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  1. http://img399.imageshack.us/img399/5766/amusassxq1.png[/img]Amusa 4th wall genie "Oh my goodness, I forgot Fu! Yuu, and Fu, it's sooo confusing....just a second, you all wait here, keep and eye on Rorrim, and I'll be right back!" The bouncy genie vanishes in the blink of an eye to fetch the stray party member. She appears in the Tavern, and flouncing over to Fu she says, "I'm sorry dear, I missed you when the rest of us left, come on sweetie, let's go!" whirling them both back into the Jinn Vortex that flows between dimensions, they return to join the others with no warning, arriving in typical genie style, as if out of nowhere. "Well, that's solved." Amusa says smugly. "If we can't find out exactly where our beloved Blue Mage is being held captive, I can return us to where I lost him originally. Kleptin may not have taken him very far, after all, and that's as good a place as any to start." She glances at the still blue water and the image of Rorrim in front of a blank expanse of white, shaking her head. "He could be anywhere, Amaranthia has links to almost every dimension imaginable! We are in for quite a hunt, for sure." She tosses her ponytail impatiently. "Shall we go?"
  2. "The Runner seems to think you are growing horns...and now you want me naked in a meadow?" Yen laughed and ran her fingers through his short, thick fur, ruffling it the wrong direction. "Anywhere you like, Officer Shaed, I think horns would be rather handsome on you" she whispered in his ear tugging at his earlobe with her lips. Wanderer hummed quietly in the background, keeping track of the unwelcome prisoner, and analyzing the particles of filth recently extracted from the ship's air.
  3. Amusa 4th wall genie "Yes, ladies and Vendipoo, this is Rorrim the Blue Mage." Amusa sighs fondly, watching him slip elegantly on one hundred bananas, falling on his rear quite gracefully, and toss them away casually like some kind of continous instant replay. She surveys the spellbound gathering of eager adventurers. "He is destined to be a great hero!" she enthuses, then adds,"because I said so, but he must get a new hat!" "Hmmm, he seems to be standing in front of a blank page, or perhaps he is covering a post, RORRIM!! Darling, please move a little to one side so I can read, ummm, I mean, see where you are....I will join you as soon as I can figure out where Kleppy imprisoned you." "Klep is a notorious tormentor of RP characters!", she whispers in a very loud stage whisper, winking broadly at everyone. "But what is even worse, he could just leave our brave Blue Mage dangling on a completely blank post indefinitely, to be eternally forgotten, a most ignomious fate worse than death!!"
  4. Amusa 4th wall genie Amusa sees Rorrim in the gleaming Pool of Farsight, a brief distance behind her in post #24, and begins cooing in a very silly singsong tone "Rorrim, oh Rorrim! Where have you been, I'm down here in post #30!! and as he continues to look upward, rather than down, reading the post above him, mainly because the posts below including this one had not been written yet, she squirms frustratedly. "That sleepy head! He is sooo absent minded." The Spirit of Future Dreams sitting beside the shining Pool of Farsight suddenly speaks, her long hair flowing around her as she answers, tiny bubbles drifting upwards from out of her mouth following each word, "Yes, your Blue Mage is almost forgotten, and may be in great danger." "Danger?" Amusa inquires, quite puzzled. "From what? Tieing his own shoes and tripping on them?" "No, wild genie, from his narrator, Kleptin the Thief, also known as the Black Dagger. A most dangerous author to be in control of one's fate.." The Water Spirit's eyes glistened, reflecting the scenes in the pool. "I refuse to believe that Rorrim the Blue Mage cannot handle some youngster typing on a keyboard!" Amusa snickers, "I, myself won't put up with any nonsense, at most I will fake my own horrible demise, just to make my RP writer miserably guilty for being so careless as to allow me to be destroyed, then I romp off on a long vacation, or go shopping. However, Rorrim appears to be in the Forum!" she giggles at the rhyme, "the Amaranthia forum contains several dimensions, including this one....I wonder which one Kleptin is keeping him in?"
