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  1. Aveyond 4 totally caught me by surprise- it's different from its predecessors but in a really good way. And up till now Rhen was always my favourite but I think Boyle is now my favoutire protagonist of all time. :D One of the best things about Boyle is his relationship with Fang, being a pet person myself I totally enjoyed it. And all of the characters had much more depth then I've ever seen in AV games. So that's a huge plus point in my book. Another thing I enjoyed a lot was the night watch! It was so much fun. And that puzzle dungeon was also totally awesome. 

    I finished my first run through at 29 hours. Didn't get anyone married because I didn't have any attraction points. Also that squirrel ending is love lol. XD As for my favourite...Robin and Boyle. Also Hi'beru and Rowen. Oops are we only suppose to choose one? xD And my party were at level 52-55 when I was done.

    I think the graphics and music were good but the best thing about AV4 is the story line. It was so much fun to beta test and I'm so glad I got to help out!

    Verdict: AWESOME! :D

    So...when is AV5 coming out? xD xD xD 

  2. @Sewnsew and Justinius: To solve the puzzle you have to use the trail and error method. The puzzle definitely takes time but it is solvable. The strategy guide will be available on 24th December. If you haven't solved the puzzle by then, you can go to the strategy guide.

    @Kelmom: Crafted items like the Citirine is an ingredient for crafting itself. It should be there in your crafts menu, just go down. Citirine comes before the Great Citirine etc.

    Hope this helps!

  3. This game is awesome. ^^ It's a nice KN and really reflects on what life without emotions can be. Half way through I thought that it was depressing. >.> But I played until the end and I'm glad for a happy ending. :D Well done, Lumen! Not I'm just waiting for TSE and Independent. ;) Which do you plan on finishing first?

    Oh and this game should be rated PG-13 for language. You should definitely mention that in your post.

  4. Don't know if this has been asked before but anyone know where I can find the party hat? >.> Looked through prof puppet's walk through but it wasn't mentioned there. Oh and the font issues can be dealt with in another way.


    Quoting from SCF website:


    "Don’t bother installing MS Gothic: you already have it. Don’t bother with changing the non-unicode language: it’s a temporary fix.


    1. Search google for RGSS103J.dll, and download it to the Last Scenario directory

    2. In the Game.ini file, also in that directory, replace the line that says ‘Library=RGSS102E.dll’ with ‘Library=RGSS103J.dll’

    3. That’s it, you’re done, enjoy the game.


    Credit goes to the kind german guy in the older comments found the solution, but had to use google translate to post it."


    That's the fix you need for font issues. Most of the windows versions have the MS Gothic font already installed in them. I found out about this fix like yesterday. xD

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