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  1. "The Zaddock have never been able to enter the pass leading to Hayote for long, or made it through to the other side. The Mountains are full of strong magic, and defend themselves from their enemies. Mists appear so thick climbers can't even see their feet, and shift into images similar to boulders and pathways, leading those left wandering in it off steep precipices, often their deaths. Other things lurk in those mists, made of shapeless darkness, perhaps living, perhaps not, and strange sounds can be heard in the distance when unwelcome travelers are treading on this sacred ground." Allyphym ladeled the steaming soup out of the pot into small bowls which she handed to Lord Kyrus and the Princess, and continued whilst the two youngsters eagerly scooped spoonfuls into their mouths. "If that were not so, the Zaddock would have obliterated the sanctuary that awaits you long ago..for a few months every year the pass is safe enough for anyone with the strength it requires to be a soldier to make it through...." She began sipping on the warm broth herself, savoring the woodsy flavor of the mushrooms. "The haven in Hayote is truly safe, and will remain so. The enchantment infused in the water by the talisman will influence anyone who travels there even before they arrive anyway...the spring runs near the pass above the town, and is considered the last waystation before entering the valley. Most climbers stop there to rest and drink, and sometimes even bathe at the end of the journey." "You needn't make a decision right now, Lord Kyrus, let's fill our tummies and get some sleep, here, there is more....." She refilled both their bowls, and their teacups, then tossed something on the fire that caused it to flicker momentarily and dim, the flames taking on a faint fuchia hue, and a soothing scent permeated the light smoke. Twerza sighed, inhaling the pleasent incense, and spread her bedroll on the resilient mossy floor, finishing her supper in a half reclining postion. Then she snugged into it, nothing but the top of her curly head visible as she went to sleep.
  2. OK, KTC, since we are being mature here... *drops undies and moons KTC, then flees giggling* see, I know how to act my age....
  3. "Peace is my whole reason for taking the risk of traveling to Torvir, Lord Kyrus. I'm worried about it being jeapordized by the mages hiding in Hayote...." she sighed and pushed a metal rod into the soft mossy earth next to the beaming flames, and hung the brass bowl on a hook that curved gracefully at it's top, almost like a small shepherd's hook. Then she slowly poured the melted snow into the mushroom mixture and tossed some dried pasta curly-cue spirals and seasoning with it. Slowly the mushroom soup began to simmer and fragrant steam penetrated their noses.... "Ohhh, it smells wonderful! I'm so hungry." Princess cooed softly, her face brightening as she sensed the delicious smell. "Fill the flask again, and I'll make us tea to drink with it." Allaphym handed Twerza the aqua bottle, and the girl vanished briefly into the night again, while the enchantress carefully stirred the ingredients over the flames. She tilted her head, and her supple, waist-length braid fell forward across her shoulder. "There is a secret talisman hidden at my residence...if it were placed high in the mountains at the bottom of the waterfall pool that feeds the town, it should cool angry minds, and soothe vengeful hearts of all who use the spring water." She glanced solemnly at the young lord, "However, it's very powerful, and I'm not sure exactly what the results will truly be, although I'm certain it won't be anything harmful." "If you want to try it, I'd be grateful. You could drink the wine and beer for a few days, to ascertain what effects it is having on the villagers, and remove it if you think it's causing any difficulty."
  4. ummm, this site IS for kids, aaaand, it is JUST FOR FUN and GAMES!! (mostly) There are other places for 'mature' discussions, etc. The rules are exactly what they should be, and I'm continually surprised by how serious a few of these threads tend to get....however, the majority of the content is light-hearted fun, as expected of a popular game site.... and no one cares how old anyone is, everyone is free to have FUN and that IS THE POINT of Amaranthia. :FunnyBunny: :KittyLuv: :taunt:
  5. Frohaver woke up in the middle of the night damp with a slight sweat due to the proximity of the warm, dimly glowing stove, and in a mood that made it a shame to waste the large comforting bed on just himself....he spent the next hour dwelling on memories of the pretty faces and feminine curves that he had spent most of his time ogling covertly during the day, then finally drifted back to sleep ...certain that any one of them would desire his attention if she only knew what a man he was.... ~~~~~ Allaphym hestitated briefly..."There is something I neglected to do before I left. Actually, I wasn't certain it should be done, especially without my continued presence...but, now I think it would be best, and if you could complete a small task for me once you arrive among the mages, our future will be quite a bit more secure while I'm gone." She waited again to hear what he would say. Clear, pure, Blessed Water. Nothing can be accomplished without it, symbol of passionate emotions, source of strength and cleanliness, the wellspring of youth....Allaphym's magic often used plain, simple, fresh water, innocuous and ordinary, easily ignored and overlooked, yet above suspicion and easy to infuse with elements affecting the feelings of those who touched or drank the enchanted liquid. At her dwelling was hidden a most powerful talisman, one of only three were known to exist in the world. The rebel village was fed drinking water from a single spring, spilling down from the crisp snowy heights of the mountain range, splashing over it's arrogant rocks and boulders, flinging itself with wild abandon over cliffs and among the scattered stones without hesitation, smoothing them with a slippery sheen, and encouraging mossy fur to coat their rugged faces as it wandered ecstatically into the valleys below. Other than fresh rain and snowfall, it was the mage's only source of fresh water.
