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  1. No slappin' now, just gonna *nudges 'er with a dull cutlass* Arghhh, Captain Marian, the mutineers love ya....can I make ya walk the plank?
  2. @MarianFrae - never got yer pm, is there room for another player? post#42
  3. Quote RivenSilver: I don't mind doing it. As a matter of fact I would probably thoroughly enjoy it. That convinces me...and we can all still lend a hand with various locations, too, just like MW is doing. I think that will create a complex RP environment, that Everace can do some DMing in too, giving everyone a chance to contribute, and not taxing anyone's creativity excessively. Let's make Lady RivenSilver the Dungeon Master, to keep everything coordinated. (don't ya sneaky minds start a laughin' now) anyone gonna contact Damian 'bout his offer?
  4. *winks* I'd still vote for RivenSilver....who among us can't handle 'in yer face?' lol We've only had ONE minor disagreement so far, and it was solved the same evening. (love ya too, papierce, but Riven has the answer to stretching the imagination!!)
  5. I think either papierce or Rivensilver would have the most time to devote to our wayward RP. I also think we should each DM a particular area or planet in Charon 5, like MagickWielder is doing in the Cefayaen tunnels. I would be OK with handling the Moon of Charon 5, I have backstories going on there, along with Zack McCready and other NPC's developing. Someone does need to aquire the data from MarianFrae to follow the plot outlined by Alicia, and maintain integrity with the info about Jadis and the Empire. Of course we are counting on her to continue with Runner's char, and possibly Adrian....something she oughta have more time for once she has less responsibility with the DM area. As far as our 2 1/2 month delay of 12 hours RP time, we should progress past this point, and not get stuck like it again, lol!! Marian volunteered to play the vamp, so we can encounter and resolve the issue....or we can do away with him by some other means, sudden recall by Jadis for instance. Looking forward to continuing the RP....Honestly, I think RivenSilver has a knack for this, she reminds me of MagickWielder in that she has already begun to invent towns and other things on the surface of the desert world...just the sort of stuff a good DM provides to keep player chars moving!! Quote: I had traveled extensively a pretty wide swath between Silverthorn, the town on the moor in which I was born and educated, and Eriah in the north And DAMIAN volunteered to join, why hasn't he been contacted and told ta go for it!!? We've been lookin' for new folks all this time....don't let 'em get away!! Quote Damian, post 183: ((can i join in?)) Tsk,tsk.....(sound like anyone?)
  6. @xblotterx Quote: Sorry but it's only fair all opinions be shared. Not just rosey ones. And the people that don't play it will thank me lol It seems you really are trying to discourage other people from playing this game, and no one who doesn't play it will thank you, because they will have no idea what they are missing. Your 'opinion' is nothing but worthless propaganda, since it is blatantly intended to make other people's decisions for them. Hopefully most folks reading this aren't that mindless, and your influence is as futile as your attempts to disguise your biased comments as 'opinions'. The difference is as simple as comparing the two statements: "I didn't like this game." TRUE or "I didn't like this game, and no one else will either." FALSE Even if there are other people who don't like it, you're not doing them any big favor by deciding they don't have to find that out for themselves.
  7. "Oh, good." Yen sighs, kissing him again. She puts her arms around his neck, with a small jump lifting her body up with the backs of her arms resting on his shoulders, then wraps her legs around his waist tightly. "Let's go lock the door, and I'll threaten to shut down Wanderer if it interupts us again." she whispers in his ear.
  8. "We'll just have to count on the Runner, she knows more about this than we do. It's spooky, but we must have all awakened for a reason, inexperience or not, I think Adrich de Tremere made a mistake attacking us mentally in advance. For some reason, I'm more worried about him in person. We'd better hide our skills the best we can from him, though." She shook her head, brushing her curls against him. Standing on tiptoe, she brushed her lips against his.
  9. Shaed’s reassurances made her feel a little better, but apprehension remained, haunting Yen. “I just HATE having my mind messed with.” she replied resting her head against him. “Too many things can go wrong working on this equipment, where the detonate button is millimeters from the disarm key, without some psionic interference trying to confuse the difference.” She looked up at him, “What did you just do, moving that round out of the way like that? Can you do it again?”
