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  1. Yikes, there must be enough people who do hand out their SSN without thinking about it for these 'companies' to set up scams like this. It reminds me of all the e-mails I get about helping to transfer funds out of a country or I won some lottery that I've never heard of and nevered entered. If all those e-mails were true, there are alot of royal family members who are trying to escape their countries and I would be a muli-million with all the lottery winnings I've won. Also funny, how they all ask for the same information in the same format.
  2. Why does it have to depend on the father's contributions and expectations? Last I checked raising a family is a partnership between both the father and the mother and both should make the decisions. And it depends on their individual circumstances. Anyways, I find it sad that if the mother is the one who works full-time or makes the most money and the father is the one who stays at home and takes care of the kids, people are shocked. I know several people who do that and it works just fine for them. Traditional gender roles shouldn't always dictate what the father does and what the mother does. Now a days, women have a lot more opportunities for education and employment outside of the home but the social norms doen't always reflect that.
  3. @MarianFrae: the criminally insane have been kept in asylums but not always but were usually kept separate from the non-violent ones. Also, an asylum can be a generic term for an institution. It's defined as 'a place of protection or restraint for one or more classes of the disadvantaged, especially the mentally ill'
  4. ((In an earlier post she said she was going out to the forest and I said that I was going with her. So would it make sense if she's with me and PokeGal? I hope you don't mind me making a decision like this, I'm just trying to help clear things up))
  5. Would it be better if it's change to people escaping from an asylum who have been forced to go but don't need to be there? It wasn't uncommon for people to be sent to an asylum because someone didn't like them and had the power to do so.
  6. ((but where's Wybrich?))
  7. ((That's where I thought you were too. I'm with you, Zar's in the settlement and I don't know where Wybrich is. I thought she was with me but then she said she was in the settlement))
  8. (I'm confused too, cause I didn't think we did. Maybe we should be alittle more descriptive in our actions)
  9. (wyrich, PokeGal left the settlement to scout. As far as I know she's not back yet)
  10. "Help me get her back to settlement, Zar. It's not safe for us out here"
  11. "Oh dear! Wyby! Zar! I need some help quick!"
  12. "You're outside of the settlement. We have to get you back."
  13. (I'm just going to assume that i'm with you) Floranne, here drink this. It will dull the pain.
  14. (but you said okay when I asked to go with you in your earlier post, now I'm getting confused.)
  15. (Wybrich, I can heal her) It may be too late if we take her back to the settlement. I'll prepare a healing potion, it will have to be something strong.
  16. "I should go with her, in case she gets hurt. I'm sure Floranne is in trouble as well."
  17. That's entirely true about if a family only has 1 child then both work. There's alot of families with both parents working that have multiple children. Sometimes both parents have to work just to make enough to support the family
  18. Galena sensed something was wrong with Floranne. "I think she's in trouble. We need to go help her."
  19. "Our settlement in this state will provide very little protection if they attack. The wall isn't even up yet. We need to do something, and quick."
  20. "The rest of us should start gathering resources to build a wall. We should also send a message to the White Eagle castle to see if they will provide us with aid"
  21. Galena walks up and joins the group. Overhearing Zar's question about the armory, she comments, "An armory is a good idea. At least one of us should start on that while the rest of us build up our defenses. We may have little time before the destroyers decide to attack."
  22. All the pictures of the islands makes the place I live look dull.
  23. Mizzou

    Avvies and Siggies

    Thanks everyone. I was kinda at a lost on what to use as a siggie until Oracle sent me the picture. It was perfect.
  24. I have another point for why parent are responsible for the actions of their children. And this can be applied to the actions the children do even into adulthood. Most, if not all, behaviors are learned and the primary individual who children learn from are the parents. If a parent failes to teach proper behavior and demonstates poor behavior in front of the children, they are likely to repeat the behavior that is seen. I should point out that I am not necessarily equating responsibility with facing the consequences of the children's action. A child should face the consequences of their actions.
  25. I have a few things to say about this issue. One of them is the same point that aislingyngaio made about whether MEN can combine careers and families. This question is based on the assumption that men are the breadwinners while women take care of the children. Why can't women be the ones with the jobs while men take care of the children. But either way, both parents should have a role in raising the children. Another point is that sometimes women have to combine careers and families if they are a single parent. And obviously, the same can apply to a man. My last point addresses both the question of women combining careers and families and whether women have access to the same education as men. I would have to say yes to both questions and I'll use an example from my own experience. I don't have any children but I am a female and am currently working on a PhD. All three of my academic supervisors (B.A., M.A., and PhD.) are female, two of which have children. My other two M.A. committee members are female and three of four of my PhD. committee members are female. All of those people are professors with PhD and some have children. I can't speak from personal experience, but they have managed to combine a career and raising a family with support from their husbands. I would imagine it isn't always easy but it is possible. For example, the first time I met my PhD supervisor was at a conference. She had her youngest son who was a few months old and still breastfeeding and her husband with her. She would go off to feed the kid when he was hungry and then her husband would take care of the boy the rest of the time so she could participate in the conference.
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