  6. Allaphym gazed at him fondly and thought about taking his hands in hers. "There will be no massacre if the magic users taking refuge in Hayote do not initiate the assault. I have debated with the elders for months now, recommending against any action that would increase the violent confrontation between those with the Gift, and the ordinary citizens. Revenge on the Regent and his wicked Zaddock forces is not worth the lives it will certainly cost us, even if the rebels succeed and defeat them. Also, the ordinary folk of Torvir are being taught to fear those with Magic Talent, and an outright offensive attack could cause even more mistrust." She shook her head, her shining dark braid swaying fluidly with the motion. "The rebels must not aggravate this war....to do so is folly." "We go to seek the Prince, he can dismiss the Regent himself when he is old enough. He is young, and needs friends, and it's probable his life is in some danger as well, the Regent may not willingly relenquish the power he is abusing so readily, and may be plotting Sorin's assasination as we speak. It would be too convenient for Arashin Joszi to blame another death in the Royal family on those with magical skills....I believe the young Prince needs protection." Princess whispered softly in her small childish voice, "He's my age, and I want to meet him." At this comment Allaphym smiled in encouragement, then continued her explanation, "You can be of much assistance to our plan if you decide to, Kyrus, but to do so you must continue to the rebel village in Hayote. What do you wish?" His offer to return into recently escaped danger assured the enchantress than her spell held him strongly enough to entrust with a Secret. However, leading him to believe the choice was his own would reinforce the magic, and his decision to aid them would also increase his natural confidence in himself...again she exerted a slight measure of magical pressure, erasing all internal conflict as she thought of cupping his comely face in her palms, and looking at him with nothing but the utmost trust in her own... She could sense the tension increasing behind her back, and the restless desire for combat taking over as her calming presence was no longer close at hand amoung the rebel mages, and thought of the letter from her dear friend hidden deep in her pocket. Dear Allaphym, I understand your position fully. And I understand your quest. As you stated, I don't always agree with your position, and at the same time, I am your friend and will support you in your endeavors to bring our world to peace. I am deeply concerned about your safety away from Hayote. Please be extremely careful and if it looks as if to be a 'no-go', please pull out. Our teams are ready and will fare well in war. No need to sacrifice yourself in Torvir. I will look after your things as if they were my own. And I will continue to talk with the elders about holding off any war until you have had sufficient time to complete your mission. Please send word when it is safe to do so. I will miss you and your smiling face. Forever in friendship, Bellyndra Allaphym was not sure the teacher could stall those anxious to take action for very much longer...and this young refugee Lord Kyrus was exactly what she needed to assure a lengthy delay.
  7. The crystal bloom glistened, resting in the young man's outstretched hand, and tiny rainbow lights spun and flickered about the tree-trunk's inner walls, reflected from it's flawless surface. Allaphym's lips spread smooth as honey into the desired expression of delight, sparks from the beautiful gem swarmed across her delicate face and behind her head and shoulders like a myriad of tiny fire bees surrounding their queen. Rising to accept the offer, she lifted it gingerly from his palm, marveling at the precision and intricacy of its petals, that had just a moment ago been nothing but debris on the mossy ground. "We have just traveled through the mountains from Hayote, Lord Kyrus. I believe you will find it a safe, secure haven, and in fact a prosperous one. Our destination is Thuor." The enchantress watched the lad closely, wondering what his reaction to this revelation would be.
