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  1. As someone who just found the money and just bought the game, will i already get the latest version or do i have to re-download something?
  2. My memory is fading but im pretty positive that in a forest where a nymph is being captured by some trolls, there is a cave with lots and lots of loot and exp... and by lvl 40 or so you can pretty much one hit all of them with an AoE spell of your mage.. Correct me if i am wrong
  3. yea pretty cool background... i had became used to snow one
  4. Epic.... I would easily pay more than 20$ for this game... Thank u for free download AWESOME!!
  5. I'm from the beautiful country called Greece and i've been searching for like a year to find another Greek here but no luck yet...
  6. oh man this ame looks so good and though i didn't much like the heroes, man the villians are AWESOME!!!!!!! can't w8 for it's realease....... is there a date cause i'll be one of the first to buy it!!!!
  7. I whould recomend the dogward field but for more quicker exp you should go in the forest where aisling is being captured(don't remember the name). Enter the cave there you will find plenty of treasures and a lot of exp
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