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  1. @KTC: I understand your point of view. It's just a sad reality that to create change/"WAKE UP CALL", it tends to begin with the spilling of blood or some other devastating catastrophe. P.S. my last post wasn't looking at the situation as a whole...I'll need to work on that more :S Cheers
  2. wow! those pictures are amazing! I've been to Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii - is that right? (sorry not American) but it was awesome! I had a blast there by the way where is Hilo in reference to Oahu Island? just curious. Aloha, Cheers!
  3. I saw this movie and OMG!!! the joker is sooo freakin' freaky not even kidding. it's kind of eerie how heath looked so run down and scary and he's u know ... no longer with us... may he :rip: Cheers!
  4. awesome set wolfie_girl love the siggie
  5. my sister has this game and I've tried playing it about 3 times and all my tribes have died. thing is i don't want help or "guides" cuz I just think that takes the fun/excitement out of figuring out what to do next. but i gess it would cut the time in about half if not threequarters..lol
  6. @ Everyone: whatever it looks like to you, is up for discussion I just think it's artistically appeasing but thanks for the comments
  7. In my honest opinion (btw, haven't had time to look at ppl's opinions but, just going off the title of this thread), only more corruption can come from a corrupt government. I hate to be negative but, I've been to the Phil. and both my parents are filipinos and even though I was born in NA I've had a glimpse of what the reality is over there, especially for the less fortunate percentage of the population there. I think because the gov't over there is corrupt it gives everyone a sense of "eat or be eaten/survival mode" and the gov't tries to appear in control and forthwright but, in reality they're just greedy people, fueling, what seems to be, the neverending cylce of corruption. Because of this, the people adapt it, I'm not saying all the people in the Philippines, but those who are desperate, which sadly is the majority of the country who are poor. Not, to put blame ignorantly on a situation where I no longer am living, but those who have money and are well-off do nothing about it. If at all they have discussions but then are told to not talk about it again for reasons which won't be mentioned. I do feel sympathetic for the country and the people who are suffering there. I just pray that in time there'll come a change throughout the Islands and unity, peace and honesty will be restored. Cheers!
  8. I totally agree with you Serendipity but that would also bring up the issue of value and worth... in this particular topic, it'd be the worth of another individual, of self, etc. I guess you could even go further by getting to the meaning or root of why this person or even yourself would be so important, important enough to be worthy of unconditional love...but I think I'm beginning to digress a bit
  9. @Shelwyn, SilverMist and LadyTwilight: thanks it's the first one I've ever done btw, the quote I made up myself, based on the name's background of course Cheers! everyone - loving all the siggies and avvies.
  10. is that Valentino Vitale written at the top? very kool siggie, love the effects
  11. @Elonah: I agree but that usually is easier said than done.
  12. hey everyone...finally changed my siggie, tell me what you think Cheers! :celebrate:
  13. i love this site. people are friendly and welcoming here, the discussions and topics in the forums are really good and well, I'm sure there are still a lot of places for me to explore, so that's about as far as I can comment... Cheers! :celebrate:
  14. I guess in a sense we have become slaves to the things that were initially designed to give us more personal freedom. As for what we'd be able to do, if we let go of all devices for a month? The possibilities are endless, I'd think. Firstly, people would be more active and possibly would spend more time with the family. It may be a time where we could clear our heads and find our true bearings, without any technological or work-related stressors, seeing as how many jobs now-a-days rely on computers, etc. It'd definitely be good for the environment. I think also it may remind people of how far the human race has come, which will hopefully, make more people grateful and appreciative of what they have; in a sense grounding everybody and letting them get in touch with what people of the past had to do, in order to get to where we are. Kind of like an homage to those before us.
  15. oh, right...sorry not too bright when it comes to the abrevs on the names of games... Cheers!