  8. As if in response to Twerza's words, a whisper of a draft, like a faint sigh breezed in through the crack in the trunk, catching the flames and lifting them higher for a moment, while cooling the air slightly, and tossing a handful of sparking snow about the moss carpeted hollow. Allaphym's hands searched her pockets and the emerged with a transparent aqua tinted disc, that with a deft tug from her fingers unfolded vertically along neat even pleats into a medium sized bottle. "Princess, would you please fill this with melted snow?" she requested, holding the flask out toward her companion. Princess nodded, and taking the water bottle, slipped out of the trunk to fulfill the task. Allaphym's gleaming dark eyes rested on Kyrus as she tossed some tasty pecans and dried tarragon with the mushroom mix. He was a pleasent, impressionable fellow, that much easier to influence with her magic. Her talent was a very subtle one, no great displays of power, no lightening bolts, or fireballs, sometimes her skills were barely recognized as magic at all....and sometimes they weren't magical, she was wise in the ways of human nature, and could often sway others without it's use... but just in case, she could exert an extra enchantment, binding people emotionally, intensifying existing feelings, affecting hearts enough to influence minds.....minds were always subject to hearts anyway, and prone to finding reasons to justify desires, rather than deny them. She smiled at young Lord Kyrus, and began to cast her silent spell.... ...envisioning herself wrapping her arms around him gently, until the warmth of the glowing fire became her body holding him close....and kissing his cheek like he was a small child, her brother, snug in her embrace, while a damp snow flake melting on his face became her lips....was it another stray breeze intruding, or her fingertips ruffling his hair tenderly? Secure in the hollow trunk of the ancient tree, the safest place in the world this chilly night.... Princess returned, shaking clouds of snow off her cloak before stepping inside, full flagon in hand, her knowing eyes reflecting Kyrus' face as she gave the water to Allaphym. A full meal and deep sleep, and the effects of the enchantress' magic would probably be permanent...Kyrus should trust them both implicitly, and possibly defend them with his very life.
  9. "These are 'tree ears', eating them will make you able to hear whatever the trees are thinking, and they're delicious, too!" Allaphym winked at Princess, who had sidled up to the young man after his gracious bow and introduction, and was standing near, looking over his shoulder while he stoked the small fire. The flames glowed steadily in the quiet interior, the slight smoke drifting upward into the impenetrable darkness above. The shelves of mushrooms cast giant shadows, stretching out over their heads, as if they were now transformed into tiny wee folk living on the forest floor only slightly larger than the insects. She began shredding the thick, tender light brown caps into a beautiful, delicately wrought brass bowl. Princess continued to watch Kyrus with large golden eyes, framed by arching brows and sweeping eyelashes, her small round face surrounded by honeyed shades of soft curly hair. She looked half her age, more baby than child, although her mind held at least twice the wisdom expected of one so young. Her lips softened slightly, melting into a conspiritorial smile. "The trees in this woods are very intelligent," she murmured in a light girlish tone, "we may not be able to understand them anyway, even if we do hear their thoughts." @everyone - Twerza looks 5 years old, but she is really 10.... ~~~~~ 3am and clean up time at the Lucky J.....and time for Frohaver to dodge any further honest employment, sneak out and count the tips he had collected along with a few other items purloined from drunkard's pockets. Now he could sleep until noon, or later, and return to his self-assigned tasks in the afternoon. He headed down the alley, and up a back staircase to a small, one room loft over a tack shop. The smell of leather blended with wood smoke as he ignited a small blaze inside the old stove squeezed in one corner, and stretched out lounging on the large bed that seemed to fill most of the room....hardly space left for the table and three chairs (who knows what happened to the fourth chair, surely there must have been one at some time). He was pretty sure he knew why such a small space held such a big bed, knowing the fellow he rented the place from, but it surely had been a private affair, since the guy was never reluctant to lend him the room, whatever reason encouraged the muscle it took to bring this item up the steep stairway had to be history by now. Ah, if the mattress could talk.....he could certainly get this room for free, if he knew who Sir Landlord was romancing up here before sheer lust had turned to mere lust for money.
