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  1. No, it's Build C start to finish. I figured I had to be overlooking something simple like that. Thank you both! (And nice "seeing" you again...it's been awhile!)
  2. Very odd, I've never had this problem before (I've played through AV1 several times, though not recently). I've got Vata's soul and placed the Dreamer's Tear to create the Rainbow Bridge, but there's a fairy there who won't move, saying, "This is where I wish to stay. Alone, now that my family is lost." BUT, when I try to rescue the fairies in the Dark Caverns, they say, "We are trapped here in this cave. When we try to leave, a demon chases us back here." And then they won't join the party. I've been back and forth, closed and reopened the game, all other quests leading to this point are complete. I'm stumped and can't find this situation in any previous thread or walkthrough. Any ideas?
  3. That's what tipped me off. So then I tried the cane, the shovel, the knife...though I really ought to know the relationship between cracks and dynamite by now
  4. Okay, now I finally understand why I'm not getting 20 email notifications a day that the Avvies and Siggies thread has been updated
  5. Oracle, that is a beautiful siggie and I am, or was, totally clueless about this Tournament of Ages. I really must get around more.
  6. @Lara--please don't worry, I didn't mean to upset you! Your siggie is fine--the other gif you had in your post made my eyes spin (j/k) but I didn't faint or anything @elm and Moony--um, very..uh...nice sets. I confess I was completely clueless until following that very helpful link in your last post, elm. @Aisling--go, go!
  7. LaraCroft--really cute set, but I'm so glad that animated gif that you included in your last post isn't the siggie--I got really dizzy looking at it! :fish: :laughing:
  8. Very pretty, Asiunia. Nice and colorful!
  9. That was funny and odd to see other gamers calling themselves Amaranthians. Before I came here I always thought of amaranth as a breakfast cereal XD
  10. elm--you're you again! Thank you everyone for all the nice and helpful comments
  11. nightingale

    User Names

    So many to comment on! @Delphinus and Rune_Naito--I think both these names are so graceful. @Medea--I like the reference to the classics, if the imagery (at least to the older Medea) is a little scary @iPink--I think your name is very cool and edgy, even though I now realize my username doesn't meet up with your standards, lol. @eveleny--not sure why, but your name reminds me of the Russian name Yevgeny--I like it. And I definitely like your sense of humor @Aisling--interesting finding out both about the origins of your name and also that you started here after AV2--I'd always thought that your name sounded Asian and that you'd been here from the beginning! (And you are quite mysterious--I notice that you use Aisling even in places where people use their rl names... ) And finally (and the reason I thought to stop in here!): @Stardale & watershine--I really like your new names! And watershine, I like how you've kept the 1234 to help tie your new name back to the old one. Whew, long post. Maybe I should stop in more often.
  12. Thanks ELIE, eveleny, CheapFungus and SilverMist. I'm pretty excited about it. The funny thing is that it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Now I'd like to work up to the point where I can do effects like that ragged cut-out effect and the different color behind the text that you have in yours, CheapFungus and the many beautiful things I see in others siggies. No, I'm not ambitious (though slow!)
  13. sana it looks like congratulations are in store for becoming a member of Witches and Warlocks? Nice set. Also elm, I think I mentioned somewhere else how cute I think your puppy is. And luz, I love your set, the sylvan backgrounds and how both women make me think of a goddess. I've finally attempted a set of my own--first try, so cut me some slack
  14. @CheapFungus--I ran into the same problem you did, except for me it found my Outlook program. It's just because that type of link uses the default email program on the computer. And like you I ended up just copying the address and using my yahoo account. And I just got my newsletter and I'm psyched! I'm not sure how it will actually affect how I play the game, but I'm happy to try new things--and I definitely have a favorite "surprise"!
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