  5. I saved this from the old site....and am too lazy to retype it, at least as long as the pic will show!! http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/9766/amusaarchivessnv2.jpg[/img]
  6. Amusa 4th wall genie "Ooooo Vendioooo, this is exciting! All of you are sooo strong and talented!! If Rorrim even hears that such a lovely group is seeking his attention he's bound to show up just to find out what's going on." Amusa shimmys a little, then a perplexed expression hovers about her brow. "We still need some direction, I know of an excellent fortune teller in a dimension near Scorpio...." without any notice the frivolous genie bats her long lashes and the entire feminine group plus old Vendius Cantum is whirled through the Jinn Vortex onto a completely different plane of existance. The experience is more fun than a wild roller coaster ride with fireworks going off overhead, once you get used to it, if you like being spun around and upside down through a swirling light show that is. Everyone arrives safely, and on their feet, without a hair out of place, it seems Amusa really wants to chase Rorrim, and is concentrating more than is typical for her. The whole party is standing in an olive green marble pavilion, surrounded by plush lawn within and old forest. Morning glories twine thickly up the pillars, graced with thousands of multi-colored blooms. In the center are shallow steps down to a circular pool of sapphire water, calm and smooth as a mirror, and seated on a marble bench near the reflecting surface is a water spirit, a nymph, clothed in nothing but her shining, dark, aqua-streaked hair, which was thick and long enough to conceal almost anything of undue interest. She looks at her guests who had appeared out of nowhere through mysterious liquid almond eyes, as if she was expecting them. (My dearest Kleptin, we are eventually going to gaze into the mirror pool to see where Rorrim is and what he was doing recently...a cut scene, if you will, provided by you perhaps? Then on with the search!!)
  7. Amusa 4th wall genie Amusa wiggles and giggles and claps her hands delightedly, quickly echoing the merchant,” Who’s coming?” she scrolls up the list of potential participants expectantly. “Celia, Knight Yunna, Faelyn Ellyn, Fucco et Aqua, A’lya, and Avalyn Amour? I just love the name Avalyn Amour, it’s delightful, and we have a bunch of women to help me chase Rorrim!! Kleptin’s reputation must be rubbing off on him.” she remarks half to herself, then dissolves into silly laughter. “The only problem is I have no idea where he might be, although I can transfer us anywhere. Does anyone have a divining or fortune telling talent to give me a small hint as to his location? How about you, Vendy, is there any clue we can use to follow the capricious Blue One?” "I'll teleport the entire party to the most likely location to seek him, then I can go shopping!" she coos, smiling foolishly. Experienced party members be aware and warned that they are dealing with a genuine genie, known for trickery, but really just very lazy and typically stupid. Amusa may mean well, but her magic is so powerful, like most of her kind she never bothers to learn how to use it effectively, or efficiently, and often makes blatant errors in judgment. In other words, she might transport them anywhere but where she intends, quite accidentally, of course, and any other genie would just claim to have done it on purpose....the usual cover for their specie's sheer ignorance.
  8. Amusa - 4th wall genie A beautiful gal with a bouncing lavender pony tail wearing a diaphanous fuchsia harem outfit with a barely contained chest to match sashays into the Tavern, her enthusiastic figure wriggling from every angle. “Vendius Cantum, you romantic old fool, where’s Rorrim? Does Klep know where he is? We were supposed to slay a red dragon, and he waltzed off to some other dimension….it’s been months, now!” she sighs dramatically, batting her orchid eyelashes, her bosom heaving visibly. “Please find him for me!” she stares at the experienced fence with huge puppy dog eyes. “I’ll offer mountains of gold and hills of diamonds to anyone who can sweet talk him into coming back long enough for me to slap him for ignoring me.” She pouts threateningly enough to drive a normal male into obvious thoughts of kissing her passionately. “Dimension travel is a requirement, of course, in order to track a Blue Mage you must be able to jump about time and place, and particularly through the forum in the most fickle and flighty manner possible. He is sure to be very hard to catch, I should know, I’ve tried, I think he may not even be sure where he is himself at the moment.” She flounces, all of her bounces, and she winks at the adventure seeking merchant. “I’ll even throw in three wishes, if you can get him to apologize! What do you say? It’s an easy way to get rich, and perfectly legal.”
  9. (ummm, yeah, thought I'd have an excuse to catch her by now, but Yen's a newbie psi, and there seems to be plenty of cover...too bad Cherry's out for a while)
  10. Have fun with the furball. He was practically growing horns with his fur. Yen caught the Runner's impertinant reply and started to giggle. Shaed would look really cute with psionic horns....reassured, she never considered that Elindra might really be in control of the Runner's body, and turned her full amorous attention to the Jhozian.
  11. Yen sighed with relief as the air pressure in the ship shifted slightly, and a clean ozone smell began sweeping away the rotten odor. "Have a snug nap, then!" she sent a thought after the retreating figure of the Runner. This was more like it, this was her sentient ship, not some strange mausoleum, and her first mate, she looked up at the tall Jhozian with a mischevious look in her eyes, her arms still around his waist. "I bet I know what you are thinking, now!" she murmured seductively, taking full advantage of being left alone with him, and sliding her hands toward other areas of his body.... while waiting for some smug retort from the Runner to interupt her teasing Shaed.