  10. Allaphym's eyes twinkled at the lad's display of muscles by hauling in a sizable stack of kindling. "It doesn't take breasts to prepare a meal, just two hands and a little knowledge," she answered, trying to keep a straight face, thinking how few men would admit to an ability to cook, unless it was some kind of fresh kill.... "You can start the fire then, and I'll come up with something." She began plucking the succulent mushrooms off of the inner walls, and motioned to Princess to assist her. "My name is Allaphym Lambeth, and this is my charge, Princess Twerza."
  11. Her wide dark eyes surveyed the youth in the gathering gloom. It was getting colder, and so was he...."Alright, then, come in and unthaw, then lend me a hand with warming this place and making us something to eat. Neither of us is going to get a night's rest shivering and hungry." she answered quietly, stepping back to allow him to enter the space within the tree. The immense Sycamore was quite old, and the interior was stretched upward higher than the eye could see in the darkness. The area was too large for all but the biggest predators to make into a den, and had not been occupied by any wildlife recently. The ground inside was beautifully covered with thick, glossy green moss, growing lushly, nourished by the slanting sunbeams that spilled through the trunk's opening in the daylight hours. Tree ears, a delicious edible mushroom sprouted tender shelves in heavy patches along the moist bark walls, and in the center was a neat circle of smooth polished river stones that had been carefully placed there by human hands to contain a small fire. It was a shrine of sorts, or a way station for druids or rangers, it's purpose was unknown, but the cold and weary travelers were in luck by finding it's shelter on this chilly, snow swept night. Allaphym retrieved a small candle from her cloak, and lit it, setting the tiny flame carefully in the center of the stone hearth, while Princess stared at the young man and said nothing.
  12. Allaphym could hear the rustling of footsteps as the stranger approached, and holding Princess close, both arms wrapped around her, eyes wide with trepidation, they both remained silent until he arrived at the opening in the trunk and announced his plight. He was telling the truth. Allaphym knew this, she could sense people's intentions easily, often before they spoke. He sounded young, and pleasent, but he was still a stranger, first impressions never revealed everything, certainly not who he was, or even his name. She sighed and releasing Princess, stepped away from the shadowed recesses of the huge tree's hollow interior, and peeked out of the steep triangular split in it's trunk, her head ducking slightly, long glossy ebony braid swingly like a pendulum in front of her shoulder as she leaned forward to peer at the uninvited arrival, her initial glimpse confirming his youth, and good looking features to match his voice. The snow swirled and faint puffs like miniature clouds drifted from her mouth as she spoke, "How can I help you, sir? It's very late, and this ancient guardian of nature is the only shelter I have found in this wilderness. The nearest village is a ways to the south.....follow the stream as it grows stronger and deeper, and the water will lead you to it's doors eventually, although I doubt you can make it there tonight." She watched him carefully, wondering who he was, and how he became lost out here. There was no sign of the hawk....however, the falcon's owner would not be the type to become astray in the forest, perhaps the other was searching for this fellow. "I saw a falcon circling earlier, it was not a wild one, perhaps someone you know is looking for you?" she surmised.
  13. gimme mucho dinero, hombres! Allaphym closed her eyes for a brief moment, then tugged Princess away from the potential shelter of the dark cave. "We shall go just a little further before dark, and find a hollow tree." she murmered quietly, and the two of them slipped into the woodland seeking the immense ghostly trunks of the sycamores as the colors faded into dusk. Sycamore trees love the water, dwelling like pale towering columns surrounding it's sparkling surface. Many Sycamores were naturally hollow, an attribute that seldom killed the tree, making it prized by creatures of the tangled forest for inhabiting as den and nest. Following the waterfall below the cave entrance, they traveled deeper into the gloomy woods until the splashing torrent slowed and widened, spreading it's liquid surface among a gathering of the thirsty ivory-barked giants. Several of the larger trees were split near the base, forming living teepees large enough to stand inside. Choosing an ancient specimen on a rise above the flood line, Allaphym shepherded Princess inside and began to make preparations for the night.