  10. Shaed's embrace strengthened Yen, but not enough to quell a nagging sense of guilt, she turned her head, relieved to watch the Runner climb to her feet again, saying she was going to get some rest. "I just keep messing up where she's concerned, I almost wish I hadn't manufactured that gun." she said snuggling closer in his strong arms. "I keep getting this nagging premonition that it's going to be used against one of us, instead of being a defense. Maybe I should have Wanderer dismantle the ones here, Faelyn still has hers, and I'm not sure what good a rifle will be against a vampire anyway."
  11. (@marian - sorry to spam, but did ya mean by 'player candidate' that ya have room for me to RP here too? if so pm me, so I'm not interupting again)
  12. oops, sorry, was reading this and forgot where I was at, very nice, BTW, headed back to Charon 5.
  13. Yen barely had a chance to catch Shaed's eyes through her tears and say "You deflected it! But what was it?", before the Runner began talking to herself, finally collapsing to her knees, exhausted by the conflict within her.
  14. Yen heard Shaed shout "No", desperation in his voice a split second after the round left the rifle. As she stared at the red streak marking it's passage, heading straight at the Runner, it suddenly turned, deflected, and slowing her vision to normal she saw it strike the wall. But it left no mark. Shaking, she could see Runner was unharmed, so she half ran to the spot where it should have struck, but there was nothing, no sign of a bullet, not a scratch on the wall. "What is going on?" she gasped, looking over at Shaed she ran back to the tray of bullets, and there were no live ones on it, just blanks. Her nerves on edge, tears filled her eyes and she struggled not to cry. Someone was playing mental games on them. Wanderer's voice filled the stunned silence, "I warned you about tiring yourself excessively, Runner, your alter ego seems to have come out to play."
  15. "Hmmmm?" Yen had barely paid any attention to the Runner's activity while she was focused on the console, reworking technical code. "Yen, shoot me." The Runner's request finally penetrated the mechanic's concentration, and she turned to see what she had been doing. Hundreds of stray foam blanks were scattered all over the floor. "Still worried about a little ammo, Runner?" she quizzed, a stray thought suddenly occurring to her. A realization came to mind, it made sense, but somehow no sense, either. "You don't need to dodge a hail of the bullets, Runner" she found herself saying, "you've already done that, you have to dodge the one that is going to strike. With that she picked up her rifle, loading it with ONE foam bullet, and swung it around, taking aim at her friend. "This is the real one," she said firing directly at the Runner's heart. She visualized sleek deadly metal, gleaming with a diamond hardness, streaking with unbelievable swiftness toward the center of the Runner's being, certain to explode, tearing her beating heart from her chest on contact. Suddenly her light speed vision activated, and the she saw the slow motion bullet turn grey, it's tip heated to a red glow as it tore through the air, tracers of red light in it's wake. It looked real. As she watched at light speed, her own body frozen at a normal pace, she could see every detail of the one shot she had just fired. It was frightening, the inevitable slow line of the single bullet advancing toward the Runner's breast, as though nothing could stop it. Why did this bother her when the Runner had just quelled hundreds of ammunition? Some premonition warned her that something was wrong, this shot was not the same as the others, and it was too late now.... beware the illusion of real bullets appearing to be foam.....a wicked laugh slid through Yen's mind, slimy, like blood on a fresh kill. (@Marian - gettin' bored, lol :mwah: do anythin' ya want with this.. )
  16. The minute Forest put his face next to Howdy's beard he began to laugh. "Frisky little fella aren't ya?" he chuckled. The intelligent plant-being was the strangest critter he had seen lately, and Howdy had witnessed some very strange life forms in his travels. The effects of the friendship leaves were hilarious, the extreme silliness displayed by the group who drank it was ridiculous, and not likely to wear off anytime soon.
  17. Yen folded her new wings again with a sigh, as she overheard the Runner challenge Shaed's mental blocking skills. When neatly collapsed against her back and shoulders, they were barely visible, even to the third eye. Enough playing around, she thought, mental energy isn't the only problem we might face against a vampire. It was afternoon, and she was hungry, wanting another snack, but instead she walked back to the computer and downloaded some of her coding programs onto the console.
