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  1. Yea, he's still alive but his memory has gotten alot worse and it's starting to affect his day-to-day routine. My grandmother says that he was trouble remembering what he has to do for the day and has to keep asking. Also, he doesn't talk on the phone anymore.
  2. Now days we know way too much about the lives of the stars, even if it is a bias view of their lives.
  3. @Oracle and Samboni: LOL, sorry I only have three parts. Here's the last one. This part of the backstory is alittle sad but I really like how the end of the backstory and the short story tie together. ---- I mentioned earlier that my grandfather was an enthusiastic canoeist which isn’t entirely true. He was enthusiastic about anything that allowed him to be on the water and required a paddle in hand, whether it was a canoe, kayak, or raft. When he retired and moved to Arizona (which was a few years before I was born), he took up white water rafting. He has been on many of the rivers there, at least a dozen times (maybe more) on the part of the Colorado River which goes through the Grand Canyon. I have to smile at the thought of him in a raft going down a set of rapids. Even after two heart attacks and several different surgeries, two of which replaced both of his knees, he was back on the river as soon as he recovered. I think the fact that he would rather be on the river than at home speed up some of his recoveries. A few years ago, when he was 80, the doctor told him that he needed to have open-heart surgery. In addition, the doctor told him, as well as my grandmother just to be safe, that he could no longer go rafting or canoeing anymore. It just wasn’t safe anymore for him with his heart problems. That must have been difficult for him. My grandmother told me that it took him longer to recovery from this surgery, he didn’t seem to have the motivation to do the exercises that he needed to do. During all of this, I would call to see how he was doing before and after the surgery. However, this time instead of talking on the phone like he usually did, he would ask a few questions about how I am and what I’m doing, then pass the phone to my Grandmother. After a while, I decided it would be a good idea to go for a visit to see him in person. It had been awhile since I was there for a visit and my grandfather wasn’t talking on the phone like he normally would. A few months later, I managed to go down for Christmas time (I was more than thrilled to visit Arizona in the winter. Winter had shown up in early October where I lived and it was already around -40 by December) . My grandmother picked me up at the airport, my grandfather didn’t drive much anymore and he hated to sit in the passenger seat. On the way home, my grandmother told me that he had wanted to take me to one of the rivers to go canoeing but she was strongly advising against it. Given the circumstance, I agreed with her. My grandfather did mention it once while I was there but said that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea if the water was low. I could tell he was disappointed that he couldn’t take me. On one of the evenings, I thought that he might appreciate seeing some of the pictures I had from canoes. I had a few on my laptop so I pulled it out and showed them to him. He looked at them and smiled but didn’t say much. After I finished showing him the pictures, he got up and left the room. He came back a shortly after with a few pictures in hand. One of them was a group picture from an aquatic school in Kansas that he attended prior to working at the canoe base. He loves to show the picture to anyone that he can and to see if they can pick out which one is him. The aquatic school was where he first met the director of the canoe base. He was looking for a staff member for the next summer and asked one of my grandfather’s friends. His friend was able to go so he quickly volunteered to go. That was the first time he went canoeing in northern Minnesota and Ontario and fell in love with the area. He worked there for a total of four years with a few years in-between as a pilot in WWII. Afterwards, he would periodically return for a trip and would take anyone that he could. This eventually led to the family trip in 1992 (hopefully, you see where I’m going with this). He told me the story of meeting the canoe director as well as several of his adventures while he was there. After a few stories, he asked me if he ever told me how he got the job...that was the first story that he had told me. I was surprised by his question because I didn’t realize how bad his short term memory was getting. He would occasionally ask me a question and then an hour or two ask me again but nothing like this. My grandmother had mentioned that she noticed that while his long-term memory seemed fine, he was having trouble with his short-term memory. As a side note, he was later diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The