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  1. @walzmusic - all the legal rights issues can be solved with a good lawyer, I had to do it, because I'm single, and my parents are unreliable, I gave legal rights to my cousins, one of whom is a physician's assistant, to even decide what my fate would be if I were incapacitated in a vegitative state (I trust Greg, he'd know whether or not I could make it out alive), and to handle all aspects of my 'estate' (which ain't much, by the way) if I were to die. You can make a will, and have all of those details recorded in it, there is no way relatives can prevent your beneficiary from seeing you in the hospital, or from consulting with your medical provider about any private details of your condition. You could even prevent your relatives from having access to your information, and have it all exclusively handled by whomever you designate. Alot of people should do this by the way, without a will, everything automatically becomes the responsibilty of the closest living relative, who might not be the best person or persons to handle the situation. In some cases, a spouse might not even be the best person to count on in an emergency, just because you love them, doesn't make them the best choice for decisions made under extreme pressure, such as your potential demise. Think about it.
  2. Hmmmm, to me this issue isn't gay or straight, it's the whole idea of MARRIAGE. Marriage used to be pretty much public gang rape, girls were forced into it at a very young age (and in some countries still are today), with no say in the matter, by their parents, relatives, or owner. The human race has historically been ridiculously sexually manipulative, and that is WRONG. That said, people today tend to fantasize about it, I noticed at the beginning everyone mentioned 'if it's love, how can it be wrong?' Well, of course true love isn't at all wrong, but MARRIAGE involves a bunch of publicity and other people, it's no longer just between the two of you. In this country, the government gets involved right away, with taxes and social security. I find this absurd, governments have no excuse for being involved with private individual's sex lives, it's archaic, if you love your mate, and want to protect or provide for them financially, see your lawyer, and make those arrangements. Marriage makes no sense to me, I can see no reason for it. It won't keep the two of you together, only the two of you can do that. It's a private relationship, it will ultimately suceed, or fail privately. Public pressure comes to naught in the face of the whims of pure passion. Everyone has a right to be with the one they love if the feeling is mutual, in this country, you don't need permission, or a license to do it. Explain to me what are your reasons for wanting one? Just wondering.
  3. http://www.photofiltre.com/ Thanks Oracle!! :amaranth: for the PD Particles program, here's another one, it's more like Paint Shop Pro, but free, and there a cool 'ripple' effect under Filter/Deform/Ripple, makes the pic look like a distorted image from flowing water. Have fun!!
  4. OOOOOO! What fun! I love the new toys! Thanks, Oracle! :smileattack: PD Particles is big FUN!!
  5. If your hair is longer, shoulder length or more, you can dye the ends, three inches or more, and trim it off later. I saw a model with a short page boy style that was dyed red, with a black two inch edge all around, it looked really awesome. You could dye the ends of your hair all different colors, like it had been dipped in paint, that would be unusual.
  6. Yen giggles when Shaed says the rabbit dish is like 'sex for the mouth'. "Hey handsome, I've got sex for your mouth!" she winks,"but if you insist on three-eared rabbit stew, I guess you can have it, 'cause you''ll take off and get it anyway. Go ahead Wanderer, a little hare hunt won't hurt anything."
  7. At A'lya's question the dwarves looked at each other and winked conspiratorily, grinning and nodding among themselves as though they knew some secret of great importance. The driver smiled widely and said "We love fresh roasted boar, we will share our best ale with you for allowing us to join you! As for the metal dragon....we have suspicions, yes, many suspicions....but no PROOF, you see, and speculation is idle without real evidence." The dwarves ate large portions of the meat, and passed their tasty fizzy ale around the travelers, enough to quench everyone's thirst. "Do you all want a ride to town?" the chubby bearded fellow asked the group before them. "We have to deliver our cargo and take it off the wagon not far from here, and there should be plenty of room for all of you. The metal dragon is known to lurk in this vicinty, and it is very risky to encounter it....." his voice lowered to a throaty whisper, growling slighty, "We believe it is not truly a dragon at all......some of us fancy it is a very powerful machine controlled by the rider, instead of a live magical beast. I would avoid it at all costs if I were you, if it is such a device, it can't be destroyed by ordinary means." His lip curled in a snarl, "The rider must be a mechanical genius more powerful than a wizard to invent such a robot." He sipped his ale and waited for a response from the adventurers. ***** Amusa winked at Dasean and replied "No I can't grant myself knowlege as far as I know, but I can do my own hair!" She blinks and her lavender ponytail suddenly becomes an elaborate french braided coif with dangling tassels and beads.
