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  1. "Hey, Whiskeyman, get Lei a beer!" calls Howdy, laying a few gold coins on the counter.
  2. (funny how the Tavern was destroyed shortly before the site crashed,lol are we clairvoyant?) Howdy is still seated at the new bar, seeing Lei and Ana, he grins, "Come on over here, and order whatever ya want!" (@theAdept_Rogue is that rhen_pendragon? I like it..)
  3. Wanderer Starship Viewing Room (dream state) - Shaed, Yen, Runner, 'The Other' “I’m sure she can’t leave without breaking the link, and Wanderer would stop her from attacking us” Yen tried to send a thought to Shaed….."She’s Runner’s 2% vampire genetics, killing her might harm Runner….Runner needs to be able to control this part of herself, better let her, this is as good as training us as far as she’s concerned, refusing to let her vampire self take over.” Yen hated this vampire Runner instinctively, her fairy emotions were quivering, but her cat nature had a desire to pounce, and kill the black-hearted evil bat mind, only her rational personality was keeping her conflicting feelings in control. Odd, she had no fear of the Runner's alter ego in here, in person Yen would be out-matched by either one of them, but mentally....she could still feel Wanderer in the background, and felt sure it was best to let Runner deal with the threat herself.
  4. Wanderer viewing room (dream state) - Yen, Shaed, Runner Yen pulled back from the Other’s touch and nearly hissed at the strange woman with Runner’s features, her mental ears flipped back, laying flat against her hair, and she could feel her claws extending automatically. The womans’ mind was pure evil, ………..and before Yen’s eyes she shifted attire and had Shaed in her embrace, as he tried to make her release him,Yen could feel him consider what would happen if he killed her, and she silently shook her head behind the stranger’s back, lip syncing ‘don’t kill her’, and then thought ‘let Runner control her’, even though she felt like finding out how effective her new found claws would be across the woman’s throat….. then there was Runner, strangely appearing to argue with herself about who she is.... and who owned her body... Yen was thoroughly confused, there was no similarity mentally between the two, but physicaly they were exactly alike, except for Runner's mental tail. She looked at Shaed, trying to guess what else he was thinking.
  5. OneFeather

    Charon 5

    (why is it I always get added to the menu?? this time I get ta be the cannibal...*wicked grin*)
  6. Developer: Reives Chapter 1-11 http://www.freebirdgames.com/quintessence.html This one is big fun, very different from typical RPG's with lots of cut scenes and a intriguing storyline, the battles are chase scenes, be sure to RUN!!
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    Charon 5

    (lol, hmmm, so ya don't want me ta wear the ears for ya...*wink*)
  8. OneFeather

    Charon 5

    (@papierce -no, not a senora moment, we all tend ta get gabby in here, lol, but marian starts it...*wink* did ya see the pics link post #2 to Gothic Rock Destiny ?)
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    User Names

    I finally came up with somethin'....since it's a pen name my simple mind chose OneFeather, representing a writer's quill. I also have a poem, The Ballad of One Feather, but it's not ready yet.... (if ya don't know who this is, check the siggie, it's the same for now. lol) @Everace - who needs innocence and virtue? Mwahahaha :evil: :evil: :evil:
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    Charon 5

    (here we go....my last post) link to temporary site and prior pages: http://amaranthia.freeforums.org/viewtopic.php?t=144 Yen felt Shaed touch her mentally, suddenly she was blushing his warm caress arousing a surge of physical desire that radiated out from her mind ….she retreated to the cool mechanical thought processes of the ship, swiftly enveloped in the new defense designs Wanderer was installing, she understood all of it, it was highly detailed technology, it felt so odd to study the specifications from within the ship’s mind that the data slipped away again….her mind was getting lost in unfamiliar territory, some of the Runner’s memories of working herself to exhaustion and her strange fear of magic swept through Yen’s thoughts, then the dream surfaced, and Yen was watching herself die, in the eyes of a stranger with the Runner’s face, a merciless personality with no human content….
  11. Welcome to the Tavern! Bring your favorite character, or invent a new one, and come on in! While you are here you can have a seat and gossip with anyone around, as well as: Exchange Tales Bar Fight Swap and Sell Items Gossip Roll a 6-sided die to converse with the staff, for example: Howdy takes a seat at the bar and orders a beer from Whiskeyman (rolls die, gets #1), and Whiskeyman says “Whose tab do you want me to put that on?” Smarty-bouncer 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- Killer-bouncer 1- Didn’t I throw you outa here yesterday? 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- Whiskeyman- the bartender 1-Whose tab do you want me to put that on? 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- Sallyanne-waitress 1-If you don’t quit it, I’ll tell my boyfriend. 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- Zorabeth-waitress 1-You call this a tip? 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- Spamantha-cook 1- I think the dog ate the last of it. 2- Did your mother make you eat that? 3- I’m not cooking anything that might get me a sentenced to death row. 4- 5- (sorry, still rewritin', yall come on in and play whilst I get this reposted)
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    Charon 5

    I'm here, guess who! from the Ballad of One Feather... an unfinished tale of mine 'bout a beautiful Indian maiden who earns a feather like the braves for using it as a quill....the pen is mightier than the sword
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