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  1. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    For Pemberly keep? At the beginning of chapter 2.
  2. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    Just look at this. It'll have all the answers you need.
  3. hikari_rekka

    stuck on the beginning

    Go to the inn in Stormbend.
  4. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    Also, if you missed the Witchwood one. You cannot get it again unless you start a new game.
  5. hikari_rekka

    Mirror in Pemberly Keep

    If you want the mirror repaired, reload from an earlier save file.
  6. hikari_rekka

    Extra Floor in Castle?

    Yes, but you can only get this(Highlight for spoilers) when you get Edward and Mel engaged and you have talked to the king.
  7. I had that thought too about Lord Wallace and Gyendal teaming together to take revenge. It makes sense and he and his cousin have been talking about revenge, but I've never seen it so far.. So who says they can't take it now? And I agree that they should have killed him. It seemed to me that the bracelet was a convenient plot device to have an excuse to go to a third chapter or at least keep Gyendal as the main villain.
  8. hikari_rekka

    i don't know what to do

    Just e-mail the save file to yourself if you're afraid that it'll get deleted.
  9. Except that a few lines were added to the scene where they free Te'ijal.
  10. hikari_rekka

    Lydia's Spells

    Go to the library in Venwood.
  11. hikari_rekka

    Where is Mel

    Remember the building where Te'ijal went to see the vampire meeting? Go there.
  12. hikari_rekka

    Is Hercules supposed to follow me?

    I see, I'll go try that next playthrough, thanks Aisling.
  13. hikari_rekka

    Is Hercules supposed to follow me?

    Is there a way to get satisfaction from Naylith? I think I missed it..
  14. hikari_rekka


    Well, you get less luck and you'll be less likely to get items from corpses and get hit in battle more often.
  15. Well, Amanda did hint that Stella might come back in TLO, whether or not you got Edward to marry her.
  16. hikari_rekka

    Aveyond 3-3 News and Suggestions

    Well, Mel does start opening up in the game.. Although, you're entitled to your own opinion and I can't really change that, huh? I think there's a thread in the Village Square on how to pronounce the names in Aveyond, so feel free to go there. Well, I think the reason Mel snatches the flowers in because she's embarrassed. I don't think she's used to people giving her flowers...
  17. hikari_rekka

    Cant find orb of light

    (You should put that in white text. That's a spoiler) You need to go to the Oracle right now. First off, who are you trying to get Edward to end up with? If it's Mel, get all the attraction points for her and get him to propose to her before you go to the Oracle because something will happen that will prevent him from doing so. And why I'm saying this is because many people have gone over to the Oracle before proposing to Mel and it was too late before they could do anything.
  18. hikari_rekka

    Aveyond 3-3 News and Suggestions

    Lem, to answer your question on what happened to Sedona, it's still there. It's just in the Arishta Isles where Av1 took place. LoT and GoN takes place over at the Mainland. Also, when Mel goes to the ball, one of the people there will mention that the cheese in the ball is from Sedona.
  19. hikari_rekka

    Fairy Portal

    Um.. I went to the fairy gate and talked to the queen about it, but she wants the party to show their true intentions. How do I do that? (Sorry if I'm asking too much)
  20. hikari_rekka

    Lord of Twilight Build B?

    You can redownload it free of charge if you already bought it and your older saves will work with it. (I tried and it worked)
  21. hikari_rekka

    Lord of Twilight Build B?

    Wait, I'm a bit confused.. Is build B available? Or is it still in testing(Or just unavailable)?
  22. hikari_rekka

    saved files

    Go check here.
  23. hikari_rekka

    Quarter Keys Locations

    Oh, and make you have the music box too. That's needed.
  24. hikari_rekka

    Rose Forest

    It's near Naylith.
  25. hikari_rekka

    Lydia dresses

    Actually, you can if you get a special amulet.