  8. Wanderer's voice reverberated like a yawn throughout the hull of the ship, vibrating in the corridors, "There is a rare species of three-eared jack rabbit with a water hump similar to a camel that can be found outside in the desert. I'm not sure how tasty they are.....but if you catch one it can be prepared to your liking." Yen heard the ship answer Shaed and turned up her nose. His culinary desires were certainly bizarre, but she liked his reactions on a full tummy. More energy is better, for just about everything.....she grinned, wondering if Renastere would eat the same recipe. "Are you going out there again to hunt, darling?" she asked the Jhozian.
  9. "Oh HO! exclaimed the dwarven cart driver, "what are you strangers doing wandering in the dragon infested forest? Hop aboard, and ride with us to town!! It's not safe for anyone to remain in this wild land...you must escape before you are discovered here!!" He waved his arms vigorously, his short body jiggling around as he tried to get all of their attention. The other two dwarves still on the cart began singing another tune as their bold companion attempted to round up the stray travelers.
  10. Amusa 4th wall genie (LOL, ummm, guys the dwarves in the wagon are not a dragon..... , and you can't take a live dragon's heart without killing it, you have to solve the riddle to suceed at the quest , from now on don't control the NPC's that aren't yours, or ya won't be able to figure out what is really going on, (hint) try talking to the singing dwarves instead.... 8)) The dwarves see Tashiki in front of them, and pull on the reins, bringing the already slow paced mules to a complete halt. They continue singing, however, grinning as though they were the finest entertaiment in the world, holding a concert just for him, and anyone else within earshot. The song was quite good, although in a foriegn language, and the three dwarves carried on all the way to the end, and then, still on their wagon, bowed deeply to the stranger in the path before them. The dwarf who had been guiding the cart hopped off briskly and approached Tashiki, waving his hand and shouting a dwarven greeting with a huge smile on his face. "Would you all like a ride?" The short bearded fella asked him, as if the already overloaded cart and lazy mules could handle anything else. (Just so you all know, since you're new to RP's, you can make up anything you want, but don't change stuff other people are inventing....usually the writer has something in mind, and so will you as you come up with your own ideas, so do what ever you like with your own chars, just keep in mind that other writers have plans for theirs... , you guys are fun BTW!)
  11. As Shaed suddenly let go of Yen she landed on her feet, watching him run at light speed to Runner's quarters,obviously intent on confronting the vampire. She still thought better of following him, she was not just cowardly, she reasoned she was the most likely to become vampire lunch, and feeding the blood-sucking monster would only increase his power to use against Shaed and the Runner. She stepped into her quarters and pulled up surviellance, which showed the hallway and Runner's door clearly. When the Runner came out of her quarters and demanded a name, Yen got a really creepy feeling while Shaed gave his usual wise-cracking response. Name them? She could barely recognize Runner mentally now, and tried to send her a thought wave, just to find out if she could still hear Yen. As irritating as the Runner's mental interuptions had been, it was even weirder now that her whole personality seemed to be 'gone'.... "You're going to quit interfering with Shead and I quorking, now, are you?" Yen sent the suggestion tentatively, waiting to see how much of the Runner was left dominant between the pair.
