that found all of their powerful weapons and armor and without it, they wouldn't have been able to defeat those two nymphs! They still tossed you in jail as a nobody, a fool! “What do you want to begin with?” Jack asked with a glare just to hide it all, the pain he's been feeling, those lonely notes floating around him, everything. Ean, deciding not to push the issue, decided to change the topic. So, he pulled out an envelope which looked like a wedding invite and said, “Iya and I are getting married in Elfwood in four weeks, so we'd like to invite you, though the others are coming also.” “I thought you had to use magic to go in there.” Jack replied, still trying to look calm, “Which is something I don't have, fool.” Iya spoke up and said, “Uh... Everyone that doesn't live at Elfwood, but has been invited to the wedding are waiting at the elder oak tree, we're going to open the portal for them, but we decided to wait until you came.” They have never cared to begin with! It's been like that for years! Every last one of them has used your abilities to get powerful armor and weapons, but they had still treated you as a pathetic thief! Those words, they were in his head! It was true, wasn't it? Were they using him just for rare equipment? Yes, it was true... Or else they would never have taken him along! Oh goddess, was Oracle just using him for her own little game? “Jack?” He couldn't tell who was speaking anymore, his vision was fading away.. Of course it's true... It always has... “Nicholas has already talked to the guards about this, so if you don't want to go, that's fine with us..” No one has really cared, you've been alone from the start.. “Look at the boy, he's in a bad condition! Maybe your village's specialties can help him.” Why say yes? They've been rubbing it into your face the whole time.. He finally spoke these final words before he collapsed, “Okay.. I'll.. Come..” He was gasping for air, everything that had happened to him had come back to haunt him was too much for him, he had to collapse so he couldn't face it anymore. The truth hurts after all... -- Sorry for making everyone a bit OOC, but just as I said, it's my first angst fic here. I tried to make everyone in-character as best as I can, so please don't flame me for this. Feel free to review here. And no, Jack does not die in this oneshot.
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    The Truth Hurts(One Shot)

    Thank you. Your advice makes me want to revamp it a bit(I'm not saying what you said hurts, it's really good advice).
  12. hikari_rekka

    The Truth Hurts(One Shot)

    Point there... Well thank you for the tip~ More drama for break downs(For fanfics to make it a little more natural) in angst!
  13. hikari_rekka

    Lars and Rhen -- their lifes

    Agreed, I'm not trying to flame you or anything, but you need to put in proper grammar. They fall in love too quickly(I mean seriously, in a few days they fall in love while barely knowing each other??), the characters are mysteriously time traveling(As in, everything is happening too fast), and it's so fluffy, there's no special meaning in it. And please check the Aveyond time line, it says Rhen was the Tenobor family's slave for three months and then both Rhen and Lars were in Shadwood academy for a whole YEAR! And how can the Dreamer's Tear be missing then found in a few seconds? It's too conveniently placed, and it takes away the fun of the plot y'know. :cry:
  14. hikari_rekka

    What if?

    Keep up the good work, KTC~
  15. Really great story! Plot line is pretty good.
  16. hikari_rekka

    Whats the new store ?

    So what are the effects of the items in the store?
  17. hikari_rekka

    Whats the new store ?

    Is it even possible to steal in the store. Noobish question but..
  18. hikari_rekka

    Whats the new store ?

    So what are the effects of the items in the store? Is it even possible to steal in the store. Noobish question but..
  19. Really love this fic! Wonder what's going to happen next?
  20. hikari_rekka

    Is Aveyond : Eans Quest somewhat related to Narnia?

    Same thing here. Never thought that way until Amanda pointed it out.
  21. hikari_rekka

    Nicholas step won't work

    Whenever I try talking to the present witch in Bogwood, it won't work... Even if I have Nicholas as the leader. Do I need to do something to get it to work?
  22. hikari_rekka

    Gavin or Nicholas?

    Where do you get North Wind anyways?
  23. hikari_rekka

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    @Elie It's a username, so I guess my nickname could be Hikari....
  24. hikari_rekka

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Hello, I'm new here... So here's my introduction. Nickname: Don't really have one... Occupation: Student Likes: Games, reading, having fun, drawing, watching TV, animals, MMORPGs, ect. Dislikes: Hackers, Strong fumes, animal abuse, ect.