  14. Shadows lengthened, flowing across the pass like sheer curtains being slowly drawn across the sky, as two pairs of light and agile feet trapesed through it's narrow confines, seeking escape from the exposed corridor and the welcome shelter of the thick, tangled woodlands beneath. One behind the other, as a young thing might follow it's mother, the two descended steadily, climbing the steep and rocky slopes down to where the landscape finally began to level. The bright patch of sky above was fading into twilight, and Allaphym hesitated near the cave entrance, unsure as to whether it's dim reaches would provide safer refuge than a night in the open forest. No sign of whoever owned the hawk, but if that person was headed this way, the distance between them would be very short by now. As she pondered, she felt Princess's arms wrap around her waist, and she automatically put her arm around the girl's shoulder. Neither of them spoke while she made a decision about the best course of action for the night. The snow was still a light drifting swirl of powder, the air becoming chilled by dusk, but the cave was a risky choice that might attract other occupants. ~~~~~ The Tavern was two-thirds full already, and Frohaver was quite busy helping the girls and Jax keep up with the demand for liquor, snacks, and small talk. He was not inclined to be ambitious about work, but the tips were good, and serving drinks was a perfect excuse to keep moving about the merry crowd and overhearing anything of interest. He saw Bellyndra enter and made an immediate beeline for her, he was seeking out the lady customers first, of course, a preference neither Jax, nor the waitresses seemed to question. "I'm delighted you have decided to grace this humble establishment with your euridite presence, Miss Bellyndra!" he crooned, sweeping into another of his flourishing obesiences. He was really wonderful to watch, once a person got used to his marvelously casual formality. People adapted to his attitudes rather quickly, after the initial surprise at such gestures, and began to expect it of him. "What refreshment can I offer you that will insure your company until as late in the evening as possible?" He preened himself mentally, full of smug self congratulation at his latest line, intended to reassure the ladies that he was not trying to get them drunk, which was true, he wanted them to spend as much money as possible instead. Most of the women took this as gentlemanly concern for their personal well-being, and were flattered, no matter what they ordered after his suggestion.
  15. Brilliant, he mused smuggly to himself, except for missing the chance to peruse her mail....Frohaver swaggered slightly as he strode away from Bellyndra's house, making his way back to the jolly Tavern, also considering how easy is it was to impress single women. If she wasn't obviously the monogamous type, he could have made her a few other offers...offers that would have given them both quite a bit of satisfaction if she obliged him...his thoughts continued in that venue on the stroll back, his gaze wandering the landscape searching for other attractive ladies who might be more approachable. Thus preoccupied, he arrived at Jax's comfortable establishment to announce the completion of his task, and discuss his reward. Any increase in business beyond covering the free drinks would earn him a percentage in a week's time, and that percentage was still open to negotiation. He slid his arm around the cushy waist of the waitress nearest the door, lifting her slightly and swinging her around, just for fun, of course. The Tavern keepers' girls loved him, he made a point of flirting with them all, teasing and squeezing, and flattering his way into their silly hearts. These fems were a friendly lot anyway, Jax knew better than to hire any but the most cheery, easy going female type, who would be more likely to giggle and brag about being patted or pinched in places more 'ladylike' (uptight in Frohaver's mind) women would think inappropriate, than to slap the intruders' face and cause a loss of business. So she responded with the expected giggle, and even planted a quick kiss on his cheek for the attention, smiling and saying "Well, what'll you have stranger?" even though he had just left on his errand this morning.
  16. As Frohaver swept into his profound bow, turning his back on the unsearched mailbox, a strange missive shimmered into existance, appearing out of nowhere among the small clutter of letters, partially hidden near the bottom with one odd corner hanging out. It was different from the other correspondence, being perfectly square, the envelope completely blank, without any indication as to the intended recipient.
