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  1. This game looks very intriguing haha. I'll have to give it a try after my computer's fixed.
  2. MoonPrincess- Thanks! I've actually tried going back and forth but because my computer lags SO MUCH, endings that normally could be completed, say, in 3 hrs could take up to 7 hrs+. :/
  3. Okkk. Posted my comments on the Games Club since you've asked for it but it seems you just took off sooo .__. Does anyone know how to get all of Reversed Lies, Inverted Soul, Cresendo and Lee's 4-6 endings?? ;w;
  4. 4 out of 7 active, but I suppose 6 people would do. If 2 more people shows up/some of you can get more active people to join, it'd be greatly appreciated. =3=
  5. So only you 2 and DA received my msg. WELP I'll start this game until I've received the replies from everyone. >
  6. Yipee that's 7! I will host this game after I'm done with my tests. The rules from the OP will be edited since it's mostly just an example of how the game works. The objective of mafia killing townspeople until they're less than they are and town eliminating ALL mafias still won't be changed though. Can I assume that other than Ashen, DA and slim; all of you are just beginners right? I will make the necessary adjustments to fit the players' level.
  7. Same as aisling, just a dog for me. My dog died years ago in Philippines (I was still in HK back then). I realized how you wouldn't be so lonely with them. I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon since they don't allow pet dogs in our building.
  8. Cool. I can immediately host the game if one more person signs up, but it'll be a very, very, short one.
  9. OP updated! C'mon, just 5 more people left!! =)
  10. One of the music in the town where you do the werewolf/beggar quest, the flute-heavy one, just curious - was it composed by Aaron? Also, which ones were composed by him?
  11. Horribad necropost. Or not. Anywho, I think there was a time when I was afraid of sleeping, but not dreaming itself. For some reason, this 'lucky charm' that I've made in art class that I've put under my pillow gave me awesome dreams, then it gradually grew worse. Worse as in I had a 3-day straight of nightmares involving beheaded dads and ancient Chinese torture (don't ask). I threw the goddarn thing away and everything went back to normal. 'bout my 'current' phobia... PainOfGivingBirthPhobia: Name says it all. Ain't bothered to find the goddarn name. Edited to remove profanity, even minor words aren't allowed. ~Mopiece
  12. I do not see why keeping the heads/seeing chopped heads is disgusting. In our Chinese meals here, we usually keep the head of the fish or chicken. Never found it gross tbh.
  13. What if you want someone because of both^ then?
  14. why are you explaining what the end means of course i know what it means
  15. wat do u mean the end u press f12 buddy
  16. It is your objective to catch the bunny. Fail and you'll have zero hp and mp left. First sentence was no reference to The Way at all.
  17. Love is fun if you think of it as a game. Predator vs prey. W00t.
  18. Ahahaha I srsly lol'd at it. xD Is it me or is the side-pairings always more entertaining/likeable than the main ones? :s Not just romance, but it seems to apply in the characters too.
  19. I'm kinda the same as you about not resting until finding all the secrets, but my first play always is gonna be without walkthroughs (unless I'm stuck). I mean the latter one. A commercial game that has crude humor? That's... interesting. I might check it out if I'm done with tests. (Interesting fact, TTHW's protagonist is a BIG jerk and anti-hero ) Iunno, probably that your path will be different but the ending is always the same (except some few minor scenes). --- Why is it not possible? I just wish some gamemakers would realize that it's perfectly fine to make the game wordy just to deliver the romance correctly in RPGs. Also it might be good for a change for once. :S
  20. Do you see people making an account just to share Aveyond, or, any other games on other websites? No. If someone's that dedicated to a game that much, it must have mean something at least. (One would still wonder how the heck Laxius Power's got band of worshipers.) Ok, shoulda mention you didn't have time. I must ask, how did you find BoL? Is the story mediocre or good? If you've stopped playing just because you don't want to play a gazillion hours for the story and prefer to jump straight at the events, that'll take out the fun factor of gaming. Oops, didn't see the 'solve issue first then hook up after' line :S
  21. @Kirroha Nope, they aren't usually but they are mostly. @D_A Puh-lease. If the 23353463% of dating VNs out there doesn't tell you something, then I don't know what. The VNs that aren't about dating probably can be counted in both hands. Yeah there are some games that you can still hook up but not ditch the main quest, but how realistic is that? Stop by and marrying (like srsly?) when Ahriman's out there? What, is he gonna wait for you or something? :S Lol and what fan-myopia? Fan-myopia happens only for crappy things. That chick who posted the game here in AM? She only signed up in here because she wanted to share the game with us. And many people have stated it is better than any commercial games out there *cough*aveyond*cough*(before I've played it). If you are going to judge a book by it's cover without even trying it at least and miss a classic because of that, then sure, go ahead. Edited to remove profanity. ~Mopiece
  22. @D_A Because RPGs focuses more on 'saving the world' while VNs usually are about getting yourself a gf/bf. Are you seriously telling me to woo someone when there's a big baddie out there? Love is a huge distraction, so the characters shouldn't be flirting around or 'marry' in that matter. And LOL Book of Legends' got NOTHING on TTHW when it comes to branching haha. The branches on TTHW is insanely huge that you'll probably have to open the game itself if you really want to know the secrets.
  23. Romancing Walker can be a fun romance game if you don't mind the butchered Engrish. The problem with romance is that people will always link it to 'endings' (like VN types). Can they be together in the end? Can I marry them? TTHW has none of those typical + points + scenes thingy; the story develops itself naturally. But it's kinda a stretch to call it a romance though. The 'romance' leans more on comedy actually (and why can't boys and girls have a platonic relationship?) The Way is also a great game that romance is the driven force of the protagonist, but the story itself doesn't revolve at romance AT ALL.
  24. The flowing of the hair seemed kinda slow. Hair don't 'freeze' slowly in mid-air. If it was faster, it might look smoother. But yeah, it's definitely better than the cloak.
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