next morning, when I got up my grandfather was already out of the house doing his morning routine. He usually got back about an hour before lunch. I went to the kitchen to get something for breakfast. While I was pouring myself some cereal, my grandmother pulled out a package from the fridge. She said my grandfather had made a trip to the store to get it. He thought I might like it with my breakfast. It was a package of blueberries... ---- Chapter 5: Old Bear At Old Bear's house, Reagle landed at the bank of Scary Pond. The pond had murky water with dark tall trees standing in the water. "I wonder why it is called Scary Pond?" Mike asked sarcastically. "There is the house," Blue said pointing to it. The house was tall and eery. Weeds grew all over the yard. "I wonder how much money you could get for cleaning that house?" Sandy said. "What's money?" Reagle asked because he had never heard about money before. "It's nothing. We use it back home to buy things," Sandy answered. "How do we get the book from Old Bear?" Mike asked. "Very carefully," Blue answered. "But what if she stops us?" Mike replied. "Queen Berry said that if that happens, to throw blueberries at her because she blows up like a ballon when she gets blueberries on her. Oh, Reagle stay here, O.K.," said Blue. "Fine with me, I don't want to go there." Reagle answered. So Mike, Sandy, Spotty, and Blue opened the door to Old Bear's house. Inside there were cobwebs everywhere and dust on everything. "Man she needs a housemaid," Mike said. "Shhh! She might hear us," Blue said in a quiet voice. Soon they were at a big door and Spotty was smelling it. "Why don't we open it?" Mike asked. "Go ahead," Blue replied. So Mike open the door. Right in the middle of the room was the book. Old Bear jumped right out in front of them. Old Bear was a very old crooked bear. She said in a crooked voice, "So you think you can take my book. Well, think again." Without thinking, Mike grabbed his slingshot and a blueberry and shot it right into the bear's face. Old Bear blew up like a balloon and floated out the window. While this was happening, Spotty ran over and got the book and brought it back to Blue. "We have the book! Now we can go back to the castle," Blue said. -- Chapter Six: Back Home They left the Old Bear’s house and ran back to where Reagle was waiting for them. When they reached him, Reagle was fast asleep. “Reagle!! Wake up!!” Blue yelled. Reagle woke with a start. “What…no, I didn’t eat the pies…Oh, it’s you.” “We have the book and we’re ready to go back to the castle.” Sandy said. “Good, I was starting to get bored waiting here and I know a short cut home.” Reagle said. “A short cut?! Why didn’t we use it get here!” Blue exclaimed. “You never asked.” Reagle replied. It only took half a day to get back to the castle using Reagle’s short cut. When they got to the castle the sun was starting to setting. Reagle landed right in the garden. Queen Berry was sitting in the garden. They all jumped off Reagle's back. "We have the book," Blue said, waving the book in the air. "That didn't take too long," Queen Berry said looking at them. "What do we do with it?" Mike asked. "Burn it!" Queen Berry answered. "Why?" Blue asked. "It's the only way to break the spell," Queen Berry answered. "What are we waiting for?" Reagle asked. After burning the book, they had a dinner in honor of Sandy, Mike, Baby Blue, Reagle, and Spotty. At the dinner, there was a blueberry roast, blueberry biscuits with blueberry butter, blueberries, blueberry pies, and a great deal more. After the food was gone, everyone went to bed. When Sandy woke up in the morning, she was not in the castle; she was in her own bed. When she got out of bed she stepped on Spotty's tail like she does every morning. Sandy ran into Mike's room with Spotty close behind her. She woke up Mike and dragged him downstairs. Their Mother and Father were eating breakfast. When Mother saw them, she said, "Go get dressed, kids." "We finally had some rain last night. We have to pick the blueberries now." Father added. "But we were on Blueberry Island last night, but... we're back home, now," Mike and Sandy said at the same time. "Stop fooling around and get dressed. You were never on any island, you were here last night. So just forget about it," Mother said. But Mike, Sandy, and Spotty never forgot about their adventures with Queen Berry, Baby Blue, and Reagle the Eagle on Blueberry Island. THE END. ----- 'Journey to Blueberry Island' was written in 1992. It was dedicated to Papa John (my grandfather) and inspired by his blueberry pies. Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed it.
  4. Is this thread about teaching morality or the economic inequality? Cause I have a few things to say about economic inequality.
  5. Mizzou

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    @LaraCroft: Nice avvie and siggy set. Once I come up with an idea, I'll add a siggy to mine.