  12. Amusa 4th wall genie Amusa watched the combat with the boar and dragon from a safe distance, not wanting to get dirty or mess up her hair. The group of adventurers was quite valiant, and had little need of her help anyway. While they were all forming a plan of attack and negotiating with the red dragon, she heard an odd noise growing louder, and headed in their direction. It sounded like....several male voices singing, and sure enough, around a bend a rather large, unwieldy wagon appeared rolling along a winding path leading through the small valley. It was drawn by two lazy mules, who ambled along slowly, and riding the rocky cart were three dwarves, singing loudy in fairly good harmony in a dwarven tongue known to no one but themselves. They were quite merry, and their wagon heavily loaded, pulled along at a snail's pace by the patient mules.
  13. This was wonderful!! A Naked Knight (at least temporarily), and a Shy Guy falling out of a tree! Amusa liked her girlfriend adventurers, but it was sure nice to find some male company, even if this one looked a little scruffy and hungry. "Certainly you can join us!" she beamed, "falling out of a tree is a perfect introduction, you remind me of Rorrim already!" "We are going to the 'shadowlands', as instructed by our good companion and treasurer, Vendius Cantum, to search for Rorrim the Blue Mage!" "Let me introduce Yunna Godhath, who is a virgin, and a Knight, Faelyn Elyn, who is a trader, Fuoco Et Aqua an Enticele, A'lya, our elven friend, Celia Duncan and Avalyn Amour, who are from the cat races. I am Amusa, a free genie, and this is Sir Dasean, who has just failed to defeat a most powerful dragon, all by himself!!" "Tell us your name, young man, and who are you?" Amusa could see Dasean wincing out of the corner of her eye, he was definitely armor and fashion challenged. She winked at the stray newcomer, and produced an orange from one of her pockets and tossed it to him. "Just a moment, while I do some quick tailoring for our knight in shining armor!" She looked Dasean over for a moment, then with a wave of her hand adjusted the size of his borrowed gear to fit perfectly. He was also suddenly wearing a ridiculously stylish hat, with a pert feather tucked in the hatband.
  14. KINNISON!! and with a cheeky smile! just what I been tryin' ta get outa him fer months!! He usually looks so serious I think I'm 'bout ta get arrested! HI Kinnison!
  15. Amusa was dreadfully disappointed to see the young hero back in another suit of armor....she thought a pair of harem pants would be much more attractive. She flounced over to Yuu, Celia and Avalyn, who were providing him with whatever they had available that was of any use and introduced herself. "Hello there, brave Sir Dasean! I'm Amusa, the leader of this expedition, and we are searching for Rorrim the Blue Mage, not exactly hunting dragons." "I seem to have brought us to Rorrim's point of departure by mistake, we are supposed to be going to the shadowlands, where Vendius said we might be able to find and rescue him from Kleptin the Black Dagger." "I've never seen a monster like that beast before, but since it declined to eat you, are you sure it's the same one who is demanding virgins? I distinctly remember Rorrim saying the culprit was a RED dragon, not a silver one."
  16. As the women in the party stared at the unclothed stranger, offering him whatever they had available to assist him in his destitute plight, a single sheet of paper wafted down from the sky, falling as if from a great height, perhaps lost by the wicked dragon rider himself. Snatching it up, the genie stifled her merriment briefly in order to read it's contents: IMMENSE REWARD OFFERED BY THE CURRENT KING OF THIS DEMOCRATIC REALM!!! To any brave hero who can defeat the Evil Dragon, who has descended on our previously harmonious existance, and bring all of it's wicked demands for Virgins as Sacrifices to an end!! The Prize will also include the King's youngest daughter's hand in marriage (when she is of age). PS: Slightly smaller reward offered for the capture of a certain Blue Mage, to be returned unharmed, in condition to answer for his seduction of the King's eldest daughter, who was barely rescued from his attentions by the noble T.T., who interupted them in the Princess' bedchamber, causing the cowardly Mage to flee. The Blue Mage is required to marry the eldest Princess IMMEDIATELY. Amusa began snickering again, and handed the lost proclamation to the party member standing nearest to her.
