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  1. how do we get to rosekeep i already unloked the other farm but i forgot the name cause i downloaded it yesterday.please help
  2. where can i find a cash cow?
  3. where do i find beanstalk seeds?
  4. where is Sedona sorry i remember now its in peninnsula aislingyngaio: Merged posts
  5. what's the answer to the first answer of the word puzzle?
  6. where do i find a bottle to capture a fairy in to show the mountain king that fairies do exist
  7. where can i find queen of veldt
  8. thank you i kept on getting lost in that cave
  9. can anyone give me a map of black bones cave
  10. i went to mystery manor where there were male and female cultist i think their monsters anyway velgerds brother wasn't there i searched everywhere
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