  12. Yen shuddered and hugged Shaed a little tighter, wrinkling her pert nose. "There's no way I'd even have brought Adrian aboard Wanderer, much less hang around him alone. I think the entire ship will need disinfecting now that he's been in here, he stinks!!" The mechanic failed to distinguish the graveyard odor the vampire was releasing from the prisoner's scent, by now the entire ship had been permeated with a faint reek of decay. It was unnerving, this subtle form of sensual assault, a continous harrassment of the senses, like being trapped in a funeral parlor with no escape into fresher air. "Wanderer, increase the air filtration, and add something to deodorize the atmosphere, it reeks in here!" Yen demanded of the ship.
  13. Yenomeht held her tongue as Shaed and the Runner left the safety of the ship to confront Jadis' evil servant waiting in the bleak darkened wasteland outside. There was no stopping the Jhozian, he always got what he wanted eventually....she knew this from personal experience, and the Runner was just as stubborn in her own right. Something was odd since the vampire had arrived, though, Yen could sense Elindra influencing the Runner, but was uncertain how much control her wicked side was really exerting.... so far nothing about her behavior was particularly abnormal, and Elindra had been lurking in the background of the Runner's mind from the beginning....they were in the same body, after all. A few moments after the entry hatch closed behind the determined pair, Yen began overhearing Shaed's mental sheilding technique, including all his erotic thoughts about herself. Blushing passionately from the amorous distraction she didn't even notice the vaporized vampire sneaking into Wanderer's interior...and before she realized it her two crewmates returned with Adrian in tow,claiming him as their prisoner. The presence of the creepy minion of the Empress disgusted her, and she would have left him out in the desert, but since they had him locked up, she decided to let Wanderer deal with it. Instead she grinned at the Runner, saying "That was easier than I thought, what do we do with him now?", and then wrapped her arms around Shaed, whispering mentally "ummmm, I heard what you were thinking out there...
  14. Yenomeht looked nervously from Shaed to the Runner, "Are you both nuts? I'm taking Wanderer's advice, and avoiding those two until sunrise forces them to leave, or kills them both." She turned a worried gaze on Shaed, too concerned to pay much attention to a subtle shift in the Runner's persona..."I wish you wouldn't think about leaving the ship, either....if that fireball of yours didn't really destroy the vamp, I'm not so sure you can defeat him, especially on your own out there." "Wanderer, is there any sign of Jadis' henchmen that you can detect?" she questioned the ship.
  15. "You got him!!" Yen gasped as Shaed finally set her down and went to grab the Runner swinging her in his victory dance. It was hard to believe the encounter was really over..... Then he ordered Wanderer to remove the spider webs using the extra heat being generated inside the ship...and she was so impressed she decided he deserved a promotion, the next chance she got she would make him first mate...and then she would....well, save those thoughts for later, the Runner had an odd expression on her face. "Runner, are you OK?" she asked worriedly. The vampire's sudden disappearance was having a strange effect on her...
  16. "I'm trying to get those wild bats to behave normally and devour the spiders." Yen answered, wiping sweat from her forehead where her curly hair was beginning to stick to it. Other parts of her uniform were beginning to appear damp in the increasing heat. Her third eye wide open, watching the screen, as Shaed lauched another fire attack outside the ship. "Shaed, can you burn the webs off of the hull with that fireball? The flames shouldn't damage Wanderer's exterior finish at all."
  17. "Launch a video drone to see what is going on out there." Yen said to the ship, and soon an image of swarms of bats and spiders appeared as the remote control device circled the vessel's exterior, scanning and recording the strange nocturnal activity. The insects spun webs around the hull, and the bats flocked toward the scanners and viewports, obscuring the spacecraft's electronic vision. "That's very odd, why aren't the bats eating the spiders?" she wondered aloud, then tentatively sent a suggestion of hunger aimed at the flying mammals' brains, attempting to persuade them to treat the arachnids as the natural prey they were, hopefully initiating a feast that would rid the craft of half of the invaders.
  18. (Sorry, been sick, swamped with work, and Everace won't let me out of bed....be back later!)
