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  1. A silly mistake I would make is forgetting to save and then getting killed when I was playing AP. I learned very fast from that mistake and started to save constantly and the auto save in the AV games was a godsend.
  2. I haven't played Fatal Hearts so I can't comment on that game but I can see why Heileen would be rated Teen. It didn't bother me but there are a few less than innocent scenes in it that wouldn't be kid-friendly. But like Amanda said, if you strongly feel that a game should be rated Teen, you can use the complaint form.
  3. I gotta to agree with Argoyle and Jayshe. Snow is not always fun. We get lots of snow where I live but we also get really cold, and I do mean ridiculously cold, temperatures so I'm never in a hurry to spend a lot of time outside during the winter.
  4. Growth and prosperity? Peace and order? Not likely. The Guinness Book of World Records appeals to our need to compete and be the best at something even if it is something that seems useless. The value it brings to society is the fun and entertainment.
  5. @LaraCroft: Chronologically, The Magician's Nephew is first but The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was the first book written in the series. The Magician's Nephew was the second to last book published in the series.
  6. About the only silly mistakes that I remember making are going in to an area that was way above my current level. It wouldn't take long for me to figure that one out since it would usually end with a game over screen.
  7. @chrmdfreak: Who knows but it's the only information available at the moment and the maker hasn't been talking. I hope it's true since I'd like to be able to finish the game but in the future I would think twice about getting another game from him.
  8. That's why the maker pulled it. It wasn't properly tested before it was released.
  9. Oops, obviously I didn't read it very closely. I haven't updated LoT yet either so that at least answers my question.
  10. I haven't downloaded it yet but I wanted to know if we will have to reinstall the voice-over package after installing the update?
  11. On one hand it's good to know that the game will be re-released and hasn't disappeared but I find it very discouraging that the release announcement didn't come directly from the game maker but instead through a third party. Needless to say I am not a very happy customer and I'm sure that I'm not alone with that. I won't even get into what I think about the whole "take advantage of the Christmas rush" thing. This game had better be worth it.
  12. I highly doubt that the case, at least I hope it's not the case considering the game was for sale and people paid for it before the maker pulled it to fix it. But I would really like to know what's going on with the game. It's been awhile with no word and the website not being available doesn't look good.
  13. One suggestion that I have that has been stated before is more skills for the melee characters. It's gets a little old when all they can do is hit one character at a time. It would really be nice if they could target the whole enemy party since there weren't too many of those types of spells. By the time, Lydia learned any I didn't find them all that useful since I got use to not using her.
  14. If you don't have the whole party fire spell, you can also use the different eggs from Moo Hatchery. They work well too and you don't have to have Lydia in the party to use them.
  15. I've gotten that message for the last few days. I really have no clue what's going one with that game. It's too bad.
  16. I know I'm signed up for the newsletter but I never received one with a coupon for GoN. I already purchased the game without it. I've received them in the past and if I try to sign up again, it says that my e-mail is already in the database. I didn't see it in my junk mail and it's not on my blocked list.
  17. I've managed to play the game again with the voice-overs. Overall, I really enjoyed it. Some of the voices took a little getting used to since they weren't what I had imagined for the characters but I got used to it and really like them by the end. I hope you continue with the voice-overs. I really like the fact that it makes it easier to figure out which NPCs are related to a quest.
  18. At this point, who knows. The game maker hasn`t posted any kind of update on the game`s progress in several weeks. It does look like a promising game but the lack of communication is disappointing, especially for those who purchased it when it first came out.
  19. You should get a link to the full voice pack in an e-mail after purchasing it. Then just install it like you did with the demo. There wasn't a code to unlock it.
  20. The game got a good review at GameTunnel. It also won the Game of the Month and Editor's Choice Awards from the site.
  21. I thought you had to pay for WinRAR.
  22. That great to hear. Too bad I'm going to be busy all next week and won't have much time to play. It will be hard to resist.
  23. You'll have to find an extractor that can unzip it. You can find one by searching for ".rar extractor" in google. Some are free and some you have to pay for. I use 7-zip which is free.
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