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  1. I've tried out another game through the same company I purchased this one from and have had similar problems. This is typical, so I think there may have been a few bugs either in my computer or on their platform.
  2. Thanks Shaz! Apparently, when I went to collect the other flowers, for some reason the game did not save. It's been shutting down occasionally and must have done it during this particular point.
  3. I'm missing the last Gem Flower. I know that I'm suppose to but for some reason, I'm not able to trigger this. Any suggestions P.S. What am I doing wrong for spoiler?
  4. Thanks Brycej. I managed to start a new game that didn't crash. But I'm still going to follow your advice about making I have all the updates, just in case I have anymore problems.
  5. I just purchased this game. And somewhere in the beginning of the game, it crashed. Now I can't even get it going at all. I have vista, if this helps anyone. Does anyone have any suggestions? Chatter
  6. Thanks everyone. Here's the 2nd entry. 7.1.89 Dear Diary I know, it’s been about 6 months since I’ve written. A lot has happened. I thought at first Devin was a pain in the neck, but we became friends. And then I found out something about him. It all started with a special assignment that Professor Gray had for me. The king was having a ball and Professor Gray wanted me to go and find a spy. At first, I thought he wanted me to just blend into the walls or pretend I was a maid, but no, I had to go as one of the elite. Me, Mel, pretend to be a noble dressed in one of those fancy dresses that I can’t even pretend to afford. I was like, why would I want to be one of those snobby people. Professor Gray then scolded me and told me I couldn’t always choose my role for espionage. He then gave me a ticket for the ball, and a note for the dressmaker to purchase a dress. Well I went to the dressmaker and she was there, my rival, Lydia, the most despicable girl at the school. She thinks that just because her father is one of the most wealthy and influential men in Thais, that she is above everybody. She lives to lord it over every one that she is so much special than anyone there, and that she will be the next queen of Thais. She “claims” that she has influence with the queen and can convince her to make the prince marry her. Lydia especially likes to flaunt this whenever I’m around. I had no idea why, since I could care less for royalty. Well, like I said Lydia was at the dressmaker, and started making fun of me there. She was like, “You need to watch out for this wench. She might try and steal some dresses, or even diamonds from you.” Then she said to me, “What are you doing here Trash? You can’t even imagine being able to afford these dresses ever.” This seemed to go on forever and ever. Finally Lydia left. Lydia’s comments seemed to have sway over the shopkeeper, since she was just about to call the palace guards for even asking her to make me a dress. She was shocked that I had even thought I could purchase one. But I managed to convince her that I had a not from Professor Gray requesting a dress be made especially for me. Once she read the note, her attitude completely changed. Lia, the shopkeeper, went on to measure me and create one of the most fabulous dresses ever seen. Lia whispered that she had placed some hidden recording instruments and cameras in there, and then showed me how to use them. I was amazed how tiny these instruments were. Lia also revealed a special pocket that would allow me to bring a weapon inside the castle in case I needed protection. She then told me she would have the dress delivered to my home. That evening, I went and got ready. Looking in the mirror, I didn’t even recognize myself. I started dreaming of what it would be like dressing like this on a regular basis, being courted by some of the elite. And then I realized I couldn’t do a lot of the same things that I do now. I left for the ball. When I got there, I was a little scared that the guard was not going to let me pass and claim that I was an imposter, but he just looked at the ticket as said enter. I wandered around the ball, looking for anyone who seemed suspicious. I saw Lord Algar in a side room, just staring out the window, as if he was waiting for someone. I started talking to him, and he explained that he was hiding from some Lady that was annoying him. Lord Algar seemed was such a polite young man that I quickly ruled him out as a spy. I think he even knew who I was. A lot of the people there were talking about the prince and how horrible a swordsman he was, who just so happened to be called Edward. But I knew it couldn’t be my Edward, I mean my friend Edward, since he was awesome swordsman and a poor kid like me. I went to the King’s quarters to see if the spy decided to take advantage of the party going on when I caught Edward rifling through the King’s desk. