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  1. Favorite internet myth? Do we really have to limit it to the internet? Many were around before the internet, the internet just made it easier for them to spread. I'm more interested in why people believe these things and why they don't question them. That's actually part of my research interest, though, I focus on health issues. Though, since we're talking about the internet, my favorite quote about the internet myths is: Don’t believe everything you read on the internet -Abraham Lincoln
  2. @KTC: Just out of curiosity, what type of medical career are you considering, something research/lab-based or clinical/working with patients? If you're wanting to work with patients being emotionally detached and going through the motions aren't the best characteristics to have with that type of job. They don't help with having a good bed side manner. Edit: Just in case you say bedside manner doesn't matter in health care, there's a pile of literature that says otherwise.
  3. @elonah: I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience due to a professor. It's very sad that some professors think it's okay to be degrading to students. Just because someone has a PhD, doesn't mean they should be allowed to deal with students. Without going into all of the details, I had two difficult professors (one more than the other) on my advisory committee for a PhD who damaged my confidence. It eventually lead to me changing topics, getting a new committee, and adding two more years to get my degree (crosses fingers that it's only two, I should be done by the spring or summer).
  4. I really can't agree with any of the responses in this thread. My advice for starting university and future career: figure out what you like and find a way to make it work. You don't want to do something you're really not interested in just for the money/job stability. It can leave you bitter and anger. Also don't expect to be making the big money right away, it take time, experience, and patience.
  5. On the flip side, when Aveyond was first released, people were shocked by the idea of a commercial RPG Maker game. I vaguely remember people wondering who would spend some much money on the development of a RM game and then expect people to pay for it. Once people realized that they could made money on the games, it opened the flood gates. Though, I must say it is sad how many barely put any effort into it and only use the default resources and then expect people to pay for it. Like KTC said, "The number of crappy vs good games haven't really changed. What's changing is are you getting charged for said crappy game."
  6. I'm really not a fan of buying games from portals since games don't always get updated. I prefer to buy directly from the developer and the majority of them provide great customer service. That can lacking with the game portals. I know a lot of people like the portals for the savings but the games there can really be hit and miss. And after awhile the games all start looking the same. That's another complaint that I have with them. Seriously, how many farming games do we really need (though, there are one or two that have stood out for me)? I also don't like games that require a lot of manic clicking which seem to be common.
  7. If it's not the video card or a problem with the monitor, it could have something to do with your power connections. I know laptops sometimes have different brightness settings depending on whether the laptop is plugged in or running on the battery.
  8. @iPink: I won't say that there has been an increase in major disasters every year. It's just more is being reported as worldwide communication improves. And even then, not every disaster gets reported. As for the "media latches onto an event for a few weeks and then acts like it never even happened" that can be attributed to the 24 hour news cycle. They have to move on to the next story to keep people interested in the news. It's not completely the media's fault. Edit: Just as an example, here's a list of "globally significant earthquakes" - "earthquakes of magnitude 7 and above, or which caused fatalities" - in the 21st century and in the 20th century. Not all of these get mentioned in the news. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_21st-century_earthquakes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_20th_century_earthquakes I'm hope that I'm not coming across as callous. I feel really bad for Japan right now. And I usually keep track of events like this as long as possible.
  9. This debate reminds me of another related issue - the usefulness of standardized tests, especially the college entrance exams like the ACT and SAT that many high school students end up taking. I'm curious whether people think that high school, or just school in general, actually prepares students for the exams and whether they are a good indication of how students are doing (for example, standardize tests are used to see how well the school is doing) or how well students will do in college (like the ACT or SAT)? It's been awhile since I've done the standardized exams and they kept changing them while I was in school so I'm not sure if they're still the same but even then I failed to see the usefulness of them. The fact that they took a entire week to do seemed like a waste of class time to me. As for the college entrance exams, I can't stand them and don't think they say much about how well a student will do in college other than how well they can take a standardized exam.
  10. Boy, this is an age old debate. I would say it's a combination of the two and it's very difficult to separate the two. For example, people commonly say DNA is the "nature" effect but if you've ever taken a genetics class, you learn pretty quickly that what is in the DNA isn't always a given. Whether or not and how some genes (can't think of examples right now) are expressed can depend on the overall environment which is includes the "nurture" I hope that makes sense since I don't have time to try to explain it any better.
  11. The universities that I've been at that allow alcohol on campus still have regulations about drinking and if you're too rowdy or drinking where you're not allowed you can get in trouble with the school. But for the most part, it doesn't cause problems.