  17. He wished he could read people's minds, especially their stupid, perverted, naughty little thoughts....things they wanted no one to ever find out about, humiliating notions and dirty ideas that he was absolutely certain even the best and most noble of them were just concealing from public view....then he could blackmail them all, individually, privately, intimidating them with the threat of exposing their truest base nature that so many of them refused to acknowledge, denying it even to themselves. He was not into self-denial, internally he smirkingly embraced what he felt was his true nature, sleaziness and hedonism are fun, and in lieu of mind-reading, he would simply empty a few mailboxes, or peep in a few windows, all to gleefully assure himself that these folks were not really any different from himself, and not even better liars, since they were busy lying to themselves, and he did not. He had a pocket full of letters from around town already, his excuse today was placing flyers in the boxes, a promotion for the Tavern offering a free drink. In the process he subtly withdrew anything of potential interest, to be carefully opened by himself, perused, and returned in nearly spottless condition into the same boxes tomorrow.... The last box, and as he reached inside to place the freeby and invitation (this would serve a double purpose, the liquor would loosen a few tongues as well, and he fully intended to make the Tavern his hangout until most of the coupons surfaced) one of the residents arrived too swiftly for him to slip anything out of it unnoticed. It was Bellyndra, coming home from a full day's work at the academy, and he silently cursed himself for dwaddling earlier while watching the view of a certain female's anatomy, he should have been able to sort through the box's contents at his leisure.... but nevermind, the schoolmistress was a 'nice' lady, and he swept his cocky hat off his head as she approached with a spectacularly graceful bow, cultivated and superb, no gentleman could do better, while eyeing her privately, and amusing himself with every glimpse of her femininity within view. "Good Evening, Lady Bellyndra!" he greeted her with mild and mellow tones thoroughly practiced to seduce the ladies. "I certainly hope you will join me at the Tavern this evening, I have just left your household a most valuable offer, and though I have been instructed to give only one such coupon per box, I seem to have an extra, and would be greatly pleased if you would accept it." This was his plan if he were to be caught searching the boxes, instead of just inserting the coupons, a flawlessly rehearsed and perfectly executed cover, and the only time he had been forced to use it today. Frohaver could be immensely charming if he decided to be so, and it was his usual way of getting what he wanted from the fairer sex.
  18. "Princess, it's time to leave here,and we must be swift." Allaphym whispered quietly training the pitch of her voice from a long habit to reach only the girl child's ears, even though no one else was present. The light snowfall was barely reaching the bottom of the narrow crevice, and the young girl's hair sparkled as a tiny ray of light sneaking down from above caught on a few crystals resting in her curls. She looked like a fairy child in the dim light, tiny for her age, her wide eyes gazing trustingly on her guardian's face. The girl nodded without answering, also from long habit, they had both learned to keep quiet and not attract unwanted attention. She had always called her charge Princess, since the time she first began to shelter her, although there was another name, never to be forgotten, but also never mentioned, the name her parents had given her just after her birth, a name full of joy and promise....a name that they would never see fulfilled. So Allaphym had dubbed her Princess, before she even knew what the curly haired waif's true name was, and continued to address her like royalty for reasons of her own. Together they slipped like a pair of shadows back through the passage, to begin the descent from the pass into the forest.
  19. Pebbles cascaded beneath her worn boots as she half slid back down to the narrow crevasse that hid a short climb down to the main path. Swinging her feet over the side and planting them firmly on the opposite wall she pressed her back against the worn rock and began a slow spider's crawl toward the bottom. This part of the mountains face was polished smooth by years of other climbers who shared the secret of the lookout, but not so slick as to spare her cloak a few snags, and she kept her supple long braid tucked between her breasts as she inched carefully downward until her feet finally touched level ground. She wriggled deeper into the crack, moving sideways as it grew narrower, until she could feel the walls enclose her slender body, brushing her back and chest as she just barely squeezed through several feet of a very tight passage into a slightly wider area. No one larger than her could have made it this far... but no matter, what she was seeking was much smaller.
  20. (my contribution to the naughty smilie collection) observe the....
  21. (@Everace - confessing to the effect that my minor addition to this wonderful tale has on you makes me want to seduce you and turn your fantasy into reality....*sly wink*) Allaphym decided not to wait any longer, if she wanted to completely avoid whoever was headed toward the pass in the valley below, she would have to reach the forest before the climbers entered the narrow path upward, where it would be impossible to circumvent them unnoticed. It was time to descend, and quickly, in order to reach the wooded regions and take a wide berth around the unknown arrivals, she just might make it to the bottom of the pass, while the oncoming travelers were still at a distance. She began the awkward climb down from the concealed vantage point, back to the main trail, thinking that if it was too late to sneak past the intruders, she could turn back before they noticed her, keeping ahead and retreating to the secret location, hiding there until whoever it was had passed by while heading further upward.
