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    Banned because I finally logged in after years xD
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    Author's Note: The Flash Back takes place a century after Rhen's quest. Two centuries before LOT and GON.
    He Had Cared
    She sat in front of the mirror. Her eyes were no longer bloodshot red, Her skin was no longer white, She had become mortal. So had Galahad and her brother.
    Her brother, her elder brother. They were brother and sister till he found out about the orbs. He wanted the sun to go but she didn't. She loved the sun. And...she didn't want her brother to enslave humans. but of course no one knows of that. But even before the orbs, came the death of their parents, who died when she was around 550 years old. Father got staked and mother went into shock at the news and after that she died. And she left with Rhen; when she came back she spent her time on Galahad, and he was with his magic. So they became more distant; they spent more time away from each other. She sat thinking about the good old times...before the incidents happened. And one truly reminded her about the fact that he had cared.
    It was raining, pouring hard. She sat there waiting for Galahad, her husband, to come along. Even he wouldn't try to kill him self when it's raining.
    'Wait. Rain in Gedh'ahre? How is that possible?'
    She made her way to her brother's house; Galahad would have to wait. 'This rain, It's impossible'
    She kept telling herself that it's probably Gyendal with his magic, maybe he's showing of to the other vampresses, but then again Gyendal has never been that kind of guy.
    She waited for him to respond to her knock.
    "What?" An irritated voice asked as the door opened. Somehow he already knew it was his younger sister at the door.
    "How did you know?"
    "Know what?"
    "That it was me at-"
    "Your knock is always like a bang on the door."
    "Now what do you want?"
    "Look at it yourself."
    "Somehow it's raining here. I suspect a human mage behind this." Gyendal’s loud voice echoed through the hall as the people of Ghed'ahre listened carefully. Te'ijal was standing behind Gyendal, on a platform; Galahad standing beside her.
    "But Gyendal why would -a human mage- do something like that? Surely they can't be that stupid."
    "I don't know..." His voice trialed off at the response,
    "It's too dangerous to go check in the forest."
    "What shall we do?"
    "Get to the bottom of this. Me and my sister shall go to the forest."
    "Agreed. You two can take care of your selfs easily."
    "I still can't believe your husband didn't want to accompany us Te'ijal! We could use his physical abilities against magic resistant creatures! Does he want us all to be extinct?!?"
    "Pretty much."
    "I was being sarcastic."
    "But your point was exactly correct. Don't worry I'll take care of the 'Magic Resistant Creatures.' " She paused and added, "Should there be any."
    He scowled at her.
    'Don't worry I'll take care of magic resistant creatures. Should there be any.' The thought kept running through his head, and automatically forming a scowl on his face.
    "What are you so upset about?"
    "I..uh...There's MUD sticking all over my shoes!"
    She smiled,
    "Your not good at lying, dear brother." Her mocking voice replied making him even more angry.
    "I'll have you know that I...I'm a very hygienic vampire. I find it nice being clean."
    Te'ijal screamed in laughter, "You have become very amusing, elder brother."
    The reply however was followed by a burn,
    "Ouch! What do you want to burn me to death?!? Go ahead! Let's see you finish this task without me!"
    He looked away.
    "You were right. But why-"
    "Like I care why he is doing it. Let's just kill him and get over it. We shall have good treat as well."
    Te'ijal looked down; She didn't want to kill the human... but he was flooding Gedh'ahre.
    "Foolish human he shall get himself killed today."
    "It matters not. You know that."
    "Of course."
    "I shall have a good feast today."
    "Ahh That was satisfying."
    "You know ever since you defeated that demon, you have become so...so soft."
    "And the problem is?"
    "Your a vampire."
    "I repeat, and the problem is?"
    "Vampires don't have a soft spot or in your case soft spots for their food."
    This answer however was followed by a slap.
    "I'm your younger sister not your servant. You can dish your dirt on someone else. Now shut up and lets get going."
    However, she wondered:
    'Not even a burn? Why has he not reacted to my slap?'
    And had no idea her brother was thinking the same thing.
    "It was a foolish human mage." He paused, "Without garlic."
    There were laughs all over by the comment. However one Vampire didn't find it humorous at all.
    "It disgusts me."
    "Galahad you refuse to eat! What will it take?"
    Later that night he told her about the lie, about why he really had scowled.
    She sighed. Reality came back to her. It had been two hundred years since that, and yet it felt like...like yesterday. He cared for her that time. Not as much as when they were kids; but he cared. And now all she can say is he had cared.
    The End.
    My One-shot on Te'ijal and Gyendal's brother and sister relation ship. I hope you like it!
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    Aveyond 4 totally caught me by surprise- it's different from its predecessors but in a really good way. And up till now Rhen was always my favourite but I think Boyle is now my favoutire protagonist of all time. One of the best things about Boyle is his relationship with Fang, being a pet person myself I totally enjoyed it. And all of the characters had much more depth then I've ever seen in AV games. So that's a huge plus point in my book. Another thing I enjoyed a lot was the night watch! It was so much fun. And that puzzle dungeon was also totally awesome. 
    I finished my first run through at 29 hours. Didn't get anyone married because I didn't have any attraction points. Also that squirrel ending is love lol. XD As for my favourite...Robin and Boyle. Also Hi'beru and Rowen. Oops are we only suppose to choose one? xD And my party were at level 52-55 when I was done.
    I think the graphics and music were good but the best thing about AV4 is the story line. It was so much fun to beta test and I'm so glad I got to help out!
    Verdict: AWESOME!
    So...when is AV5 coming out? xD xD xD 
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    You've been waiting a LONG time (and so have we!). Would you like to beta test Aveyond 4? If yes, please add your name to the list. 
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