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  1. Plants and animals dying off due to climate change are natural processes; however, the problem lies in the rate in which climate change is occuring. Human activity has speed it up significantly and has directly or indirectly lead to the extinction of many species. And we will have to deal with it, either in the long term or the short term. Humans aren't isolated from the environment and the changes that occur. Edit: it took a while for me to post this, I didn't see the previous posts.
  2. What gets me about puppy mills, and even pet stores, is that there are so many people who only want a new puppy. At the same time, there are so many dogs at shelters that are perfectly healthy but are put to sleep because so few people want an older dog.
  3. I have a Masters in Anthropology and I'm currently working on a PhD in Community Health and Epidemiology. I'm about half way through the PhD, at least I hope I am. I feel like I've been in school forever.
  4. Guess I should introduce myself....I've actually been hanging around the site for awhile (not long after AP came out), I just never bothered to sign up and post stuff. I'm an American living in Canada. I moved to Canada for graduate school. I enjoy the outdoors, going camping and canoeing. I like playing RPG's but I'm very picky on which ones I'm willing play. I like ones with a good storyline that pulls you into the game. I also like to read, at least when I'm not tired from all the reading I have to do for my studies....not sure what else to share....
  5. Mizzou

    Last Scenario

    I know that it says that the game "works well without it," I've seen that. But I would have to disagree with the 'works well' part when none of the text shows. And I do have MS gothic loaded on my computer. I've seen comments from other people with the same problem but no one seems to know how to fix it. I was hoping someone might know.
  6. I dont' miss the humidity at all, though Southern Ontario got quite humid. Saskatchewan's pretty dry but it gets really really really cold.
  7. I'm originally from Missouri, hence the name. Lived in Southern Ontario, Canada for two years and I've been in Saskatchewan, Canada for the last two years and will probably stay here for awhile
  8. I haven't see it yet but I can't wait. I was a kid when Batman came out with Jack Nicholson as the Joker and was scared by that (Hopefully, I'm not dating myself). Based on the previews, I'm hoping this time the Joker by Heath Ledger will give me nightmares.
  9. Mizzou

    Last Scenario

    Has anyone been able to use this game with Vista. The game loads fine but there's no text. I know the game says it needs MS Gothic font which is loaded on my computer but it still doesn't work.
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