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  1. @daeva_agas: oh, it's fun to imagine Eithera's rescue XD that won't be for a long time though T_T @Aveyondstars: I forgot what was happening before that too ) i had to reread a bit XD @sana96: thank you so much! @wolfie_girl: I couldn't help it. The way I portrayed Vohu was so childish, it just had to turn out that way. Haha! @eanLUViya: hopefully more, but not before you guys tell me what quests they're supposed to do now that they can enter Sedona. So...what did you guys do in Sedona? I forgot everything except the party where you can buy the house, and I don't even remember HOW to get invited to the party. O_O
  2. @blue-water52: yeah, it is XD Been away for a while, and AM already seems like a different place to me. i'm now a college freshman, and i missed writing. i can't promise regular updates, as i have yet to get used to the flow of college life (and i really really want to get the highest grade possible!) but i'll still try. my writing is rusty though :| anyway, i need some help. actually, a LOT of help. what happens next when they go to Sedona? i've forgotten a lot of the quests, and i don't know the order in which you have to complete them >_< haha! here goes a really short update. ________________________________________________ Day 73 When we arrived in Aveyond, only the Oracle was present in the main part of the Sun Shrine, and Talia wasn't there. We were all puzzled; I dreaded that the Oracle would tell us that the druids had gone missing and we had to find them again, or something like that. But then I noticed that her face wasn't grave; merely exhausted. "Welcome back, Armaiti," she said, almost sighing. "Thank you so much, children; you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this..." "Where are Rashnu and Vohu Manah?" Armaiti asked. "They're in the basement, arguing. Talia couldn't take it so she went out. They're down there," she replied, pointing to one of the stairs going down. At that moment a cry sounded from said basement: "Oracle! Rashnu punched my face AGAIN!" The Oracle scratched her head in frustration hard enough to ruin her elaborate bun. "Well, Vohu, what do you expect him to do?! You've been bugging him day and night ever since you've been here! I'd have sent you out of the shrine for awhile if that bastard Ahriman wasn't messing up things!" She actually called Ahriman a bastard! Well, he is one, but you'd hardly expect the nice old lady to actually use such language, right? Even Armaiti looked shocked, so maybe that's an indication that she was never like that before. He walked toward the basement where the arguing pair were, yawning a yawn that seemed to say "Here we go again..." All of us were looking at the basement entrance to see what would develop. Then we heard Armaiti say, "Go back to your bedroom and leave Rashnu alone, Vohu!" "I won't!" "Do it! Or I swear I'll make Eithera chop off your head when she gets here..." Armaiti threatened. "Nooo! Not Eithera! Aaaaaaaaaah!" Then we heard a slam of a door. Armaiti and Rashnu did what sounded like a high five. "Woah. I can't believe that did the trick." "Me too. I wasn't counting on that. Did you know that your eyebags are getting really dark?" "Uhh...thanks?" "You're welcome," Armaiti replied, as if what he said was really a compliment. Then he went up again. "Oracle, tell me again how Vohu Manah became a druid? I forgot." "You know, I can't remember either," she replied. "Oh well. I guess I'll go to sleep now....thank you children, for bringing me here. I wish you a safe journey to wherever you're going..." So anyway, we gotta get the druids faster or else the ones in the Sun Shrine will go insane. But first, we're going to go sightseeing in Sedona. ______________________________________________ ~
  3. gabriela


    UPDATE! haha. Hi Paaat! "But he started to go back. What could he do? He wasn't about to leave Rhen just because she was being stubborn again." ^ could this be LOVE? <3
  4. Nice diary! XD I'm the author of the Lars's Diary eanLUViya was talking about. I hope you don't mind if i update mine one of these days? It's been dead for quite some time ^_^" Anyway, I like your version. Update soon!~ (oh, and LarsXRhen is the closest a noncanon pair can be to canon. Like Coke Zero is to Coke, for example XD)
  5. but is there any evidence of subliminal messages from songs suspected to be influenced by mind control actually affecting those who listen to them?...
