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  1. yeah! after almost a year.... Tnx gabs! nice update!!!!! more.....more.....more..... ^^
  2. Nice update! Hey for the first time in their journey Lars called Rhen by her name and not "slave or "Peta"!!!! ^^ update soon plsssssss......
  3. Great job on your story/diary!!!! But wasn't there already a "Lars' Diary" posted here???(by Gabriela if i'm not mistaken) But still your version is also great! Update plssssssss.......^^
  4. thanks guys. sorry for any mistakes i've made...again. it's my first time writing. ^^ XD
  5. tnx sorry for the font size.. ^^
  6. wow the story was so cute especially the ending... Go MELxED!!
  7. wow the story was so cute especially the ending... Go MelXED!!!
  8. Sorry guys this is one shot only. And also please bear with me this is my first time posting so your suggestions will help me. ---------------------------------------------------- It’s been a long time since I’ve finished the quest and chose the future I would take. We all went on separate roads, but I can’t stop thinking that this not I want and I have a nagging feeling that he’s been waiting for me to realize this. I first met him when I was sold as a slave at their town, but after a short while, I was freed and then became a student at the same academy as him. You would think it was destiny, but I didn’t, well not at that time. After I found out about the prophecy made about me when I was born I couldn’t help thinking, is this real or do I really have to do this. I accepted my fate, but it was when he decided to accompany me that I felt for sure that I was right to accept the quest. We started as enemies always fighting, getting in each other’s way, but eventually we became friends. I couldn’t have imagined that a proud noble like him would ask forgiveness from someone like me. It was at that time that I came to realize and see things that I actually like about him, his dark green eyes and his smile. But then I couldn’t help remembering the things he did to me when I was still their slave, and all my feelings for him dimmed. As we moved on at our quest we fought many enemies and even acquired some allies, one of them was Dameon, a sun druid. He treated me like I was one of the nobles and he never acted like a jerk just to irritate and embarrass me, he was gentle and understanding, but when we nearly finished the quest I found out the truth, he betrayed me, no, he used me for his own gain, but we got that settled and finished the quest. At the sun temple in Aveyond the oracle gave me 3 choices; to accept my throne as the lawful heir of Thais kingdom and marry Dameon, to become a hermit and live alone, or to go back to my old home in Clearwater, back to the family that raised me. When I was about to accept the throne I accidentally met his eyes, the proud boy I first met was lost, in his place stands the man I have learned to love, I knew for certain that Lars Tenobor has grown-up, through it I knew that I will not have the will to marry anyone but him. That brings me back to the present. It’s been a long time since then, I have lost count of the time. I never really stopped hoping that he would come and marry me but as the years passed by my hope has dimmed. I would never have imagined this kind of ending, but it happened. As I opened the door to start my never ending routine, there he was standing and smiling by the door, waiting for me. We got to talk for a while, he told me that he loved me, but he didn’t have the courage to tell me, and that was why it took him so long to talk to me. He stared at the bonfire in front of us for a long time, then started to say; “Rhen, I’m sorry, it’s been so long and I don’t know if you like me too, but…….” I sealed his lips with a kiss and a smile. When I looked at his face my smile was mirrored on his, and I thought maybe there’s still a happy ever after for me...... -------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading. ^^ All your suggestions are appreciated.
  9. Great story!!! I was never a fan of MelXEdward but you had converted me!!! yey!
  10. Hey this is the first time i've read read this... It was great!) please update soon....
  11. gab's!!! plsss continue with lar's diary!! i miss it so much already:))
  12. ummm.... you see i started Aveyond last year with my friend and i guess i fell asleep when she got the sleep powder/dust. now i'm playing it again on my own and I don't know where to find it..... can anyone please help me???
  13. nice story sana96! i just read it and it was cool, i wonder what Rhen's reaction would be when she sees Melinda (a little girl with the same green hair as Lars....) still waiting for your next update!! ^^
  14. i only read it today since i'm new hear.... it's really good!! waiting for more updates..
  15. poor stuttering Danny, but still way to go Teijal! good job Gabs.... =P
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