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I became so incensed that I could not control myself. I pulled out my dagger, yelling at him to drop everything. I was like, “How Could You. You, a spy. How long has this been going on?” He said that I had everything wrong. I screamed at him, how can he think that since I can see with my own to eyes what he was doing. And then Lydia walked in and started screaming “You little thief, I thought I saw you here,” and gushing to Edward at the same time, “Oh Prince Edward, do you want me to call the guards to take out this trash?” Edward just gave her the most disgusted look and said “Shut up Lydia. Just go, I have everything under control.” But Lydia kept insisting that she should stay to protect him, until he threatened to have her arrested for disobeying the prince. I on the other hand just stood there stunned by what Lydia had said. Edward was the prince! THE PRINCE! At first I couldn’t believe it, and then I realized that it had to be true, since he was the only boy at the college that she always fawned over, and that everyone else was quite respectful to him. I never really understood it, since most of the rich kids were snobs who never talked to anyone “beneath” them. And then a wave of feeling betrayed by my best friend hit me like a ton of bricks. It was if I realized he never could have trusted me, or else he would have told me. And that he had just been playing with me all that time. I was so incensed I screamed at him, “You Liar, you lied to me about who you where.” He said “No I didn’t. We’ve just never brought that up.” “Well you could have told me a long time ago. “ “I’m sorry Mel; I never thought it was important.” “Leave me alone Edward! I never want to see you again.” “But Mel, give me a chance to explain.” “Why?” “This whole thing is complicated. And I owe you an explanation. Just follow me out to the garden where we can have some quiet.” “Fine! But you have only five minutes!” He said that the only reason he didn’t tell me was that it refreshing not to have someone grovel over him, trying to wait upon his every need. I told he needn’t worry; I would never grovel over him. That he envied the freedom I had. Hello Edward, you’re the prince. You can have everything you want, and you envy the fact that I have to literally work every day to make a living. If anything, I should be the envious one. But Edward explained that my life allowed me to make choices on what I did, including the person he married. He, however, pretty much had his whole future planned out for him, including the women he marries. He apologized and begged me to remain friends. I told him I would think about it, but I didn’t know how I could trust him ever again. Edward said he find away to win back my trust. While we were talking, we saw something fly through the sky, like a shooting star. Edward asked me to go with him the next day and see if we could find it. I don’t know why I told him I would. I guess I was just so startled by what we saw, that I said yes, but that it would have to wait until morning since I still had to go and find the spy. I started to explore the castle and saw Lord Wallace sifting through the papers on the Queen’s desk. I took a few pictures and put and sneaked a microphone on the corner wall to record everything he said. I then went back to Professor Gray and reported what I had discovered and show him the pictures and give him the recordings. He commended me on my excellent work, and that he would make sure the authorities were aware of the spy. I was so exhausted that I walked home and went to bed. Mel
  7. I decided to create a diary that shows the thoughts and feelings of Mel. Sorry about this entry being a little long. 1.1.89, Dear Diary, This has been the weirdest and most stressful week in my life. On Monday, Boden said that a new client had requested me for a special job and wanted to see me on the rooftop of the clockworks tower. (I swear to get Boden back for all that happened.) Why there, I don’t know, as there are more secretive places to meet. Anyway, this strange man wanted me to go to the ruined castle of Lord Darkthrop and recover a family heirloom that was stolen years ago. I was like, you expect me to go to that evil. I don’t think so. He then offered to pay me double; I was a little hesitant at first but realized that money was hard to come by. So I said fine, but he had to pay half to me first. At first, I thought about leaving with the money, but then (unfortunately) my curiosity took over. I should have left while I had the chance. But I just had to see what was in that old castle. Anyway, I looked the whole thing over and decided that best way in was through the sewer that led under the castle. It was the foulest smell I have ever met. (I should have asked for three times the pay.) Going through the maze of a sewer, I had to fight off many rats and moths, just to get to the entrance of the castle. Along the way I found some food that I placed in my knapsack knowing that food is sometimes hard to come by in my line of work. I also found some leather boots, a copper knife, and decided to use them since they were better than what I had. I have to admit that Darkthrop knew how to keep people out of his castle, but all the traps he left were not match for me. After all, I am no common thief, but the Queen of thieves, and I have a reputation to maintain. Only one cell door was a little rusty. I decided to have a try at it another time. Well I ended up in the basement of the castle, and surprise surprise, more rats and moths. I must admit, it’s astonishing what all the gold the little critters carry. I guess even a rat has to shop at times. At least I’m able to make more money this way. While in the basement, I found the Heirloom the stranger asked me to get. When I picked it up I felt strange as if some power had surged through my body. This really freaked me out and I decided to get out of there and collect my money from that really weird guy. Well I got back to the clockwork, and handed the heirloom, and just as I was asking for the money, that cretin had the galls to sic his goons on me. Now I probably could have handled old weirdo, but there was no way I could have taken on all three of them. Talk about being out numbered. I cried out to him to let me go and