  6. @watershine1234: lol! me too! i've always wanted to marry Kakashi Hatake XD but i'm still sane. at least, i think so. it's just...a fangirl thing, i guess ^_^"
  7. i read up on it a bit; mark chapman was influenced by the wizard of oz...alice in wonderland is also used in mind control... it's quite disturbing how those two (wizard and alice) are very much associated with childhood and yet are used for mind control...it's unnerving O_O
  8. are those songs supposed to control our minds or something? i mean, if that's their purpose, how would it work? as far as i know, the only effect lady gaga's songs has had on me is last song syndrome XD
  9. wow, that creeped me out too. and i am a fan (not hardcore though) of paramore...tsk tsk. i've read something about lady gaga's 'bad romance' about a month or so ago, and i told my classmates. some of them immediately avoided her music altogether (they were, ironically, her biggest fans in school). some skeptics (quite few) said that all this stuff is just for publicity, or maybe celebrities think that dabbling in stuff like mind control is pretty cool, so that would put this controversy on the same level as some hollywood fad or something. i'm still not sure what to believe...i still listen to lady gaga whenever her songs come up on the radio, but her music video's are starting to make me uneasy. but that might just be because she's so eccentric...XD
  10. how come i've read this only now?? >_< this story's great, sana! that part with Rhen and Lars is so sad! but then i wonder why Dameon was still angry with him at the ball...i mean, he's got the girl legally bonded to him already. but i guess you'll bring the whole party together again to fight whatever's coming? i'm excited for the awkwardness XD XD XD
  11. take your time, Kiko! we'll all be waiting here patiently ~
  12. when i joined fb, most of my friends were all from here: Amaranthia. it became popular in my school after that, and members of my family created their own accounts as well. my mom started nagging me (lightly) about adding her and my dad on fb. back then, i thought it would be okay because i barely saw her and my dad go on fb; in fact, i never even knew they had accounts. however, my mother always saw and read my profile updates. she'd ask me who those friends were, the ones who sounded foreign and all ("nanay, those are my friends from amaranthia. relax.") and then my applications and wall posts were under scrutiny. and sometimes, i'm tagged in some photo and she knows it before i do. once it went something like this: MOM: Gabriela, i saw a picture of you and this boy, and this girl commented on it like she was jealous or something... ME: huh? what picture? MOM: you know, the picture you had with your prom partner? ME: and the girl's named ______? MOM: yeah. is she his girlfriend? ME: heavens, no! he hasn't got a girlfriend! MOM: oh. i thought you'd gotten into some trouble there. she really did make it sound like she's his girlfriend. much as i love my mother, i've almost stopped posting updates. i'd use privacy settings, but there are too many family members in my friend list and i don't know which ones i can count on not to tell my mom "hey! did you see gabriela's post about __________?" and then i'd be dead. O_O as for my dad, he only ever looks at my profile to see if i've got any job requests in Mafia Wars. we both love that game. and we've recruited several other RL family members to be in our respective mafia families. XD
  13. @daeva_agas: i love how you write! (i haven't gotten to the comics though, will check them out tomorrow) my favorite pieces are the ones where the daevas are all together talking randomly XD those are hilarious! but all your stuff is great!
  14. here's an update, two weeks overdue. i'm really sorry, and i won't give you my reasons (which are, as always, a lot) unless you really want to know (but i'll tell you that my reasons are pretty boring and all) 'cause you're probably sick of hearing me rant XD ____________________________________________________ Day 72 The moment the sun rose (which came much later than usual), Danny went out the door dragging his rucksack which he had hurriedly packed last night. He got Rhen quite irritated last night, so much so that she would talk to him only when he asked something, and she would only answer briefly. Te'ijal never had so much fun in her living death, creeping Danny out of his wits. Actually, the poor boy couldn’t sleep because the place we had left for him to sleep in was right next to Te’ijal. And as we all know, Te’ijal doesn’t sleep. She spent the night facing Danny, not blinking once. To be fair, Danny didn’t scream out loud like a sissy anymore, but Tei’jal did tell me that she saw him sweating the whole night and that she “could see his juicy heart palpitating.” Anyway, like I wrote before, the sun rose much later than usual, perhaps about 8 o‘clock. I suspect that this was Dameon‘s doing. I know I’d make the sun rise late myself if I had the power to do so. So all of us were awake, but too lazy to go out and travel and eager to see how Tei’jal would play with Danny. “Er...I think I had better go...,” Danny said nervously to Rhen, who was rubbing her eyes. “What?! You won’t be able to watch out for the crows and the werewolves. Wait for the sun to come up.” “I’ll be careful,” he replied. I rolled my eyes. “Danny, listen to me. You got by those infernal creatures by sheer luck. Your luck wore out when you got taken in by Te’ijal’s ex-boyfriend.” “Oh! I forgot to ask you if he had a new girlfriend,” Te’ijal said to Danny. “Did he? Did you see a female vampire lurking in his house?” “Uhhh...I...didn’t notice. I don’t think so,” Danny replied, his face getting pale. He was like a student up for a graded recitation, uncertain of whether he had answered correctly. “Ah, good. I had a necromancer cast a spell on him when he broke up with me. He’s never going to get a vampress for as long as he lives. Well, he’s not exactly living...but...you know what I mean. I hope he rots in his ancient, dingy mansion.