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  1. @Everyone ~ sorry *blushes*, Everace sure knows how to cover his handsome !!! everywhere but with me....WOW is really big fun (you all know better than to fall for that line). Allaphym mounted the steed offered to her with lithe grace, and leaned down grasping Twerza's small hand, pulling the girl up as she first got her tiny foot into the stirrup, and then the rest of the way until the child was sitting in the saddle in front of her. Princess' curly head barely reached her guardian's chin. They waited for Alric, who for some moments had a preoccupied unfathomable look on his face, as though he was daydreaming, probably thoughts of his recent rejection by the lovely Alissa were bewildering him.
  2. YAY! since we never did know what Aeternus was really up to, Marian can have free reign with the back story anyway.... I think everything we've come up with so far is worth keeping and continuing to write about...Wanderer is humming in the background greedily plotting a side quest to aquire WMD's....
  3. "Some think a woman's persuasion is enchantment, whether magic is actually used or not...." Allaphym answered, watching the Zaddock captain's stubborn face, unfazed by his low growling comment.
  4. Nahh, let's not start completely over, just edit a few things, we've got so much interaction goin' on where we left off, it would be hard to redevelop all the plots. We're prob losin' Bassett and Cherry Wine, Bassett never did much anyway (had to poke 'er too often) and our lustful vampire was the current nemisis, who was having a difficult time on his own, I agree that's the only char we'll miss, we were wanting a good villian (or several) all along. When we left off the vampire was inside Wanderer with Renestere, unbeknownst to Shaed and Yen, and the other party was in the caverns, running from the angry Cyfaens ('scuse my misspellings) whose queen was killed by the vampires' energy. I think we were to find a black box, whether the underground party got it or not, I forget.... but we can go anywhere from here, staying to continue the search, or taking off to some other part of the universe...most of the plot was never definite enough to not be subject to change. Defeating the evil Empress Jadis could turn into anything from where we are at, no reason to start over, just do whatever you want with her, even assassinate and have another mass murdering control freak take her place....or anything else you think of....we can carry on from where we are rather easily, you can take Wanderer's NPC char, and start something....(were we surrounded by a fleet of troop ships above the planet? or was that vamp on his own?)
  5. Allaphym nodded at Willaem. "Yes, we will not only see the Prince, we intend to live with him. I know how to obtain employment, and in spite of protocol, no one sees more of royalty than their servants." She put her hands on Twerza's shoulders, "I have more concern about how much he might eventually see of us, royalty is notorius for abusing and taking unfair advantage of lesser classes."
  6. Twerza's large golden eyes turned to Willaem, and her light high voice answered before her ward opened her mouth to speak. "We want to make friends with the Prince, so he will order Arashin Joszi to stop hurting magic users." She rubbed her tiny nose a bit as though trying to stifle a sneeze. ~~~~~ Frohaver finally got up with the blanket wrapped around him as the frost began to form on the inside of the window, and dragging it behind him, stuffed another log into the round metal stove, getting the fire going again. Then he put a small kettle of water on the top, and draped in the blanket cape, he climbed back up into the bed, waiting for it to begin to simmer and steam. In a while he would have some tea, lunch, and adeptly steam open the purloined letters to read the contents...after which he would reseal and prepare to return them all to their destinations so nothing would be missed. The frost melted, and shiny droplets slid slowly down the panes, leaving wavering streaks on the rustic green tinted glass.
  7. I'm in!! It's snowing outside, time to RP!! (and jump all over Everace's char :evil: )
  8. "I believe young Lord Kyrus made the same generous offer to escort us into the dragon's lair, and I appreciate it." Allaphym sensed his attempt to influence her and was amused at his suggestion that they disguise themselves as family. "I'm surprised you didn't make full use of that magnetic persuasion of yours on the young maiden who has caught your eye...and that you are willing to part her company so soon, but the choice is yours." Her smile softened, "If it's any consolation, she'll be perfectly safe in Hayote, and I admit to one serious concern I have about our continued journey to the capitol. There are rumors of certain mages who are contributing to the hunt and execution of others with magic talent....the untalented are suseptible, and easy to influence, however, I worry about encountering another magicuser who might turn out to be an enemy. My abilities are not attuned to combat and aggression, just the opposite in fact, although I can drain a foe's will toward violence, and reduce it dramatically." She said the last in a very quiet tone for his ears only, unwilling to advertise her strengths and weakness too openly.
  9. (I've been playin' way too much with Turtix, Ozzy Bubbles and Shark Attack, and just have to say to Everace, "Congratulations, You've found a Secret Area! :evil:") Also, this group is about to head to Hayote, and mine to the capitol, unless someone is turning around, I'll have no one to RP with.... :roll:
  10. The enchantress' eyes widened at the young ladies' flustered and hasty retreat. She turned to Alric, reading the situation immediately from the anguished look on his face eyeing her slim shoulders heading away from him. "You've never even kissed her have you?" she almost whispered to the priest. "Well, I wouldn't have guessed that from the looks of the both of you...now's your chance, really, you must show her your intentions, not just profess them openly. Go on man, she's not rejecting you at all, quite the opposite in fact, I believe she very much desires to speak with you privately." She winked, and added in a sultry tone not much different from Celia's, "I could give you an advantage with magic, sir, but I honestly think you don't need it, some attention from you will be more than I can accomplish anyway."
  11. "Ahhhh, a confession!" Allaphym's lips spread like a rosy blossom opening in the sunlight, revealing a faint glint of pearly teeth, glowing in contrast to her dark eyes and hair. Turning her smiling face slightly toward the maiden in question she said "Surely the fair lady will have mercy on this brave gentleman who so courageously makes his desire for her public. I believe I detect a similar inclination, do I not? Come now, follow your heart, young lady, I assure that you'll not be led astray. Do you wish to promise your suitor your hand in marriage?"
  12. GypsyGrimm (I think I'll make a sprite outa this, Everace is running program tests for school, and his computer is tied up until later, he says he'll be on eventually) Allaphym smiled and winked. "I can always just perform an official betrothal, and the full ceremony can wait until later. How about you two, I think you would make a beautiful couple!" She gestured at Alric and Alissa, who were sitting quite close together across the campfire.
  13. (*winks at Marian Frae*):AngelFriend: The enchantress' eyes twinkled at the cook's obviously nosy question... "I'm a simple foretune teller and part-time match maker, I can perform wedding ceremonies as well in many religious venues, and can marry you to the woman of your choice, if you wish."
  14. (@Everace - *sniff* missin' ya....) Allaphym caught Kyrus eye and smiled. In a low voice she said, "Would it be too much trouble for you to seek out Bellyndra, the magic teacher, once you reach Hayote? She is taking care of my house and possessions, the house could use a resident, since I'm sure to be gone for a long while." She glanced at Alissa. "It's a rather feminine dwelling, and I instructed my friend to decide what to do with it...but when you find her, there will be a message from me to you, Lord Kyrus, about the magic items I left behind, some of them may be of use to you."
  15. Allaphym located a large knobby piece of ginger root in her pack, and a big solid lump of brown sugar that she offered to Willaem, hand outstretched. "Are these to your tastes? Please take them and prepare whatever you like." Her dark eyes assessed the camp's self appointed cook, still wondering about his Zaddock uniform.
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