he called me the whelp of Darkthrop. Then he opened a portal to who knows where. I thought he was going to try and use me as a sacrifice for some evil purposes. Fortunately, someone just happened to be there and rescued me from the strange man. She claimed she was a vampire. I didn’t believe at first, but then her eyes started to glow a devilish red, and bared her fangs at me to prove that she was. I tried to get away from her but she managed to grab a hold of me anyway. She said her name was Te’ijal and that her brother Gyendal was trying to use me in nefarious scheme of his to take over the world. I was like, wait a minute, why me, all he wanted was a family heirloom. She said “Fool, that was not his family heirloom, but yours.” I was like, wait a minute, there was no way I could be a descendant of Darkthrop. He was pure evil, and I only stole to survive. She assured me that I was Darkthrop’s heir. She told me we were going to the City of Thais. We made our way through Shadow Woods heading to the Thial Mountains. Along the way we food some goodies and had to fight wild animals. Just as we were about to enter the Thial Mountains, we saw Gyendal’s goons blocking the path. Te’ijal said she was leaving me when we saw them. I thought at first she had tricked me, but then I realized that she had used herself as bait. Before she left, she told me to make my way to Thais and locate the College and deliver a not the headmaster, Ulaf. She also warned me not to be out at night by myself or else I might find myself in the hands of Gyendal and his hoodlums again. I hid until she managed to trick the thug s into chasing her. I slipped by when the where not looking and found myself in the Thial Mountains and ran across the hugest dragonflies I have ever seen. They were nearly the same size as me. Now I know that say everything in the Thial Mountains was bigger, but really this was going too much. I finally managed to get to the border of the Thial Mountains and Brightwood Forest was home free. I finally made it to Thais, just as the sun rose. While searching for the college, I met some interesting people. One told me about a Farm south of here. Another said he was starting a museum. I also ran across some rather snobby people. I finally reached the college at met the Headmaster Ulaf and handed him the note Te’ijal asked me to deliver. Apparently he was upset with what she said, as he didn’t like the idea of admitting me to the college. He asked if I was a mage. When I said no, he then asked if I was a fighter. Now being a thief, I have occasionally gotten myself into some scuffles, but I was really more of a peaceful creature. He was about to tell me that he could not take me on, when some boy who happened to overhear us suggested that I be sent to Professor Gray. Well the headmaster became a little vicious and told the boy to shut up and stay out of this business. But the boy persisted and even pointed out some of my assets. The headmaster reconsidered and decided to send me to Professor Gray. I told him, that if he rather, I could find my own way of surviving and not become a burden to the headmaster. He said no, that it would be better for all if I attended classes with Professor Gray as Te’ijal could be quite nasty if her wished weren’t met. (I could believe that after seeing her fight her brother.) He then told the boy that he was in charge of preventing me from getting into trouble, as if I had any attentions, and to take me to Professor Gray. As we went, he told me his name was Edward and invited me to the local Tavern. When I finally met Professor Gray, he wasn’t exactly all that happy to see me. Of course, in reflection, I don’t really blame him, considering what he really did. He said that he would take me on, as long as I could pass a simple test. I was to break into a house and steal a statue of an Elf. I was like, piece of cake; after all I am the Queen of thieves. That night, I stole my way to the house, and guess who decided to join me, EDWARD. He thought that I might need some help and that he could assist me. ME! QUEEN OF THE THIEVES! I mean really of all the arrogant nerve of that boy. Who did HE think He was? I was just making my way around the building, checking the doors to see if the people there were careless or if they locked their doors and then make my rounds of the windows. However before I could, that egotistical boy had the gall to suggest the windows. Like Duh! Any professional thief knows to check the windows when the doors don’t work. He then proceeded to assume that I needed his help. Hello, professional thief here. I really don’t need help for a simple job as this. But of course he followed me in and had the smuggest smile on his face, as if he knew all along I would have problems (which I did, but I would never have told him.) I allowed him to help me, since he was determined to anyway. I got the statue and discovered a high-tech alarm underneath and said run. And of course that condescending boy thought I wouldn’t know about stuff like. I made he knew in no uncertain terms that I was not a fool. I went back to Professor Gray’s and delivered the statuette. I think he was a little surprised but pleased at the same time. He then told me to be at class tomorrow at Sunrise and that I would now be a part of the Red Wing Intelligence Academy. I was like sweet. Well I better go and find an apartment and get some sleep. Tomorrow comes soon. Mel
  8. So is Lars the reincarnation of Lydia the 1st (AP--> Devin's younger sister and tormentor to Talia)
  9. Sometimes boring can be good.
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