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  1. Finished the game. The music & concept is great, but I was kinda hoping how it'll end up with them trying to change the system.
  2. I have a friend of mine who's got a lot of girl-friends (he's a guy btw). At first, their first impression of him was 'gay' but eventually they have their own little crushes on him. *shrugs* And now he's got a hoard of harem himself lol :roll: Funny thing is when I asked him about the question Nic, he said he would never consider dating his friends. Ever. This surprised me since he's the only person I met that would draw the line between his friends when it comes to romance. While it is understandable that he has such strict principle about it because he doesn't want to lose his friends, it puzzles me how one can be with someone without first befriending them. It is impossible of me to like someone unless I know them well first (if excluding physical attraction). About the second question, yes, I do think it's possible. There are some friends that you don't like-like but still do 'friendly flirting' with from time to time. Probably 'friends with benifits' is a good example?? xd If both of you don't get too emotionally attach with each other, then it's ok I guess. >.>
  3. Uh shouldn't you post another topic about this in VS? -0-
  4. I agree with slim. Make him ten years older. Is the walking speed ok? I can't stand it when a good game turns bad because of its slow walking speed =)
  5. Hi I have a couple of questions about the game =) What does that crystal in the cave do in the very first quest in the game? And how do you use the 'see hidden paths'? It doesn't seem to work o.o And there's one unreachable chest in that cave; is there any way to go there? Where is the griffin in marshall?
  6. Sorry for the double post >< I've finished the intro and is in a city with snow, but I can't find save the game :/ Also the walking speed is excruciatingly slow, even slower in the snow >< Can this be fixed?
  7. I can't seem to play the game. I've tried downloading both links but it still says 'no rgss' something. :/
  8. I've finished the game already. I was about to go off to Offelia(?) city with Millia but it said "it's the end of your trial". Does that mean it's the end of the episode already? And what does that patch do? Sidenotes: I really loved the battle system; really wasn't that hard to control and it's nice to earn money while battling with your enemies My only complaint about the game is sometimes it can be slow. Like after your battle, the screen takes time to finish 'counting' the numbers of time/hits. Other than that, the game's good overall. Oh and one thing, there were these weird 'names' in the games (esp the drinks on the bar), are those supposed to be Indonesian or something? ?_? They're not bothering me so much now, but I'm not sure much later on the game. :/
  9. *ahem* Watching Rush Hour made me want to find out that song from P Diddy (I'll Be Missing You); wikipidea'd on it and found out the song was for Notorious B.I.G. and I happened to find out his song "Big Poppa" is actually one of the music in TTHW! (The instrumental parts only. ) And here I thought the music was from some jazz song lol! xd The song suddenly sound so catchy with the rap *0* Oh and still a hardcore TTHW fan
  10. Yup, it's AP. Yeah, I was curious what the paralysis cure was for even though I haven't encountered any monsters that inflicts paralysis. @@ Anyways, nevermind about the potion. I've already finished the game.
  11. I've clicked everywhere but still couldn't find it :S Or do some version missed it out?
  12. Where is the Tinctura Hypericum? I couldn't find it anywhere inside the Fairy Village.
  13. Oh! I thought it was another swamp... >< Thanks anyways!
  14. I just came into a guide for the suitable levels in a certain place and saw 'evil swamp witch'. Where is that swamp? Do you mean witchwood or the one with the 'ghost' (forest children)?
  15. Whoa! I shouldn't have replaced it with the poisin ring then... thanks ^^ Also, what's the use of the 'good luck charm'? And is it really only 100 golds? I think the last time I've played AP it's 500 if I remember correctly @@
  16. What's the use of the nymph crystal?
  17. Thanks! Having a hard time choosing which one to join... Enchantress seems to have powerful all-targets spells while priestess have healing spells... :S
  18. I was wondering what are all of the spells in all of the guilds? (including the 'secret' guilds)
  19. The main character looks like Allen from D Gray Man @@ Anyways I'll give it a try ^^
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