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  1. I know a lot of people in the States aren't happy about it but I'm glad that the US is finally reforming health care. It's been long overdue. Also, I've never understood the comment about "if you want health insurance, get a job." I think it ignores a lot of issues that can make it difficult for someone who is working but still can't afford health insurance. @Jayshe: Right now, the uninsured is over 15% of the population. If you look here, it describes the break down of the uninsured population. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uninsured_in_the_United_States
  2. Mizzou


    I watched the hockey game with the boyfriend and I thought he was going to have a heart attack because of the anxiety of it. He was so happy when the Canadians won in overtime...though I wasn't sure if the couch would hold up to his jumping up and down.
  3. @Valkyriet: The Aboriginal Australians have been eating kangaroo for a long time, it's not a new thing.
  4. @Michael: Kangaroo's not that bad, it's actually pretty tasty. I had it a few times when I was visiting Australia last year.
  5. My parents never gave me money for good grade but I have received a number of scholarships because of my high grades (along with other factors). That type of money for good grades I'm not going to say no to.
  6. One more thing, if you haven't, make sure you thoroughly search Stonetooth Cave before starting the final battle, there are some useful weapons in the chests
  7. I can't remember what level I was but I found it easier when I equipped the party with items that protected them from different status afflictions (can't remember which ones, I'd have to check my save file) Also, remember Mel doesn't need anything for the last battle so any good equipment on her can be put on someone else. For the actual fight, I used a lot of attacks that would cast silence, poison, or the one that caused he to hit himself. Also, the metal egg casts a shield on the party. Edit: Sometimes the pixie eggs would be useful but you have to be careful with those since they can also heal the enemy
  8. I would find it really helpful if the areas were annotated.
  9. @Shaz: The Easter Eggs from Moo Hatchery can curse you and you can go to Moo Hatchery while you're near Thais.
  10. Fair enough. There's no way that I could ignore an unopened chest.
  11. I'm not sure if this is a bug or something that was done on purpose but I noticed that all of the chests and money bags in the old areas from the first two chapters have been reset. Shouldn't the chests in areas that I've already been in be open if I'm using an old save. Not that I actually mind running through the areas and getting all the loot again
  12. Mizzou


    @Mopiece: Canada had been the only host country not to win gold when they were hosting until now.
  13. Mizzou


    Obviously, someone doesn't pay much attention. It's been hard to ignore the fact that the Winter Olympics are starting soon since the Canadian stations have been airing commercials for them for about a year now. I always laughed at the ones that used the phrase, "Canada has never won gold on home soil." It kind of gives a conflicting message on motivation.
  14. @Stardale: Do you want this moved to HBT so you can start the RP there? I'm not sure how much longer the festival forum will be open.
  15. @KTC: LOL, it's a very special kind of milk.
  16. I usually get milk in a cartoon. Growing up in the States, I never saw milk in a bag until I spent some time in Ontario. I live in Saskatchewan now but I haven't seen milk in a bag here. It's all in cartoons or plastic jugs.
  17. An animal has to eat, it's hard to tell an animal not to eat a certain plant.
  18. I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day but it makes a great excuse for my boyfriend and I to splurge on the really expensive and extremely yummy chocolate. It's way too expensive to get on a regular basis but it's well worth it.
  19. I assume that purple is Rhen and green is Lars but it would still help is you state that. You can never assume what other people will assume.
  20. Well, from the article, it seems like the main reason for the ban was a bias against male transsexual, at least, that's what is say in the article...I really don't really see how playing the opposite gender in a role playing game is evidence of that and like I said before it really highlights the biases of the people making the ban. Also, the use of web-cams to verify the gender of a player seems like a 'big brother' approach
  21. Ditto on what KTC said, definitely need more information on the format and how many pictures you're planning on using. Anyways, the only suggestion that I have right now is formatting it as a graphic novel. You could take a look at a few to see how they do it. But without knowing all the details of it, I'm not sure if that would work.
  22. That reminds of a problem that a new MMO was having when it first started, I can't remember which one. I saw a news report about it. Since there wasn't much to do, the male players would hit on and harass the female avatars, since they assumed the player was female. I could see a female not wanting to play as a female avatar so she wouldn't get harassed. Also, it wasn't usually for a male players to do a bait-and-switch prank. They would use a female avatar to attracted the male players, wait for them to start hitting on the avatar, and then switch to a male avatar and watch how quickly the guys would leave. I must admit it was funny to see.
  23. Banning either way is ridiculous. It really says a lot about the prejudices of the people who made the law. Not to mention the fact that some games are set up so you have to play the opposite gender depending on the character class you use.
  24. I don't know, there are a lot of similarities.... *runs away before I get attacked*
  25. I'm not too sure about Spook either. He came across as slightly egotistical in the interview. I do have some suspicions about him but I'll have to wait until the game to find out if they are true.
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