  17. http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/1715/amusassxv9.png[/img]Amusa 4th wall genie Amusa raised her eyebrows, returning Avalyn's gaze. "Ummm, how should I know? Anyway, it's gone now, lucky for the gentleman waiting below. Vendy, do you have anything Sir Bare can wear?" she dissolved into silly laughter, the visible portions of her ample body jiggling as she gasped, still watching the unfortunate hero's rear end.
  18. "Excuse me"....Wanderer's mellow voice interupted all activity aboard briefly to announce, "my analysis of the odor Yen objected to previously has failed to identify a reasonable source, the current prisoner is definitely not responsible for its' origins."
  19. At the sound of a unknown male voice inquiring after clothing, Amusa did finally spread her fingers enough to peek....then her hands flew away from her face, catching a surprisingly good glimpse of the now stripped wannabe hero fully exposed in the valley below. It was a much more pleasent sight than the charred skeletal remains she had expected, and as he turned his back in obvious modesty, she smiled delightedly at the view of his attractive backside, and began giggling. "Well, ladies, should we rescue this handsome stranger?" she quizzed the small party of adventurers.
  20. Amusa 4th wall genie "Is it over?" Amusa sobs, refusing to even peek between her fingers, both hands now covering her eyes.
  21. Amusa 4th wall genie Amusa winks at A’lya and Yuu, and the rest of the eager party. “Well, I don’t want to forget anyone this time, we’re off to the shadowlands!” suddenly tossing all of them like dandelion fluff into the shifting colorful currents of the Vortex. After being whirled about a few times, the intrepid group winds up, still together and in one piece, all standing on a low cliff looking out over a thick, lush, evergreen covered landscape, the view of which would be spectacular enough without the riveting scene unfolding in the small valley just below them. A life threatening struggle was coming to it’s conclusion between a lone knight and a powerful dragon, and the outcome was not in the hero’s favor. The dragon was enclad in gleaming, stainless steel, shining mirror bright, portions of it’s metallic chrome plates flashing as the sunlight reflected off of it’s twisting, chrome covered body. It’s neck was circled with intricate silver links, flexible and strong, like fine jewelry, the brilliant sheath in no way inhibiting its’ supple, fluid, snake-like movements. The beast’s entire form was encased in metal, even the wings shielded by fine steel mesh, making it impossible to recognize the type of winged reptile it might be beneath the protective gear. On the armored dragon’s back perched a single figure, also completely disguised by chrome chain mail, nothing exposed to identify the rider, whose gloved hands were resting on the horn of an odd steel plated saddle. The stranger’s hands were not gripping the saddle to maintain position, however, the mysterious one’s fingers were moving rapidly, as if performing some kind of evil incantation, tapping on the saddle horn repeatedly in a two-handed rhythm as if it were a…..keyboard? The unfortunate knight was up in the air, being held out at arms-length, gripped tightly between steel claws. His horse had fled in terror, and his sword, shield and lance were stuck to a wide plated portion of the dragon’s belly, as if held by a strong magnet. The beast was deftly severing his suit of armor from his body, quickly slicing through it, one section at a time, and placing it with the other stolen items fastened to it’s underside. The knight appeared to be unharmed so far, at least there was no sign of blood, and he was struggling and cursing, but helpless to prevent his foe from proceeding to strip him down to his undergarments. At the very last, the barely visible red neon glow of the immense reptile’s eyes fastened on the hapless avenger, winking behind a bright steel visor, and raising it’s prisoner to the level of it’s snout, it blew a puff of fuchsia fire from it’s nostrils, engulfing the writhing victim. Amusa screamed and covered her eyes, certain the group of witnesses on the cliff top were going to watch the dragon eat it’s now cooked prey, ripping off one limb after another and then devouring him. Instead, the flames disapated, revealing the unharmed knight….ALL of the knight, the last of his clothing burnt away by the unusual flame. The reptile set him back on the ground, and releasing him from it’s steel pincher grip, launched itself with a great leap into the sky, it’s huge wings seizing the air with mighty flapping at the peak of its jump, carrying it swiftly into the distance, leaving the Naked Knight stranded in the midst of the wilderness. Too far away to be overheard by anyone else, the rider burst into wicked laughter as the metal clothed beast flew higher, “Idiot!” the stranger scoffed, “Instead of donning that suit of armor to rescue a virgin, you should have tried a little suitor’s amour!”