  6. Hi new people!!!! Hope you have as much fun as I am!
  7. I don't think that's it. From the news article, the author of the study is Evans. That one is focused on diabetes. Anyways I'm just amazed by all the drugs that came out and how their potential uses are portrayed in the media. And also how societial beliefs affect what conditions need medication or are considered an illness. I'm reminded of an ad I saw in a magazine for human growth hormone, if I remember correctly, as a 'cure' for the 'symptoms' of aging. I didn't realize that aging and old age was an 'illness' that needed to be 'cured.'
  8. How about sound film? Those came out in the 1920s.
  9. It will probably be some time before they test the drug in humans and even then they're looking at possible benefits for indivdiduals with health issues. But with the way the media protrays it, 'excercise in a pill' people may just see the title and jump to conclusions. And if people know about it, there's always the potential that it will be marketed as that. I really hope that's not the case. You brought up a good point about whether or not they wrote a grant proposal and if they did what was the stated proposal. The other factor is who is funding the research because that can make a different on the focus of the research.
  10. Even though the problems have always been around, there's still the desire for some sort of utopia and a drive to reach it.
  11. Wow, these are great. I really like them all, but I think Wearing the World is my favorite. The other two are a close second.
  12. @Bemused and Aeternus: scientific papers scare me as well. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong profession for that. Anyways, the idea of 'excercise in pill' raise a few issues in my mind. We live in a society where we want many things fast and easy. And loosing weight and trying to stay fit is one of them them. Another thing we want fast is food. So there's lots of fast food places and lots of processed food which isn't the healthiest for us and contributes to weight gain. So it can become a vicious cycle. The other issue in society is the emphasis on having the 'perfect body' and going to extreme lengths to obtain this. I really don't like the idea of research time and money going into looking for the next exercise or weight-loss drug but there is a demand for it. But in the case of some medication, it may help individuals that do have medical issue effecting their weight, but even then they have to make an effort. Well, enough of me talking...
  13. This is good, I'm hooked. I think someone else mentioned this already but it immediately reminded me of '1984'
  14. Wow! I really like your poems. I don't know which one is my favorite. I hope you post more sometime soon.
  15. I just read your poems for the first time, I really like them. There's a few that I can relate to. I'll keep my eye out for future updates.
  16. I like what you've done so far. Will it all be from Talia's point of view?
  17. I realize that there are problems with article. Most of the time it's only the result of one study and doesn't mention the limitations of the study or others studies that may contradict it (the articles about cellphone use and cancer are a good example of this). I thought it would be better to use someting meant for the general public rather than throwing a scientific paper at you (might scare some people). And it seemed to be a good starting point for a discussion.
  18. I don't think think it is. Based on the news article, it says it 'acts on a process in muscles that boosts endurance,' I'd have to see if I can find the actual research paper to know for sure. I do find all those weight loss pills a joke. It seems like people are always trying to find the 'new, best one' because the other ones don't always work.
  19. I recently saw an article about a drug study in mice that caused them to have less fat and run further. At some point, the drug may provide a benefit to people with health conditions and are unable to excercise but calling 'exercise in a pill' can send the wrong message. There are many people who would think "why should I exercise, when I can take a pill for that?" I think that people too often want a quick fix without putting in the effort required and this can be applied to other issue not just exercise. What are your thoughts on this issue? Edit: Here's a link to the article if you want to read it. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25949447/
  20. @Kinnison, that's a good idea. Once you learn all the drinks it's not so hard anymore. That would shake things up a bit. I'm not much on playing the freedom mode cause I like the storyline to go along with it. It makes it feel like I'm doing it for a reason.
  21. I tried playing on hard but sometimes it would be a few days until I got back to the game and I would forget what everything was. One of these days I'll play it through on hard.
  22. Neither are very hard for me, but the Easy is easier cause there's less drinks to remember. As long as I know what each drink is, I can go fairly fast.
  23. I already bought the game here (got it as soon as it was released), so that doesn't count over at BigFish.
  24. I still haven't seen it. My bf just got back from seeing it and said it was great. I decided not to go with him tonight cause I had some work that I needed to get done before tommorrow. Maybe this weekend....he already said he'll go a second time to see it with me.
  25. Fixed it. Thanks, Oracle. Also, you can delete this post, if you want. No reason it keep it. I like a tidy thread.
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