  22. A faint breeze as if from the hovering bird's wings ruffled Allaphym's eyelashes. It looked familiar, although the same as all the other wild beasts, something about it's aura was tainted with human. The feathered creature was large for it's species, sleek and well fed....it stopped spiraling over the spot that had attracted it's interest and made a beeline in another direction, toward it's owner, she was certain of that now, the strange predator's behavior wasn't that of a wilder bird on the hunt for a meal to fill it's ravenous belly. So, there were others lurking nearby at the foot of the pass. So soon to encounter strangers upon leaving the sanctuary of the Misty Mountains. She had thought there would be no one to encounter in Torvir before the nearest village, but that was obviously wrong, and she was grateful she had made the extra climb to the lookout and surveyed the vast landscape extending below her before making the trek down into its lush and forbidding greenery. Her mind became occupied with ways to avoid the strangers, and deducing what reasons they could have for being here so close to the usually deserted borderlands. Foremost was the suspicion that some abused one of the Talented was on the run seeking refuge, as a few of the luckier mages had survived by making it this far into the wilderness, and struggling through the sometimes dangerous Misty Mountain pass. Most people knew nothing of the trail's existance, only a in the late summer months and early autumn was it even passable, although there were legends of a rare adventurer who by some miracle, or very strong magic, who made it through in the deadly winter, when the very air became an enemy at the higher reaches, threatening to freeze the breath within a traveler's lungs, and sweeping the ridges in violent gusts enough to hurl a climber off of it's ledges. It was safe enough now, at least for a healthy climber, who would not tire easily on the narrow, steep paths that led through the snow swept upper cliffs. If there was an escaping magic user so close reaching freedom beneath the mists below, then there was also the chance of pursuers not far behind...the Zaddock were not only bloodthirsty, but known for persistance, they would track their victims this far, but seldom venture into the pass itself. The Misty Mountains were full of magic, wild and beyond anyone's ability to tame, it's forces resented the presence of those who resist magical influence, and also would also shelter (somewhat) others who felt it's power enough to have respect. Strange things happened to any arrogant Zaddock, or magic user who blatantly abuses their own talent, who was foolish enough to wander too far into the Mountain's range. To challenge the Mountain's power was complete hubris, and the enemy had quickly discovered the boundary was indisputable, natural magic had unfathomed ways of defending itself and keeping all unwanted intruders at bay.
  23. (Currently Alric is rescuing a fair maiden, her brother and her father, taking them through the Misty Mountain pass to hide from the Zaddock with a group of rebel mages who are plotting to overthrow the Regent's reign of terror. They are being tailed by a mercenary, Celia, who was hired by the Zaddocks, but suddenly got on their bad side by shooting one of them in the crotch with an arrow. Alric and Allisa's brother have just spotted an ambush, several Zaddock are out to catch and take revenge on Celia, but Alric doesn't know who they are after. My char is up the mountain pass, in the distance....watching a certain circling avian, is that about right everyone?)
  24. (Hi, Everace said this one was over, but it's still my favorite to read.....so I sent Aeternus a note about joining in....should I wait, or just jump in? I read all the background, this one is fun to read...please holler if I missed anything important and slip up. ) Got an answer already!! I'll edit this whith my first post shortly The Regent was a remarkably foolish man, believing he could eliminate the force of Magic by persecuting the rare humans who were touched by it's power. Magic ebbs and flows through the fabric of the universe, the kingdom of Torvir could never become beyond it's influence, magic scents the air it's citizens breathe, and flavors the water they drink, and radiates from the very earth they tread upon. Certainly there were people and animals, and even some plants and solid objects that seem to absorb more of it, but nothing was truly lacking magical influence, ordinary people just were not aware, or unable to understand or use the hidden powers of enchantment. Even those who were concious of it spend their entire lifetime learning it's secrets, and how to manipulate it's forces. One foolish, very wicked, vindictive man. Who managed to attract and employ the vicious and the sadistic by allowing them to fulfill their hateful fantasies while making the Gifted into victims. Allaphym swept her one long, glossy ebony braid over her shoulder until it swung fluidly behind her back, gazing from a hidden outlook down at the cool mists cloaking the bottom of the mountain pass. Her gleaming dark eyes surveyed the distance, viewing the lucious green countryside, catching sight of a single bird circling not too far distant. She intended to meet this man, Arashin Joszi, and discover for herself what kind of coward used the crime of an assassin as an excuse for slaughtering innocents. He was not immune to the forces of magic he so feared, would not succeed at hiding behind his obsessively violent minions.
  25. *whew* good luck! I just lost my entire harddrive on my laptop a few weeks back, my new desktop cost me $700, and a late fee on my mortgage payment, I paid cash for it, using my house money. Had to have it to continue working tho, and I've just about caught up and got my accounts current again. This year must be computer death, Amanda just got caught first. :spider: :S
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