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  1. I got the love song but what about the cupcake i went to Veldarah but i haven't seen any house with a birthday party. Where is the b-day party located in veldarah???
  2. I have the correct ring, bouquet,comb and the snail but it isn't enough. Where is the cupcake? For the poem the little men is asking money 10 but no poem I tried for 15 time or more and nothing happened.
  3. I got the purple ring but Mel says she's not ready to get married. What should i do now?
  4. I bought a dragon. Even thought i flew everywhere i didn't find Mystern Far where is it???
  5. Her parents took off with her? Am i too late?
  6. Whom do i have to help to get the key for the blue chests?? Merged topics. ~Mopiece
  7. I got plenty of slimes in my inventory red,blue, yellow from the slime farm. Where is the slime puzzle then??
  8. After the 3 flames are done with where do i find the big boss??
  9. Where is it?? I looked everywhere couldn't find it =[
  10. I got a key after i gave the ghost doll to the girl. So the Skeleton guard wants his bone back he lost in ashera's tomb. I went back to ashera's tomb but i haven't seen any bone or door. What am i missing helllp?? Where is the bone???? :help:
  11. =[ I'm stuck when i get close to the desk what's the trick?? :roll: :help:
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