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  1. ddunit

    Answers to 100k Gamble?

    Oh, didn't see the gamble thing, but I noticed they were the misquotations. T.T
  2. What are the answers, been looking for them. :S
  3. ddunit

    Hmm, stole maps?

    K, wasn't sure, the chapel looks like the candar one tho :\...
  4. ddunit

    Free MMORPG maker

    Actually, it's illegal to sell it, which it's not. As long as you give credit to them.
  5. ddunit

    Free MMORPG maker

    www.freemmorpgmaker.com Meh, use it, go on forums for help and stuff...
  6. ddunit

    Hmm, stole maps?

    http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e112/Kite_Minase/interior2.png http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e112/Kite_Minase/interior.png (Were "made" by robin for a map contest on the eclipse forums) Are these yours Amaranth, I'm not sure...? Looks like candar chapel and a shop I forgot the name for it :\.
  7. ddunit

    hardest moment ever?

    interesting o.O i suggest walking around in orion youll find a sword for rhen and a whip for eleni (useful for though to magic thingys)
  8. ever got killed in dungeon right after you saved? happened to me so i was lvl 23 rhen alone had to cross whole mt onion at 10-250 (depends if i get venison drop) so tell me your extraordinary feet (i died about 50 times XD)