  22. (@AnnaMazinggx3 - you're task is prob. going to be the most difficult , in spite of it's appearance)
  23. Amusa 4th wall genie “Ummm, if there is no magic, I might just cease to exist!” Amusa replies to A’lya, “This is just like Kleptin, his reputation is full of tales of his ruthlessness.” She turns to the Spirit of Future Dreams and inquires “What should we do?” The lovely ethereal Water Nymph gazes wisely at the puzzled genie, sliding the tips her fingers through the ends of her flowing hair. “I can give you advice, Child of the Jinn, but you must return the favor. Each of you will need to accomplish a certain task, or answer a question for me in order to succeed at your quest. I know the results already, but frequently require confirmation of my visions, it is so isolated here that I seldom get a chance to check my predictions to be sure they are real. I’ll provide clues in the form of riddles, just to be sure you return with the true answers, instead of simply telling me what I think I will hear.” The Spirit turns her eyes to Yunna Godhath saying, “Brave Knight Yuu, your task is a physical one, you must return to me bringing the Heart of a Dragon that cannot be slain.” Then she indicates Faelyn Elyn, giving her another mission, “Merchant Faelyn, you must seek out the oldest remaining virgin in Rorrim the Blue Mage’s native dimension, and discover her one true wish”…..the sapphire pool ripples, erasing Rorrim’s image and replacing it with that of a very young girl, probably 10 or 12 years of age, who is wearing a circlet of gold and playing with a large teddy bear…. “and return to me able to recite the Virgin’s Wish.” “For you, wise A’lya the Elf, obtain a Thief’s Promise, and be certain it is kept….when you succeed, return to tell me the tale.” “My dear feline Celia Duncan, please discover the Price of Laughter, and acquire the means to pay it, you will need this knowledge to obtain your goal. When you have won, purchase it and bring it to me.” “And lovely sleek Avalyn Amour, make a Friend of an Enemy to assist on your quest, and tell me the name of the one you brefriended. “The graceful Fuocco Et Aqua, you should learn the Fire Dance upon Water, and perform it on the enchanted pool before you, to entertain me upon your return.” “Silly young Genie, you must SURVIVE. You and Rorrim the Blue Mage are at great risk from the loss of magic that the Black Dagger now has the power to inflict upon you both. You are a magical creature, and the effects of a complete loss of such power on you is unknown at this time.” “Experienced Vendious, you will need a Dimension Compass on your travels with the fair genie, once you find one, use it when required, then bring it to me once your journey is over.” The Nymph’s eyes closed for an instant, before she continued, “There will be at least one other joining your adventure very soon, and perhaps others to follow. Their part in the quest will be revealed to them individually, as they arrive….it is very important to prevent Kleptin the Black Dagger from inhibiting the rightful use of magic, much depends on your party’s success. Farewell for now, and good fortune.”
  24. OK, makes sense....but I've never tried it, and have no idea how to make any of those... Wanna pick an easy one and give me a clue?
  25. Amusa 4th wall genie I want to animate this frame....to add to my RP posts. Amusa's sprite can move, and the butterfies fly, and the water flows in RPGXP. How do I get a few frames in a loop that I can add to my posts? thanks
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