  19. The droids were vacuuming tiny shards of sandy glass from off the floor, while Yen finally wriggled free enough from Shaed's protective embrace to see what had happened. He was not cut, but there were tiny blisters swelling on his back that looked almost like a sunburn. "Wanderer, get something for minor burns in here before Shaed's skin gets any worse." she demanded, then glanced at the exterior view to see it being partially blocked as swarms of what appeared to be bats swooped and dove at the ship's sensors. Some of them dived in so close their sharp fangs and beady blind eyes could be seen clearly, flapping wings obscuring the visual image intermitantly. "Can we confuse those with radar?" she wondered aloud, then got a very strange feeling of being watched. Someone was watching HER, in particular, a greedy, grasping, wicked mind, it made her stomach turn and skin crawl, this evil presence, and she nearly gagged, not knowing how to back away from someone who was not really there....
  20. (hmmm, what?? wallpapering, can't post till later)
  21. Before she knew what was happening, Shaed's arms were around her, holding too tightly for her to even wriggle in his grasp. It wasn't an aroused response, and from the strength of his grip she knew they were in danger, but it wasn't until after the molten glass shattered all over the place that she realized how his magic must have backfired. "How did that get in here?" she gasped, struggling to be free and see if he was alright.
  22. Yen just stood back for a moment watching the Runner, Wanderer, and Shaed pester the unwelcome visitors in the desert repeatedly. Then a small smile sneaked across her face and she went over the Shaed, slipping an arm around his waist, standing on tiptoe, irreverently whispering in his ear "Those fire spells of yours are getting more than those two nuisances hot!"
  23. Wanderer replays an answer to Yen's request for information about vampires from a day ago.....broadcast outside within range of the undead's hearing. “I have located some old data with interesting ways to deal with vampires, here is a quote from the Archive, post #41, made by some despicable human called Kleptin the The Black Dagger: “ I'm not gonna kill you x.x I'm gonna strap you to an altar and hook you up to a machine that drips holy water on your forehead drop...by drop...by drop... MUAHAHAHAHAHA” The ship imitates a very mocking, wicked, evil laugh to perfection....and adds, "I suggest you get off my hull, and don't assume my intelligence is so limited you can seduce me with charms more suitable to wild beasts. I am the Ultimate Weapon for Espionage, the Most Dangerous Mercenary Ship in the Known Universe, you do not have my permission to board or interfere with my crew." (the sentient ships' concious minds were developed by the fairies who escaped the Vampires' Dominion....none of them would get along with a vampire, at least nothing of Wanderer's superior class....has CherryWine seen the first dream attack sequence? The one that explains the psionics, etc.? An old vampire should about know this, De Tremere was thousands of years old)
  24. Yen's face whitened as the displays on the console shifted suddenly into waves of black and white lines, flowing in incomprehensible moire patterns across every screen. Her swift fingers on the keyboard met only blank resistance, there was no response to her touch. In a near panic, she reached down to remove the panel covering the hardware to get at the mechanical wiring, when suddenly the ship recovered, and Wanderer's voice hummed over the intercom, a very faint unusual static crackle in the background, as though some of the ship's high quality sound equipment was slightly damaged....or maybe the starcraft was getting nervous. "Outside interference from the creature called Adrian interupted my electrical systems momentarily. I was not aware that he was capable of generating that type of energy, I have increased the psionic sheilding to compensate." The predatory figure of the owl was no longer subliminal on Wanderer's exterior, the head appeared to swivel, it's huge mirror like eyes glowing while casting the floodlight beam, a hologram projection of the gigantic nocturnal hunter surrounding the hull completely in 3-D. The ship's beak appeared ready to snap up the miserable vampire and his loathsome companion in an instant, which it certainly could have if it's original weapons had been intact. Yenomeht shook her head, trying to fathom the ship's sudden malfunction and the Runner's mad dash toward the door.... "We don't know what else those two are capable of, if we can hold out until morning, the rising sun should take care of them for us, but I don''t think you should leave Wanderer, Runner, they seem to want you out there." She glanced at Shaed, a thought crossing her mind that maybe she should ask him to try and hold the Runner back if she attempted to leave involuntarily again. She came very close to voicing it....
  25. "Kwerk, I wish we had those lasers." Yen muttered to herself, then "Well, even if we can't attack, let's make them as uncomfortable as possible." She typed a command into the control panel keyboard, and a high intensity floodlight focused on the unwelcome pair lurking in the darkened desert, pinning them dead center in the brilliant halo of a spotlight, making Jadis' henchmen a certain target, if Wanderer had still been equipped with weapons. "Those two can't know we are unarmed," she said to Shaed and the Runner,"this should intimidate them temporarily, do you want to question them from here? Threaten to incinerate their vile corpses if they don't respond appropriately, tell them we can hear everything they are saying, and won't tolerate their presence aboard."
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