  16. roflmao! that's so funny, what a small world Ircy333
  17. @Serendipity - maybe it only seems foreign...because over time people have replaced it with a "newer" version of love leaving the essence behind and thus not able to define it anymore, because it's no longer original but a mere copy that has no firm substance...not to say that the love that people experience now contains no substance whatsoever but rather, their love isn't being experienced to its full capacity. but what do i know? these are just my theories and opinions. (i simply like to discuss and explore my ideas out loud, crazy as they may sound...lol)
  18. @ Oracle: you have an innate gift of comforting people RE: What is the world turning into??? Honestly, I don't have a firm grasp of what's going on with the world besides the fact that, the world is increasingly being corrupted and abused by its inhabitants. Sad to say, I don't mean to offend anyone but, we all take a part in what's going on in the world. Whether we do something to support what's currently going on or we passively dismiss the events occurring and continue in our selfish ignorance by staying in our own little world. It would be nice for the world to come together and counteract all the problems human activity has initiated but, people are too caught up in their own life to see what the reality of their future will be in relation to the health of the Earth. I'm fed up with humans playing god, wanting power and being dismissive or ignorant to important issues in this world, such as these topics being discussed here! Yes, it's human nature to be curious about things but, don't misuse it!!! Honestly, it's like Frankenstein or Prometheus all over again! Believe it or not, I talk a lot about this stuff with my mother and I always tell her, it would be so awesome if, people would just not worry about money or being on top and see that, it's about helping everyone and that it's benefiting everyone by taking proactive measures to save the Earth or maintain peace among different nations or to get rid of poverty. That at the end of the day it's not about winning or losing, but about working together to complete something better than any individual nation would be capable of doing on their own! It's just extremely frustrating and ridiculous (no offense), that they aren't able to see this! And if you want my truest and honest opinion about what the world is turning in to? It'd be this... I look around and all I see are movies about sex- lust more like, and marriages falling apart, divorces becoming more popular, an obese epidemic occurring, a suicide increase in teenage populations, people striving to have or make more money, young girls being brainwashed to look and be a certain way, technology advancing too quickly which-in my opinion makes us less active and everyone (sorry to offend anyone, btw, I include myself when I say everyone) having too much pride to admit to be at fault or to step down and be the better person, which, I happen to believe is one of the main causes of arguments, maybe even wars, who knows? So in one sentence, it seems to me our world is becoming more sinful in a sense. If you hadn't noticed there are examples for most of the seven deadly sins mentioned previously. I'm not that religious, I was raised Catholic but I have long since left the Catholic church. However, I am still spiritual and my core beliefs are "loosely" rooted in some Catholic beliefs. So, please don't misinterpret this as criticism coming from a religious point of view, because it's not. I'm simply connecting the dots and pointing them out. Again, this is only my opinion and my observation of what the world is turning into and I apologize if I have said anything to offend anyone, because that is not my intention. I don't mean to be harsh but the reality can't always be sugar-coated or else you begin to lose sight of what really is and what isn't. However, there are many people who are doing what they can to help this planet and the people in it. I volunteer in as many non-profit organizations as I can to try and help out and do my part, but it's not enough. Because there are too many types of issues and many NGOs representing them. Everyone needs to help out and become involved. Here is a List of all available NGOs that you can look up. Or click on this link: http://www.unodc.org/ngo/ to be redirected to the list of NGOs. Enough with the seriousness and back to cheeriness!! Cheers!:loving:
  19. this is my desktop right now... http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e170/amitiel09/untitled-1.jpg[/img] nothing exciting really, but i loved the simplicity and architectural design of it. plus the contrast in colours and patterns are great, imo Cheers!
  20. @nic_c12: that would be crzy if they knew each other!!! lol...ha imagine if they were related!? that would mean we're related!!! then again, it's the Philippines. Everyone is related to everyone!!!
  21. @Oracle: I agree with you @Serendipity: I can see where you're coming from Unconditional love encompasses basically bits and pieces of what everyone has said. But, I believe it also has to do with the type of dynamic between the persons in the relationship, either familial, intimate or otherwise. Expanding a bit on Serendipity's post: I believe that unconditional love calls for self-sacrifice, total and complete trust, faith, honesty and an innate understanding and awareness of the other person and who they are and how they act. And accepting every flaw plus whatever baggage they're carrying with them. As for explaining unconditional love: It's not something you can define or explain, but rather like an arcane epiphany that comes over you. Usually, the epiphany is something you've heard someone say to you over and over again and are very well familiar with but, you just perceive it with an enlightenment and a firm and unwavering certainty of knowing the true meaning, which is the very core of its essence.(Again, difficult to explain.) Okay yes, unconditional love may seem unreasonable or far-fetched to some people but, going along with the views of LadyTwilight, I'd have to agree with her in believing that some people are capable of unconditional love and others aren't. However it is in all of us and the choice is ours. But in order to discover, initiate or utilize it, the choice needs to come from within the individual. So, when I say some people aren't capable of unconditional love, I simply mean they choose not to have unconditional, or they have no awareness of their capability to love or their lingering personal issues from the past or present are hindering them from ever discovering that kind of love within themselves. As for the issue with self-sacrifice or the giving up of one's self before realizing unconditional love and that having to do with dismissing human nature. I believe that to not be true. Because first of all, who said you couldn't take care of yourself while being self-less and having unconditional love for others? It's like you're giving people an ultimatum between yourself and other people. Yes, balance is key, but again, that doesn't mean you can't be self-less and still take care of yourself. With unconditional love you don't need to drop everything and focus only on one thing. I believe it's possible to always have unconditional love and still function like a normal human being. I'm not saying that any of you said that but,I just want to make my point. Last thing, in order to have unconditional love I believe it has to begin with yourself. If, not how will you be able to love someone else unconditionally? Mind you, some people just have an innate capability of unconditional love that even they're not aware of it. P.S. It's really great to hear everyone's opinions. Cheers! :celebrate:
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    @ Elie: a clone? :S erm, i hope not... Cheers!
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