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  1. hikari_rekka

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    You need to go to a bucket full of candy. If you can't find it(Because the kids ate it), then I guess that was the time limit attraction point the beta testers were talking about.
  2. hikari_rekka


    Go give it to the pirates and head over to Gheledon.
  3. hikari_rekka

    Greetings from TheFool - Amaranth Newsletter

    Um.. I already signed up for the newsletter long ago and I don't ever remember getting any newsletters that give me a 20% off coupon.
  4. hikari_rekka

    Gold Mine

    Ah, I found it. Lol It was amusing when the two pirate captains were fighting over a rubber chicken.
  5. hikari_rekka


    Oh, I got confused since she said that she wanted to be a priestess. And the first thing that came to mind involving that sort of thing is Aveyond.
  6. hikari_rekka


    Um.. Okay, I got that quest and I got the candy quest, but I can't find Harriet. I've checked Aveyond, but I can't find her.
  7. hikari_rekka

    Aveyond: Gates of Night [July 31, 2009]

    Wait, I have a question. Lets say you're not at home when the game is released and you brought your end save files over with you(By e-mailing yourself), will the files still work at GoN?
  8. hikari_rekka

    Mirror Express room?

    Go look at: http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=6453&forum=56 http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=6451&forum=56
  9. hikari_rekka

    Aveyond: Gates of Night [July 31, 2009]

    Nine hours? It'll be released around midnight during the 31st.
  10. hikari_rekka

    Aveyond: Gates of Night [July 31, 2009]

    They're ripping you off? Someone just mentioned that you can go to purchase history and re-download it.
  11. hikari_rekka

    Aveyond: Gates of Night [July 31, 2009]

    Or you could just go re-enter the key for the game and you would still get your game back.
  12. hikari_rekka

    Edward's Diary

    It's gotten a bit better. Well, looking forward to your updates. Also, to let you know, GoN will be released at midnight on -8 GMT(Pacific Time), so you probably won't get it on until August 1st.
  13. hikari_rekka

    Aveyond: Gates of Night [July 31, 2009]

    Well, if you buy your copies of the game from here, you can get all updates and patches for the game for free.
  14. hikari_rekka

    Did I miss something?

    No, it's not possible for them to have magic in chapter one. The only skills Te'ijal has is paralyze and drain and that doesn't even require MP. Also, Galahad doesn't have any skills.
  15. hikari_rekka

    AP : Feeling the Way - 8th May

    I guess it has something to do with how "girl" was in caps so I guess I got way too thrown off.
  16. hikari_rekka

    Save Game not there

    The answer for this is probably here.
  17. hikari_rekka

    Barnaby's Book & Attraction points

    For your first question, you can only find seven. List here. The second one, you can only earn two attraction points for one girl. The rest you need to earn(Or maybe lose) in GoN. Go check FAQ for more info about attraction points.
  18. hikari_rekka

    Edward's Diary

    Looking forward to the rest of the entry.
  19. Oh, Lars' sprite is from the default RTP for RMXP. So, anyone can go and use him.
  20. hikari_rekka

    Amaranthian merchandise

    Well, you could get a wig similar to a character's hairstyle for cosplay and such.
  21. hikari_rekka

    Aveyond: Gates of Night [July 31, 2009]

    I've heard that Mel was going to end up on the Arishta Isles(Place where Rhen travels in) at the comments for the guild screenshots and I doubt we're going to have a need to even go back to Thais unlike Av1 where Rhen and the others need to go there. It's probably for a spy mission or something. (Or is going to turn out that Mel is time traveling?)
  22. hikari_rekka

    AP : Feeling the Way - 8th May

    The girl part is in caps... Take that out and replace it with something else? Either way, we'll see it eventually..
  23. hikari_rekka

    AP : Feeling the Way - 8th May

    Um... We find out who the mystery girl is?
  24. hikari_rekka


    Have you gotten to the point where you need to go meet up with Eston at Quin Castle? That's around the point I recommend to go visit the catacombs. Although, you can wait until chapter 2 to complete the quest.
  25. hikari_rekka

    Edward's Diary

    It's interesting and I'm glad you put in more description, but it seems more of a summary with small mentions rather than a diary entry. You could try putting some more of Edward's feelings and opinions along with other things in there.. Hope you won't get offended.