  12. @soniadoor: Can you give reasons why you think it's bad idea?
  13. I don't see the problem with schools enforcing a dress code for students as long as it doesn't target specific groups. For those who are upset about dress codes at schools, how will you handle dress codes in work places where they want employees to have a certain image or for safety reasons?
  14. Jayshe already mentioned this but a lot Canadian universities have campus bars that are run by students organizations, though the drinking age is lower. Both universities that I've attended in Canada have them and as far as I know they don't cause any problems. Any issues would be the same as any other bar - rowdy drunks, underage drinking with fake IDs. I find the idea of dry campuses silly and sometimes hypocritical. Drinking can still be a problem on those campuses. The US university that I did my undergrad at was 'dry' except for the alumni association building that served alcohol (only to alumni). I was also amused that a 'dry' campus had a building named the Anheuser-Busch Natural Resource Building (guess who donated money for it). Besides there were still the "campus bars" right at the edge of the university property.
  15. @Shaz, I hope you and your family stay safe and dry. I've seen quite a few videos and pictures from the flooded areas. It's amazing what water is capable of doing. Though the strangest story that I've seen from the flooding is one were bull sharks were seen swimming in the flooded streets of some town. I've heard of bull sharks living in some of the rivers in that area but it's bizarre to think of them swimming down a street.
  16. The majority of my writing is academic stuff, I'm usually too brain dead after that to try to write creative stories. But I usually start with an outline with the main point or conclusion of the paper, followed with the main points that I used to reach that conclusion. Then fill in the rest with the details of how those points support that conclusion. Once I do that the papers usually write themselves.
  17. Personally, I think the message on the site is ridiculously and bigoted. But I have seen that site before and I'm not entirely sure if it's for real, it's almost seems like it's a satirical site to me. If you look around, there is some debate on one whether or not that site is a joke.
  18. @Trisha: Ignoring people who are overly critical and controlling your temper is just a matter of willpower and maturity. It's not impossible to do.
  19. Lots of people have to deal with this type of criticism, whether it's about art or any other type of talent or line or work. It's just a matter of not letting it get to you (might seem impossible but is easily doable), realizing that you can't please everyone, and doing what is right for you. Getting upset or violent with someone just because they don't like what you are doing only makes things worse and says more about your character than theirs. Also, like other has said, you'll just have to accept the fact that not everyone likes that style of art, if you want to know why you could always ask them (nicely).
  20. This reminds me of the Bad Translator thread in the village square. http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?viewmode=flat&type=&topic_id=14109&forum=5 It show how bad the on-line translators can be.
  21. Captain N? That's one that I don't remember at all. When was it on TV and on what network? We only had 3-4 channels on our TV and even then it depended on how well the reception was with the rabbit ear antenna. I missed out on a lot of shows growing up. Though, even with cable now, it seems like there's nothing worth watching other than repeats of repeats.
  22. @Aeternus: If you really like to travel, maybe you need to find a way to combine your work and travel. If I remember correctly, you're a nurse so Doctors Without Borders might be something to consider, though I'm not sure what is required for it. I know it's still work but it does involve going to other countries.
  23. Like others have said you'll have to talk to him and see what he says without getting hostile. But it also depends on whether or not you feel like you can trust him. Also, what exactly do you mean by "possessive." It doesn't mean that they 'love you.' When you said "he tries to keep me only for him" that raised a few red flags for me. If it's possessive to the point that he controls who you can hang out with, that's not a good thing. There has to be trust on both sides of the relationship. Possessiveness should not be part of a healthy relationship. I could be reading it wrong since it's hard to know what the situation is like based on what is written. The main thing is to trust your gut and if something doesn't seem right do what you think is best for yourself.
  24. This reminded me of my experience in grade school and first year of junior high. They weren't consistent with addressing the different skill levels of students from year to year and it created some problems, at least for me. In the later part of elementary, they started separating math classes by the skill level of the students. I was always placed in the higher level class and we ended up in a year ahead of the other students by the end of 6th grade. In 7th grade, they decided to put students in 'teams' where everyone took the same core classes. I was a new thing for when the district would open the middle school for 6th and 7th grade. I was bored stiff in math class until the last quarter of of the year when they finally covered new material for me. The next year, the teacher recommended that I skip pre-algebra (which I would have been in if it wasn't for the upcoming changes for middle school) and go straight to algebra. I did just fine in the class and at least I felt like I was being challenged. The main thing is it can be difficult to adjust the material and work load based on the skill level of the students. What one student thinks is too much and too hard another might be bored with cause it's too easy.
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