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  1. *Big wave* It's great to see you again. Hope you stick around for awhile. Wow, great new poems. I really love "The Sailor"
  2. This might have been addressed already but I haven't seen it so I thought I'd ask. When we use a save from LoT to start GoN will that save file for LoT still be available or will it be written over? So for example, I play GoN starting from a LoT savefile and then I want to replay GoN later on using the same LoT savefile that I used for the first play through, will it still be available as is?
  3. Don't feel bad. That fight took me a few tries to get through, too.
  4. You do have to win the fight against the skeletons to move on. It's difficult but not impossible. Make good use of Te'ijal's drain skill once she gets injuried.
  5. For people who finished the game in less than 10 hours, I'm sure they missed a lot stuff in the game. I'm well over 10 hours of play time, still haven't finished it but very, very close. Just tying up loose ends before the final fight. And I still missed a few things, one of which I'll have to get on another play through. It seems that you really have to do a lot of exploring, backtracking, and talking to everyone more than once to find everything.
  6. O great! So that one would have to be done while Te'ijal and Galahad are still in Ghed'ahre. Totally missed that one. Looks like I'll be playing the game again.... Edit: Yup, Burnaby is the one with the Broach. Hanna is in Thais. Someone in Harburg mentions that their aunt Hanna lives in Thais and that's where the hint for that one is.
  7. But just wait until my next attempts, I'll use and abuse them
  8. Ummmmm, nope totally missed that one. Guess I'll go back and check. What about the Gladamere one?
  9. Where are the Rowf and Gladamere quests? I don't recall those two, I must have missed them.
  10. I still have the same problem with the word document but the text one opens fine. If you want to try to post one with the map, try saving it as a pdf. When you save the document, it should be one of the format that you can save as.
  11. @Chile: You'll be able to start off where you left off for the next chapter, so everything should carry over.
  12. If you are talking about the walk through posted here, some of us are having trouble opening it so it's hard to say if it complete or not. But it probably won't take much time for complete walk through to be available.
  13. The Strategy guide is a BigFishGame thing. If you wait awhile, there's sure to be player-made guides available here.
  14. Is the family item in the Catacombs really necessary (or doable) in LoT? Or is it something that can easily be put off until the next chapter. I'm really tired of getting knocked around down there.
  15. I'm assuming that you have the key. Do you click on the key-thingy right next to the door?
  16. Use the edit function, rather than double posting. Like aislingyngaio said, the ice princess, Beauty, is in Istir forest. Refer to Istir Forest map For the report, refer to the Thais map for the newspaper. The witch is a well known one in Witchwood.
  17. I really hope it doesn't macros in documents. I have so many problems with Word when those are enabled.
  18. Okay, that's what I have already....*goes off to level some more*
  19. Besides the goodie (I want to avoid using those on my first play through), where is the best equipment that's available in Chapter 1? I might have it already, but sometimes I miss things like that so I want to check.
  20. It doesn't always scroll very well with the mouse and the arrow is easy to miss. I find the arrow keys quicker and easier to use
  21. You can scroll through the characters with the arrow keys but it's hard to do it with the mouse. I've made that mistake more than once when trying to use the healing items in the main menu.
  22. They are in the Red Rock Pass, you can find their location on the map (marked as rogue group). http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=6443&forum=56 And if the enemies are too hard, go level up and improve your equipment.
  23. Microsoft being buggy, no, never....(I so hate the 2007 version Microsoft Office) Like I said before, maybe you should put the text in a text file for now so that people can read it what you have and make suggestions. Then use a pdf file for the final walkthrough. It's hopefully less buggy than microsoft word.
  24. @kittenbitten: Did you bother with any fighting and leveling. There were several places that I got thoroughly whipped the first time that I went into it and had to spend time leveling up and upgrading equipment (still haven't finished game yet and already at 10 hours) Also, what difficulty did you play and did you use any goodies? True me there is a lot of content in the game that you would have missed if you only spent 2 hours on it.
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