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  1. 661 "666" is the "devils number". i was wondering if anyone would react to that number when it came up.
  2. I wanted to make this because i just started replaying the game and ive never chosen the side of the quest that gives you dynamite. so i tried looking up on the website where the locations of all the cracks were, and what were their contents, but i found very little information. so i decided to gather it myself. sorry if this looks unprofessional, and if i missed a location or got something wrong please tell me. Crack in the Ice Caves: 1 Absolute Zero spell scroll. Its only usable in battle, no one can learn it. (also its bugged so it has the same description as a Flame spell) Crack in the Thieves Hideout: 3 Emeralds, 4 Diamonds, 1 Golden Armor Cracks in the Black Bone Caves: One of them is impossible to get to. Theres lots of rocks blocking the way. The other crack has a frog named “Nubbin” in it. Killing him gives 350 xp. Ive saved, quit, and refought him ten times and two out of the ten times he just drops 1 Sapphire. Cracks in the Highlands: There are two cracks here too. The northern most crack just leads to the unreachable one in the Black Bone Caves. The other crack in the Highlands has another “Nubbin” in it.
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    @ruffi youre right. people should watch out for those things.
  4. i dont really have any phobias. i just recently found out im scared of falling though? i mean ive been fake rock climbing, and ive been on roller coasters. theyre fun and exciting. but just recently i was putting christmas lights up on my roof and i was scared out of my wits. i kept imagining what would happen if i made a mistake. also, one of my greatest fears is betrayal.
  5. i dont know how to delete this im sorry
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