  18. @inyhc - this is an RP, please don't post here, that is spamming, questions about the games belong elsewhere in the forum.
  19. (@Everace - lol, are ya editing and givin' me deja vue? I swear I saw the above post on the page before this one... ) "Yes, a long prehensilepsi tail!" still laughing, Yen's wings unfold again, fanning and sending the stray foam bullets swirling across the metal floor.
  20. "A pyropsi?" Yen's silly giggles echoed around the bay, "then you're a prehensilepsi!"
  21. Startled at the Runner's exclamation, Yen instinctively folded her wings, they flipped together behind her back, then folded downward neatly, almost disappearing from view. "I don't know, probably the same place you got a tail!" Yen giggled, eyeing Shaed again to see if he had grown any other mental attributes. There was some kind of aura around him, she couldn't tell what it was...
  22. (Yen's wings are mental, of course, and telekentic, like the claws. They can fan, to keep things away from her similar to a shield spell, and possibly levitate briefly, or teleport, occasionally.) Yen looked around, seeing Shaed melt the metal ball, "well that's as good as welding", she thought, admiringly. Then she caught sight of the edge of one mental energy wing, extending from her shoulder to the tip of her fingers when her arm was outstretched. She could feel herself waving them slightly, they seemed to be growing stronger, and she waited for the Runner to proceed with the next hail of bullets.
  23. "Alright, no moving" Yen stared at the bullets the Runner was firing all over the place until they appeared to slow down again, still having a strange firefly like appearance, each surrounded by a sight halo of energy. She remained still as the projectiles moved toward her in slow motion. She concentrated, in a effort to block their trajectory as the Runner had instructed, but none of them slowed any further. She tried harder, as the distance gradually narrowed between her and the closest incoming fire, felt a slight tightening as her muscles tensed in spite of her attempt to remain still. Her vision continued to be focused, and she could sense her own energy tingling up her spine spreading across her back and shoulders. There was a unfamiliar flutter, and suddenly the slow moving bullets were changing direction, all of them turned slightly, changing to a counterclockwise motion, surrounding her in a circle of gunfire, Yen being untouched by it, directly in the center, like the eye of a storm. Not another bullet reached her person. To the third eye, she has wings, fanning slightly, preventing anything from reaching her at close range. Eventually, the first bullets fired began to slow, as they would normally, reaching the limits of their intended range while traveling the circle, and dropped to the floor.
  24. (@Chiisai - yep, come on in and pick on anyone ya like:D ) The Tavern was filling up with new customers, and Whiskman was pleased, the Brotherhood Joust is definitely improving business. He greeted the newcomers taking seats among the regular customers with a free round of the house ale, iced peppermint tea, or blackberry wine, served up in tall frosted mugs by Zorabeth and Sallyann. He was sure more than the first round would be consumed, and it would encourage the recent guests to return more frequently. He also reduced the all the rooms to half price, a quarter if 2 guests were willing to share, and assigned Spamantha the cook the task of preparing a buffet to satisfy all appetites. He figured the profits were going to be good this quarter. ***** Howdy looked over at Amora, "Exciting warm up duel, there, dear, I've never seen the likes of yer opponent." He said this just as Forest burst in the door, calling Amora.
  25. Yen had no idea what she was supposed to do, and then the Runnner was firing multiple foam bullets that were hitting her and bouncing off, like a myriad of tiny nerf balls. She stood there, amidst the pelleting of foam, and tried to concentrate, while wondering humorously where the Runner had gotten credentials as a Psionic Instructor. "Oh, well," she thought, "her last suggestion worked on Shaed." She stared at the incoming ammo, her third eye wide open, and oddly the projectiles began to slow down, slower, until they appeared to be drifting toward her like a swarm of fireflies, and as long as she remained motionless, she could see them suspended moving very slowly as if they were traveling through thick honey. "Hmmm, I guess I can see at light speed at least" she surmised. Experimentally, she noted a group of several bullets traveling in sync, and extended her claws to take a swipe at them....the instant she moved any muscles besides her eyes the vision sped up again, and she was struck by the foam balls she had just witnessed at slow speed, with the exception of the few she had targeted, which now lay in shreds on the maintenance bay floor.
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