¾hey, what are you doing?” Danny was moving ever so slowly towards the door. We hadn’t noticed because we were all looking at Te’ijal. "Sun's up!" he said with a shaky grin. We scrambled to the window. Sure enough, Danny was right. I heard Dameon mutter an expletive under his breath. "Thanks for everything. You all saved my life. I...hope we see each other...again," Danny forced out as honestly as he could sound. Actually, he was already smiling brightly until his eyes met Te'ijal's. Which explains the ellipses. Anyway, we all made a show of being sad to let him go. Well, I guess we were sad that he had to go. He was so much fun to watch with Te'ijal, and he was already irritating Rhen, we could've been friends or something. Just as Danny turned around to start walking, Te'ijal cried out, "Wait!" so dramatically. We all looked at her, and Danny turned around. The moment was dramatic as hell and you'd think that our journey's plot had a twist in which Te'ijal falls in love with Danny and realizes it only when he's about to leave. Turns out, that wasn't the case. "You didn't bring any food! And you have no weapon to fight off the creatures you're too sleepy to avoid. Take this, pretty morsel," she said, handing Danny the wooden staff I used as a crutch, and a slab of venison. "Uhh...thanks," he replied, lifting up the staff and looking at it curiously. You could see he was grateful, but he was also bewildered. "You use that to whack them to death," Elini said. "I thought you had to know spells to use this thing," Danny replied. "Well, you don't know any spells, do you?" Elini asked. Danny shook his head. "So you'll have to stick to whacking them. Don't worry, boy; whacking can kill." "And you can whack meat with the staff to tenderize it," I added. "Oh...oh, yeah!" Te'ijal slapped him on his butt to move forward. "What are you waiting for? Plump yourself up! Baboosh, Juicy! See ya!" Danny got out of the Wildwoods fine, we think. There was no sign of bloodshed on the way out, so I guess the guy's got a lot of luck left. We're back in Clearwater, in Rhen's house. We gave Danny's letter to his mother, who could've burst with relief and joy at the news that her son is still alive. When she read his letter, however, she started frowning. "Naughty, naughty boy. Made his mother worry for ages. And you'd think he'd at least make his writing legible when he finally writes home!" Apparently, Danny has been thinking of traveling to some place in the Western Isle. We can't tell exactly where though, because his writing got messed up. Probably when Tei'jal almost smooched/bit him on the cheek. We have a druid now. Armaiti, the Druid of Agriculture. He's silent and always looks sleepy, but quite kind. As a reward for saving him, he gave us a Merchant Card to use to enter the Peninsula via the Peninsula Trade Route (because the guy guarding the entrance is strict and charm-proof; we can't get past him without one of those things). Dinner was fun. It was amusing to note that Tailor Darzon and his wife didn't look shocked at all when Armaiti walked into the house with us in full druid attire. "Ah, Armaiti, how's it going?" "Hmm...I was going to have a new kind of apple tree spread out into the Highlands; I've been developing it for almost a decade. But then a daeva came in when I was taking an afternoon nap and took my soul, freezing me for quite a while...these kids got back my soul and thawed me out," Armaiti said, winking at us. Rhen's mother looked curious. "The apples from the tree you were developing; what are their special properties?" "Well, for one, they turn red twice as quickly as the normal kind, and stay ripe for twice as long. The average size of this particular apple is...well, as big as this young man's orb," he answered, pointing to my water orb, which is quite big. "The taste I did not seek to change, because, as we all know, the apples here taste great already." Te'ijal nodded. Rhen's mom was still digesting the info Armaiti spilled, with an expression of awe. "When are those apples going to be released?" Te'ijal piped up. "Hmm...it's been more or less two months since I got to work on them; I'm not sure about the seeds, but the seedlings I'd kept must be dead by now. Anyway, these seeds¾" he reached into his pocket, searching. "Uhh...the seeds are gone. I think the daeva must have taken them or something. I don't think I would have dropped any one the way. I think I'm gonna have to spend a year making them again; at least I already know how to." "Oh," Te'ijal and Mrs. Darzon both said, oozing with disappointment. The subject was left. We've decided to go to Aveyond and drop Armaiti off before we head off to Sedona and take a look around. Armaiti wants to go to sleep in Aveyond as soon as possible, because "I do miss my friends, and I feel like I hamper your journey to some degree because I walk slowly," he said, with a chuckle. So yeah. I'm excited to go to Sedona, and so are all the rest; Mrs. Darzon tells us the town is the best city there is in the whole Arishta Isles, beaten only by Thais before it fell. __________________________________________________
  15. i'm glad you all liked the update ^^ i had fun writing it. anyway, i forgot to say that there won't be another update for quite a while. i don't know, maybe about two weeks? school is about to end, and i'm trying to maintain my spot on the honor roll, so i'm going to have to study more... T_T
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