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  1. Whenever I have Yvette change forms in battle, her sprite remains the same no matter what. Though it's strange since her sprite changes with no problems outside of battle.
  2. Have you searched all the buildings in Tar Vendron? He should be there. Give it to the museum owner in Thais. Just fight and save your money. Money shouldn't be a problem then.
  3. Well, I played the Eternal Eden free trial and I thought it was a quite an interesting game and I was a bit disappointed that I ran out of time. I didn't buy the game because of the price (Yes, I can be cheap, I'm trying to save my money. XD). That, and I was too lazy to buy it, so right now might be a good time.
  4. @manegirl: Well, some people just find it appealing and cute. Though, it does let the audience see more of a character... We get to see another side of them that shows that is how they react when they snap if they're yandere...
  5. And they say that it's one of the funniest endings in the game. I haven't gotten the ending yet, but I'm planning to.
  6. Well, I never really see any fics involving Jack, so I'll be looking forward to this one. And I really prefer third person, but since you're the writer, it's your choice...
  7. You could check a map: http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=6442&forum=56
  8. @enciel: Actually, Mel is the main character for this chapter(And this is not Av4. This is the third chapter of Av3). Te'ijal will be in hiding since she's not too keen about the new change she went through in GoN. Not sure about Galahad though...
  9. I was sort of expecting for Edward to find out that the book she was reading in the story was "Dating for Dummies" to tell you the truth. A bit surprised that he didn't. (Though, I don't mind. It fit the story well)
  10. Really loved how you threw "Dating for Dummies" into the story. Pure win.
  11. You'll see in GoN. Just play to find out.
  12. Yes, yes we do. I'm still hoping to see Mel whip out that book in TLO if we get her ending. That might be amusing...
  13. Go over to the menu and go click on "profile" and choose Mel. You'll see the attraction point list there. And if you give a flower to a different girl, you won't be able to marry Mel. She requires seven points to marry and that's all the points in the game except for the Orc kingdom presents. (The ones from Orc kingdom decrease attraction points by one)
  14. If you used a goodie, then use the spell goodie if you want her spells. (Not telling you the location) Using goodies aren't really encouraged since they usually take the fun out of the game.
  15. I'm voting Mel, but you should spoiler text the part about Stella since that's a spoiler.
  16. Did you give Mel one of the presents from the Orc Kingdom? If so, then you won't be able to get those points back unless you reload from an earlier file.
  17. Did you get the candy at Witchwood? If not, I'm sorry to say, but that one had a time limit. You won't be able to get it anymore if you get the quarter key back from Heptitus. So, you're free to get Lydia or get the fourth ending where Edward doesn't get one of the three girls in the party.
  18. Now that you mention her... I wonder if we're going to get some lolz at the start of the game with Edward married to her since they say her ending had humor in it(Have not finished game yet).
  19. Well, you can always get facesets here: http://familytrees.genopro.com/aislingyngaio/aveyond/
  20. Lol I do agree with Edward being a know-it-all. I sometimes wonder if anyone other than Mel gets a bit irritated at him... (Not that I hate him)
  21. Really love how this is going so far. And I lol'd at the part where Edward just ran to Mr. Obeleni's office and handed that paper in..
  22. You're probably not bringing the right egg to be hatched. Just go check the FAQ for a list of eggs that can be hatched.
  23. Just complete the game. You won't have to worry about Stella's fate if you get Edward engaged to her.
  24. Well, they accepted Jack who is a "trouble bubbler" too and who happens to be weak(Though in AP, he was pretty useful to me), so should this be any different? (I'm just saying here. Trying to stay neutral on the "Lionel joins party" idea)
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