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  1. @KTC: I understand your point of view. It's just a sad reality that to create change/"WAKE UP CALL", it tends to begin with the spilling of blood or some other devastating catastrophe. P.S. my last post wasn't looking at the situation as a whole...I'll need to work on that more :S Cheers
  2. wow! those pictures are amazing! I've been to Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii - is that right? (sorry not American) but it was awesome! I had a blast there by the way where is Hilo in reference to Oahu Island? just curious. Aloha, Cheers!
  3. I saw this movie and OMG!!! the joker is sooo freakin' freaky not even kidding. it's kind of eerie how heath looked so run down and scary and he's u know ... no longer with us... may he :rip: Cheers!
  4. awesome set wolfie_girl love the siggie
  5. my sister has this game and I've tried playing it about 3 times and all my tribes have died. thing is i don't want help or "guides" cuz I just think that takes the fun/excitement out of figuring out what to do next. but i gess it would cut the time in about half if not threequarters..lol
  6. @ Everyone: whatever it looks like to you, is up for discussion I just think it's artistically appeasing but thanks for the comments
  7. In my honest opinion (btw, haven't had time to look at ppl's opinions but, just going off the title of this thread), only more corruption can come from a corrupt government. I hate to be negative but, I've been to the Phil. and both my parents are filipinos and even though I was born in NA I've had a glimpse of what the reality is over there, especially for the less fortunate percentage of the population there. I think because the gov't over there is corrupt it gives everyone a sense of "eat or be eaten/survival mode" and the gov't tries to appear in control and forthwright but, in reality they're just greedy people, fueling, what seems to be, the neverending cylce of corruption. Because of this, the people adapt it, I'm not saying all the people in the Philippines, but those who are desperate, which sadly is the majority of the country who are poor. Not, to put blame ignorantly on a situation where I no longer am living, but those who have money and are well-off do nothing about it. If at all they have discussions but then are told to not talk about it again for reasons which won't be mentioned. I do feel sympathetic for the country and the people who are suffering there. I just pray that in time there'll come a change throughout the Islands and unity, peace and honesty will be restored. Cheers!
  8. I totally agree with you Serendipity but that would also bring up the issue of value and worth... in this particular topic, it'd be the worth of another individual, of self, etc. I guess you could even go further by getting to the meaning or root of why this person or even yourself would be so important, important enough to be worthy of unconditional love...but I think I'm beginning to digress a bit
  9. @Shelwyn, SilverMist and LadyTwilight: thanks it's the first one I've ever done btw, the quote I made up myself, based on the name's background of course Cheers! everyone - loving all the siggies and avvies.
  10. is that Valentino Vitale written at the top? very kool siggie, love the effects
  11. @Elonah: I agree but that usually is easier said than done.
  12. hey everyone...finally changed my siggie, tell me what you think Cheers! :celebrate:
  13. i love this site. people are friendly and welcoming here, the discussions and topics in the forums are really good and well, I'm sure there are still a lot of places for me to explore, so that's about as far as I can comment... Cheers! :celebrate:
  14. I guess in a sense we have become slaves to the things that were initially designed to give us more personal freedom. As for what we'd be able to do, if we let go of all devices for a month? The possibilities are endless, I'd think. Firstly, people would be more active and possibly would spend more time with the family. It may be a time where we could clear our heads and find our true bearings, without any technological or work-related stressors, seeing as how many jobs now-a-days rely on computers, etc. It'd definitely be good for the environment. I think also it may remind people of how far the human race has come, which will hopefully, make more people grateful and appreciative of what they have; in a sense grounding everybody and letting them get in touch with what people of the past had to do, in order to get to where we are. Kind of like an homage to those before us.
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