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  1. zsuzsa_boloni

    Day 37 special recipe

    Hello again! I have another question: at the end of day 37, there is a request for a special drink. The fairy asks for something with hot chocolate, cherry flavour, pumpkin flavour, topped with green whipped cream, candy pumpkin seeds and fairy dust. I tried all the possible comibantions, put the ingredients in a mug, in a cup, but it's no use. At the end I always get the answer, that it's not quite the same and I don't understand why? Could it be because I have only normal pumpkin seeds and not candy pumpkin seeds as the fairy asks? Thanks
  2. zsuzsa_boloni

    DAY 30

    Thanks a lot for help.
  3. zsuzsa_boloni

    DAY 30

    Hello, How do you make a Wart Float? It seems I don't have the recipe. Thanks.