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  1. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    Yes, and after you get an ending with whoever Edward ends up with. Then, it's over.
  2. I don't think there are cutscenes for the weddings in GoN. Just Mel telling the players what happened at the weddings except for hers.
  3. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    Did you also dedicate a star to a girl? And did you accidentally give Mel something from the Orc kingdom? That usually lowers attraction points.
  4. hikari_rekka

    Playing again - have many questions

    Ah, if it was that confusing, I'll go add the "highlight for spoilers" part.
  5. hikari_rekka

    Playing again - have many questions

    To answer your questions(Highlight first question for spoilers): 1. You can go in there if you get Edward and Mel engaged. 2. Luck can help characters dodge attacks and increase the chances on looting stuff from corpses. 3. Give the dragon scale to the dragon. 4. If you want to increase the power for the Excalibur, sure, but you can get those from the monsters in Naylith. 5. If you want to finish the museum quest, give it the the dragon. BTW, did you get the candy attraction point from Witchwood(How many do you have for Mel)?
  6. hikari_rekka

    Tight rope walk and swim

    Um, you can always go refer to the GoN FAQ. The solution is there..
  7. hikari_rekka

    Sapphire question

    If you want to. Your choice.
  8. @pinkjaguar12: The "not being able to save after final battle" thing has been there since Av2. And the different endings are different depending on who Edward is engaged to. That means, you have to get a certain amount of attraction points and propose to a certain girl before a certain point. You can't just go and choose a girl at the end of the game. You need to do that earlier.
  9. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    Also, to warn you. If you want to get Edward to propose to Mel, you need to do it before you go to the Oracle. Something will happen that will prevent you from doing so.
  10. hikari_rekka

    Beauty Contest

    You could reload if possible?
  11. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    Um.. Go check the FAQ in GoN boards. Also, you need to give the candy to the witches before you can even get that attraction point. Just go look a for a bucket full of candy and click on it. You need to give every single attraction point in the game(Seven total) to Mel if you want her. If you missed the candy one, then you can't get Edward to marry Mel. Also, if you don't want to lose attraction points, don't buy the flowers or sonnets that are from the Orc kingdom. (This needs to be moved..)
  12. hikari_rekka

    Monsters disappeared

    Lol Well, I didn't realize they were in the game until I read the FAQ.
  13. hikari_rekka

    Monsters disappeared

    Wait, does Ulf have dung shoes equipped? If so, that might be the case.
  14. Well, I just finished the game and I'd have to say I enjoyed it. I liked how there was more character interaction and such in the game. Especially since some were lol worthy. I did like the plot and cutscenes, but I felt that Stella and Ulf were being erased from existence until a very important plot point called them to their places. And for where Stella remembers who she is by the time they reach the cave near Naylith(Seer's Cave), she talks about killing him, but I'm a bit surprised that no one one was surprised that Stella said such a thing. Considering the way she presented herself so far, I wouldn't really imagine she would hold murderous intent for anyone. I did find it amusing when I got Edward and Mel engaged and I decided to show it off to his parents. I liked how they wanted Edward to change his mind about Mel and when his mother said something along the lines(I forgot what it was exactly) "If you want to marry my son, you're going to have to learn how to be a lady!". They decided to give them a wing of the castle which I'm guessing is the third house. (I've heard depending on who Edward gets engaged to, you can get of the three different houses as your third one) Although, I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to see a wedding cutscene, but just a "I got married to Edward the next day. It wasn't that horrible as I thought it would be. (Not that it bothers me that much.) I did like how Te'ijal and Galahad were turned into humans. I didn't expect that at all. lol I really want to see how she copes with this~ Although, Stella lives? I want to see how that's pulled off.
  15. hikari_rekka

    AP : Feeling the Way - 8th May

    Um, or she's just taking her time or doing something in real life. Her life isn't just on the computer y'know.
  16. hikari_rekka

    Strategies on Final Battles

    Well, there were already people who asked this before... First off, I suggest you use a weevil scroll on the two. It'll take out more damage than Stella can heal. Then, go focus on attacking Gyendal while staying alive and tripping Stella(It'll prevent her from healing for a turn).
  17. hikari_rekka

    Gold Mine

    I just noticed I had the gold mine quest in my journal. Is there a way to find it? (I'm at the point where I just got the ship)
  18. hikari_rekka


    I'm having trouble locating the Bazaar. Does anyone know where to find it?
  19. hikari_rekka


    You cannot join a guild in LoT and GoN. They're just there for fun. Amanda might make it possible for the players to join a guild in the game.
  20. hikari_rekka

    Viewing all party members Issue

    Just make Lydia active and then you'll be able to see it.
  21. hikari_rekka

    Golden Amulet

    Spoiler: Well, if you enjoy buying dresses for Lydia, you notice that Mel will not let you buy another dress from the same store. So, if you have the amulet, you can use it to hypnotize Edward into allowing her to buy another dress.
  22. Actually, I managed to figure it out when I went to the Orc kingdom and the princess talked about getting married in Thais where she'll make the men there stronger.
  23. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    According to the guide(I took a screenshot), you need to propose to Mel before you go meet up with the Oracle. And I think that happens after you get back from Naylith.
  24. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that you won't be able to get all seven attraction points if you missed the candy one.
  25. hikari_rekka

    Fairy Portal

    I see. Thank you. I'll go try that.