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  1. Hi, I went a visited the faeries in the memory caves, and according to the walkthrough, I'm meant to receive a quest to save Tiny, yet I don't receive that quest and Tiny is standing right next to the fairy that is SUPPOSED to give me the quest. Hence I can't get the goose/golden egg. Second thing, I've gone to the squirrel's hideout in the highlands, and I've spoken to every squirrel in there and none of them take me to where to sleeping dust is. I've refreshed the screen, I've restarted the game, and it still doesn't work. Playing: Build B.
  2. I've played the whole game and now I'm just going through some of the levels to get all the wands. I have 4 wands and I'm suspecting I'm missing 2. I have: HC + Coffee HC + Peppermint HC + Firepepper HC + Eggnog What am I missing and which level do I get the missing wands? =P Most of the wands I've noticed are in the middle days of each town level. Cheers!
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